• aaron

    this is hilarious! rudy must be pissed

  • dan

    If you squint, you can see George Mitchell in there too.

    • Whitey14

      Dynamite drop in Dan, even us Red Sox fans have to laugh at that one!

  • ken

    What’s that graphic with the moving buildings? I can’t see the picture on the card!

  • Jeff

    Serves him right… he can’t hold himself high as a Yankees fan anymore. Still can’t believe he’d be dumb enough to make that statement.

    How much did the Tops people burn his ass? – Good for them.


  • Jeff

    God I hope we win the WS this year – I can’t stand looking at that picture.

  • Rich

    He better not be in the parade down the Canyon of Heroes when the Yankees win the WS this year (or any other year).

  • James “Lil Jimmy” Norden

    It’s a bit lame that Topps puts out novelty garbage like that. Last year they did the same with the Mick in the Yankee dugout and President Bush in the stands.

    Not that I collect cards or anything or really give a shit either way, but it’s baseball not a comedy show.

    • RZG

      Evidentally you do give a sh*t

  • Gary

    If Rudy had been elected president and Judy Nathan was the First Lady I would have had to jump off the 59th Street Bridge. Two obnoxious twits who found out that people actually want to get beyond 9-11.