Shut out of premium ticket opportunities

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The Yanks held their drawing for Premium Ticket sales yesterday, and I just received the following e-mail from the Yankees:

Dear Yankees Fan: Thank you for registering for a chance to purchase tickets during the 2008 Yankees Premium Game Pre-on-sale. Unfortunately your entry was not selected for the online opportunity. As a fan, your loyalty to the Yankees is unparalleled and we would like to thank you for registering. As a reminder, all 2008 individual game tickets go on-sale, online only, on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 10:00 am.

Anyone else on the receiving end of this one? Anyone win the lottery and get a chance to buy the Premium Game tickets? I bet the scalpers did.

Meet the new guys: Bobby Meacham
BA's Top 100 Prospects List
  • Jim L.

    My sister won, she is picking up three tickets for the Saturday Package.

  • Moshe Mandel

    Yeah, just received the same email. Pretty upset about it, because I am most definitely going to the last game, and now it will cost me an arm and a leg.

  • Kirk

    I got the same email too

  • Jim L.

    My Dad and I both got the Thanks for being a fan letter. I would rather have it be like this rather then being able to walk up and buy day of game tickets, because that would mean the product on the field wasn’t very good.

  • Jared

    I got the same email. However, Im not too sure how great of an opportunity that everyone who lost missed out on.

    I am a season ticket holder, and last week there was an onsale for ALL games just for the season ticket holders. About an hour after that started, there was barely anything left for any game that would get you excited enough to buy tickets in February. I dont know how many (if any) tickets were held back for this general public lottery and the public onsale later this week, but if last weeks presale was any indication there wont be many tickets left for any game by Opening Day.

  • samiamsports

    the same crap happend to me. Its just unfair

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  • allenw

    I got one too and it’s about the 10000000000th time damn brokers.

  • YankCrank20

    yeah i got that crappy e-mail too, sucks

  • mustang

    My friends and I got tired of getting those emails so we brought ticket Plan C . Even after putting are deposit in December the best we got where Tier Box MVP. The people that should really be pissed are the ones who brought Plan B or the mid-week plan. They spend more money than Plan C and didn’t get that last game. I hate this system but its better than waiting on line. Did that one year for about 4 hours only to watch the scalpers take all the good games while the cops did nothing.

    • usty

      They did a separate onsale for all season ticket holders whose package didn’t include the last game. So those Plan B guys had a better shot than most. I also bought the Sunday Package for the 2nd year in a row. We kept our package even though it went from $270 to $405 per seat this year. The list of games in the C plan can’t be beat though, Opening Day, Old Timers, 1 Mets, 1 Red Sox and the last regular season game all made that package worth it by a long shot.

  • TurnTwo

    yup, shut out. cant say i’m surprised, though.

  • mike

    i got the LOSER e mail as well.

    they have GOT to do something about the scalpers. maybe you guys could do a piece on that.
    see you guys at stubhub!

  • huuz

    me too. i got the same email.

  • Jen

    Since RAB has become one of my favorite Yankee blogs, I’m going to do here what I do at Bronx Banter. I have the 61-game plan in the bleachers (Section 39) and often have extras (usually just single seats). As long as the powers that be here don’t mind, I’ll post when those extras are available. I don’t scalp, everything is face value. I won’t have the Premium games, but at least you guys may have a chance to see some other games for a reasonable price.

    I also post when I have extras at my own blog, when I bother to, you know, actually post.

    • Ben K.

      Jen, Thanks. I’m sure readers will take you up on that offer. Maybe we can start a RAB ticket exchange or something along those lines.

  • mustang

    I agree with you “usty” good plan still its a lot of money. We have to put aside a little money each pay day just to do it. Did you get that crazy All-Star Game set up. While do I feel like we are going to be ass out on that. And forcing us to buy FanFest tickets what’s up with that.

    • usty

      I agree, we’ll most likely be screwed out of even whiffing anything at the Stadium for the All-Star game. All season ticket holders must buy fan fest tickets and I think it’s like 2 per seat or something like that. I know the legalese in the ticket agreement was confusing as hell. But i figured it boiled down to you have a .000001% chance at the actual game or HR Derby, but you must go to the Javits center.

  • mustang

    Oh, well.. I guess we can catch a road game some where that what’s good about inter-league. And you get so much more for the money on road especially if the team is bad.

    • usty

      Nothin like a road trip to a 50% or more Yankee-fan-filled Camden Yards.

      • Link

        yes indeed…i live about an hour from b-more so i will definitely be taking advantage of “Yankee Stadium South”….

  • Alan

    Ah, yet another ticket let down. Scalpers and team greed are really destroying professional sports today, not steroids. For example, take a look around at any All-Star or Postseason game in any sport. The majority of folks there are corporate shills that are there for the sake of being seen and rubbing elbows with each other.

    At this point, I’m better off buying a nice HDTV and catching the games on YES. The only reason I’m going to actually goto Yankee Stadium this year is to see it one last time before the new stadium opens.

  • Sam

    Shut out as well. No surprise there. Oh well … not like I expected it to be any different this time around …

  • mike

    alan…you hit the nail on the head. it’s greed much more than steroids that is killing the “game experience”
    i love watching on TV. you DO get better views , replays etc, but you just can’t beat the live experience of being there…high-fiving strangers etc

    i’d be up for a non-scalping ticket exchange here.
    i live down south now and only get up there for a few games a year. i bought a holiday ticket pack for seven games but won’t be able to make all of them. i’d certainly make some of them available. they are in Tier Box 11 ( decent location but high up )

  • Lauren

    Scalpers ALWAYS win and the biggest fans….me AND all of you guys never do. It’s just not right.

  • Lisa

    I got the “too bad” email too.
    This sums up my increasing frustration as a Yankee fan over the years. Does it always have to end up being about “who” you know? Unless you win the lottery? Looks like I’ll be sitting on the couch watching these premium games with Michael Kay AGAIN this year…

  • Dustin

    I don’t think it’s the Yankees that choose to host these lotteries. I think MLB makes them do it because a lot of teams have them and it limits scalpers from getting all the best tickets. The sox have a lottery that I enter every year and I was lucky enough to get selected this year to buy tickets to see the Yankees up there.

    This is a better system because it is done randomly. There are hundreds of scalpers who missed out on this opportunity because they weren’t selected and hundreds of normal fans who are going to be able to enjoy a great game at the Stadium because they were selected.

    I’m a C and D plan holder and the Yankees definitely do it right. We should be glad that we don’t have to do the virtual waiting room thing that other teams use in order to get tickets.

    Have any season ticket holders heard from the Yankees in regards to relocation into the new Stadium? I got a letter saying we’ll find out in early 2008 and that time is here…

  • Travis

    I got the loser e-mail, too. It was particularly irritating, because the subject line made it sound promising.