Sheppard, health in doubt, may not return

Who keeps used syringes around for eight years anyway?
A glimpse inside the new Stadium

Despite a report in January that promised good health, Bob Sheppard, according to Richard Sandomir of The Times, may not resume his duties at Yankee Stadium in the spring. According to the Yanks’ PR guy Howard Rubenstein, Sheppard is “struggling to recover his health” following his bout with a bronchial infection in September. It will be a sad day in Yankeeland when Sheppard, believed to be 97, must step down or worse. Our thoughts are, of course, with the family. (Hat tip to my mom on this one.)

Who keeps used syringes around for eight years anyway?
A glimpse inside the new Stadium
  • E-ROC

    I hope Bob Sheppard gets well soon.

  • Samiamsports

    I really hope sheppard gets well very soon.when you think of the stadium you think of bob sheppards magical wouldnt feel right if bob isnt there announcing jeter and company to the plate in the stadiums final year of hosting the bombers.oh and that guy that tries to impersonate bob has got to go

  • Freddy

    Get well Bob. As previously stated, it just doesn’t feel right without ya.

  • mike

    it’d very sad news, i was at that orioles series at the stadium in september when he first got sick…they were just saying then that he had laryngitis.

    his sub, jim hall, isn’t just some imitator. he’s a long time colleague of bob’s

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    I really hope that the Yankees organization uses taped audio from Bob and plays it during every home game in the future when he’s no longer able to do it live.

    His voice should be heard at every game regardless if he’s physically there or not. Whomever the announcer is in the future, atleast use Sheppard’s voice when announcing Jorge or Derek.. “Now batting.. Derek Jeter…” I can hear it now.

    Get well soon Bob.

  • Mike N (Stamford, CT)

    Thanks Ben’s Mom… sad news about Mr. Sheppard but the guy has lived an amazing life. Just think of what his eyes have seen.

  • Whitey14

    I’ll speak on behalf of respectful Red Sox fans when I say that Bob Sheppard is respected and appreciated throughout baseball, even by the yanks rivals, for the fantastic work he does. I wish him a full recovery and hopefully a return to his duties.

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