Schilling dealing with major shoulder issues

A glimpse inside the new Stadium
Pinstries PA interviews Famous Fat Dave

Talk about a story coming out of nowhere. A report today in the Boston Herald notes that Curt Schilling has some shoulder issues. It could be as bad as a torn rotator cuff and/or labrum. Surgery, they say, will take him out for the year.

Schilling underwent a physical before signing his one-year, $8 million contract, so either they missed it, or it’s something that has developed since then. The Red Sox, much to Schilling’s chagrin, have looked into voiding the agreement.

To sum up: Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy.

A glimpse inside the new Stadium
Pinstries PA interviews Famous Fat Dave
  • Mike A.

    This is actually bad news for the Yanks, since Clay “Hey, have you seen my laptop? I swear I left it right here…” Buchholz will take his rotation spot.

    • NYFan50

      Mike, you could also look at this as just the Sox rotation losing depth. They went from having 6 solid starters to 5. Now an injury to any of their starters (and they aren’t all exactly the pinnacle of health) poses a serious problem.

      • jsbrendog

        esp since other than the last year and a half-2 years beckett has had serious blister problems which could recur at any time. Lose him and they’re toast

    • Ron

      But won’t Bucholz have an innings limit this year?

      • Whitey14

        he will if the Sox hold true to the precedent they set last year.

  • Bo

    I’d rather face Clay.

    I know Schilling was losing some but still. Name me big game he hasnt pitched well in. Even in the playoffs. Check the stats. He was great.

    Maybe they should have went for Johan.

  • Pete

    Can’t wait till Big Papi’s knee gives out next. Oh wait, that already happened but the fat bastard never has to move so it didn’t even matter.

  • mooks

    If its a shoulder injury, his career is as good as over.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    The sox will still baby the laptop thief. I bet they go after another proven starter. I’m glad right now that Santana is already off the trade market.

    • Mike A.

      Yup, suddenly Boston’s rotation doesn’t so hot. Beckett and Dice-K are pretty much givens (like Wang and Pettitte), but Wake is perpetually walking a tightrope (like Moose), and the same questions everyone has about Phil-Joba-IPK hold true for Wheresmylaptop-holz and Lester.

      • eric from morrisania

        Dice-K isn’t a “given” anything. He had an utterly average rookie season, and the league is beginning to get the book on him. He could easily go 19-7, 3.02 or 13-12, 4.15 or 10-16, 4.53.

        No outcome is out of the question with that guy.

        • RollingWave

          I think a middle ground is more likely. He’s a good durable pitcher, but he’s also going to be relatively homer prone and will occasionally go out of whack and walk everyone. and he pitches in a tough park and face a very tough team a lot.

  • Geno

    Haha, your summary was my thought exactly. Schilling’s such a douche.

  • Jorge Steinbrenner

    Do not proceed to the Hall of Fame, Schilling. Proceed straight to hell.

  • Realist

    Ouch , I usually don’t take pleasure in other’s misfortunes but Schilling is a complete douchebag ;-)

  • http://deleted Mike R.

    I hope this doesn’t affect his blogging. How will Red Sock Nation know what to think with 38pitches down?

    It is truly a sad day for brain dead monkeys everywhere.

    • Whitey14

      That’s easy, we’ll continue to listen to Theo as usual. He’s given us no reason not to trust in him. Besides, Schilling uses his blog to talk about himself and if you ask most Red Sox fans, we’ve already heard enough.

      This does tremendously hurt their rotation depth though as he was still better than anybody ny was going to have in their 3rd slot when the season started. That may have changed during the year if hughes develops the way most Sox fans are afraid he will, but it would have been nice to have an edge to start the season. Rotation strength would certainly lean towards the yanks now.

  • Yankee Fan in Chicago

    I’m not surprised. All that frantic masturbation to pictures of oneself has to put a lot of strain on the shoulder.

    • Mike A.

      Greatest comment in RAB history. Right up there with something about me vomiting about Melky all over the intraweb.

  • Moshe Mandel

    I think this makes the rotations fairly equivalent. Wang and Pettitte = Beckett and Dice-K (although I have doubts about Dice-K). Mussina = Wakefield. Joba/Hughes/Kennedy= Clay and Lester.

    • Glen L

      I don’t really think that’s fair to equate wang with beckett .. i like wang a lot, but he’s not as good as beckett

      • jsbrendog

        no i agree, but i think what we’re talking about is stability and knowing what you will get. While beckett will be better more than likely, now both teams have 2 given starters that they pencil in every 5 days that give them a great chance to win, numbers aside, and then one tightrope walking could be disaster could be 15 game winner and then the rest are question marks…..looks like the race in the east will be more exciting than anyone thought

        • Moshe Mandel

          Exactly what I meant. Beckett is (marginally) better than Wang, I would take Andy over Dice-K, but in terms of stability, you can say the two teams are now equal, whereas with Scilling that was an extra proven arm.

  • keith

    I guess the Red Sox only have 4 ACES!!1 now

    • jsbrendog

      i hope thats sarcasm right?

    • davi

      I guess the Red Sox still have jackass fans named keith now!!!

    • Nefarious Jackson

      I guess new england sports still has the choking Pats :)

      the worm is turning, things are going to start to go very bad in Boston in 08′

      4 aces? this poor fellow is still in shock over his litttle tommy brady boy getting his ass kicked

    • Rob_in_CT

      Um, I’m pretty sure Keith was kidding.

      • keith

        Thanks. These other guys are a bit edgy.

  • Chris

    Heyy maybe schill will have some extra time now. Just think he can join mccain in the pres race. Oh yea isnt he developing some game or something? Enjoy those hobbies with a sling on ur shoulder! hahahaha boy i hate schill.

  • Rob_in_CT

    This costs them some depth, yeah. It increases the chance that Julian Taverez will have to start a game or two.

    • Whitey14

      and that is something every Red Sox fans dreads…..we were under the impression that Tavarez would be gone before spring training ended and we were looking forward to it….I’m guessing this greatly diminishes that possibility.

  • samiamsports

    This definatley does sound like great news , but how do we know if schilling isnt up to his old tricks??faking an injury and then when he pitches great getting praised how he pitches through pain.. to be honest i hope this story is true. this guy is a low life

    • Whitey14

      low life may be a bit harsh, but he sure is a blow hard

  • Colter

    Solid Pitchers?…

    Beckett, yes
    Buchholz ?
    Matzusaka ?
    Wakefield ?
    Lester ?

    Pettitte, yes
    Wang, yes
    Joba ?
    Hughes ?
    Kennedy/Mussina ?

    You could say that Buchholz going is solid but then you’d have to throw Joba and maybe even Phil in there as well. People are always saying that the Yanks rotation is full of question marks but what I’ve just illustrated in a very scientific fashion is that so is the Red Sox rotation, now that Schilling is off to bigger patties.

  • Mike A.

    I forsee a “bloody sleeve” incident.

    • Pinstripelifer

      I was thinking the same thing as I read the latest Schill news today…
      I was hoping to see him crash and burn this season,but I’m just as content to let him get ugly with the Sox management over his “sudden” injury and stir up some angst in their ego driven rotation. Maybe he’ll make an epic recovery and return next season to take the mound with a bloody sock stuffed in his back pocket and a red,wet blotch slowly spreading across his jersey toward his number…What Drama! What a Story! What a HERO!!!…WHAT A F#@%ING PUTZ!!!!!!!!!

  • jsbrendog

    even with beckett dude, he only becamse great and won more than 8 games or soemthing his first season with boston…he could easily backslide during the reg season… blister and hes out for a month

  • miketotheg

    This is where the whole world finds out who schilling really is. He’s going to gouge “his” team for 8 million bucks and then retire. All of a sudden that bloody sock in the hall of fame is just a smelly old sock worshipped by brain dead monkeys. (good one mike r.)

    red sox rotation:
    “but my finger hurts” beckett
    uncle fester
    “wake up old man your snoring” wakefield
    Klepto Buchholtz

    this division is ours.

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  • Jeff

    I liked Schilling in their rotation… Outside of what he did in the post-season I think he was just on the verge of really sucking and I was hoping to see him prove it this year.
    Age was ready to bite him in the ass and it seem that it did in the form of injury.

  • yankeedeadhead

    Between being a big mouthed Red Sox pitcher and a HUGE supporter of the worst president in American History, George Bush, I wish Schilling’s shoulder the same fate as Shrub’s approval rating!

    • Pete

      This forum shouldn’t be used for political posturing / opinions. Stick to showing your ignorance over baseball matters.

  • Mike T

    Inside info: There is NO shoulder injury! Opening day will feature Curt hobbling to the mound with a ‘bloody’ jersey, proceed to pitch 6 so-so innings and give post game interviews about ‘truth, justice an the american way’. BUT, after the game Brian McNamee will produce ketchup bottles and empty hot sauce packets with, alledgedly, Curt’s DNA all over them.
    Curt Schilling’s response: “McNamee is a liar! If you don’t beleive me you must not love God, puppy dogs and girl scout cookies’!