Super Tuesday

VT announces plans for Yanks exhibition game
He said. He said.

Today’s a big day for politically minded residents of New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and a number of other states outside of Yankee territory. I just wanted to take a brief second to urge you all to vote today. This election – whether it’s Clinton vs. McCain, Obama vs. Romney or any other combination of match-ups – will be a big one, and it all starts with the primaries. Polls in New York are open until 9 p.m.; polls in Connecticut and New Jersey until 8. To find your polling place and for more information, the City Room blog has a rundown. Vote.

VT announces plans for Yanks exhibition game
He said. He said.
  • Grant

    I voted, thanks for the post. I like it when the VP doesn’t run and the field is wide open on both sides, it seems like more people are engaged this way.

  • beantownbosoxh8er

    I have been a little vocal on not crossing the line into politics on a baseball website, but this is important -yes GET OUT AND VOTE.
    Make your voice heard.

  • Dan from PA

    Vote for McCain – we need few more wars. It seems like years since we provoked a developing country or invaded another for its natural resources…

  • Count Zero

    While I do get the point of your message, I see little in the way of a compelling reason to throw my support behind any of the people mentioned above. Any of the above are likely to be better than the current buffoon, but none of them actually thrill me, and I don’t trust any of them.

    Voting for one of these people would serve as an indication that I actually want one of them to be President. And voting would signify that I actually believe in our current method of electing leaders (which I don’t).

    I defend my right to not vote as a show of my ambivalence towards all of the major candidates, and an indication of my belief that none of them will halt our continued journey to hell in a handbasket. ;-)

    So quit badgering me about it. :-P

    • Ben K.

      That, too, my friend, is your choice. And I’ll respect that.

      • Count Zero

        Cool. Everybody got to do their own thing, B.

        And I do agree that not voting for reasons of apathy is criminal. I’m not apathetic — I have a political reason for not voting. I even register to vote, and then don’t, or sometimes I do and write-in someone. Maybe I’ll write you in for President this fall. :-)

  • Mike A.

    Reports indicate that voter turnout is at an all-time low. So doesn’t that make me more American if I choose not to vote? ;)


    Does anyone know when their going to lift the Constitutional ban on foreign born nationals running for U.S. President? After watching “Twins” last night, I am a firm believer that Arnold Shwarzenagger will make a GREAT president. If he can deal with Devito’s antics, he can certainly deal with Washington.


  • Danny

    I urge those who can to vote for RON PAUL. He will put an end to our intervening in the internal affairs of other nations and starting pointless wars. He will bring spending under control and work to bring government back to its constitutional limits. He is the only candidate on either side who has consistently opposed the Iraq war and who understands the true nature of terrorism. As a longtime congressman he has voted against every piece of legislation that violates the Constitution. Stop the growth of government! Stop the wars! Restore the Republic! Restore the Constitution! RON PAUL 2008!

  • It’sMeSNITCHES!!!

    Can’t vote today – i’m a registered independent.

  • Jersey

    Virginia votes on the 12th. For Obama, hopefully.

    Democracy can be a pain in the rear, but boy do I love it.

  • Mike A.

    What does it matter. Whichever idiot gets elected isn’t going to change anything meaningful. It’s pretty obvious that the people running this country have no idea what they are doing about anything.

    • RollingWave

      well I think Bush did make changes… (not for the better though )

      And even then, you might as well elect someone who you wouldnt hate seeing on TV or hear them talk.