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Sherman: Joba will start in the pen
Olney: Yanks concerned about Pettitte's distractions

Jorge Posada thinks the Yankees are underdogs this year. Since the Red Sox won the World Series, they’re the team to beat. “Yeah, well, they won. Now it’s up to us to take that away,” he said.

Sherman: Joba will start in the pen
Olney: Yanks concerned about Pettitte's distractions
  • Count Zero

    I’m brainless — it took me 30 seconds to figure out what the weird headline was all about. DOH!

    I like this underdog thing — I hope the whole team keeps playing it up all Spring. :-)

  • Jeff

    There is no doubt the Shit Sox are the team to beat. The hope here is that the team rises to the challenge. This could be a good thing as for the last couple of years I think the team expects to win and rolls out on cruise control. Giardi better whip them.

    • Whitey14

      This was a very odd offseason because for all the talks/players they were associated with, neither team made an impact move to speak of (yet). Maybe in terms of staying 1-2 in the division that will be fine, but unless Hughes, Kennedy, Jabba, Buchholz, Lester and Ellsbury all provide significant contributions, one of these teams could very well be watching the playoffs come October, even if they win 95 games. There should be significant two team races in each division BOS/ny, DET/CLE, ANA/SEA. You have to like playing in a division with BALT, but TB is much improved so the wins and losses against the two could net out. Does 95 get you in the playoffs this year? Or does it again take 96+ and can both teams get there? It could very well be decided in the 19 head to head games.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        Don’t count on the Mariners putting up much of a fight. Their offense is terrible and a few projections have them as a sub-.500 team. I think that’s more likely than a LAA/SEA battle.

        • Whitey14

          I’d be shocked to see them under .500, but even if that’s the case it still leaves 5 teams for 4 playoff spots.

          If you had to make the predictions right now, barring any last minute trades, how do you see the A.L. Playoffs shaping up? Would Cleveland have the hardest time getting back to the playoffs? They don’t seem to have upgraded much either?

  • Barry

    Proving themselves should be enough motivation.

  • TurnTwo

    so my joke for Steve got taken down? free speech!

  • LiveFromNewYork

    We’re the underdogs just like the Jints! Go us!!!