The kid they wouldn’t trade for the best pitcher in the world

Olney: Jeter a better fit for first than LF
The media needs an A-Rod story

Brian Hoch does a great job looking at Phil Hughes’ offseason and Spring Training work. Jose Molina is saying he’s got more pop on his heater, and Hughes himself is saying he’s much more comfortable this time around. The money quote from Girardi: “You watch him and he leads the groups in running. He just looks like an athlete, a thoroughbred and a leader.” Word up.

Olney: Jeter a better fit for first than LF
The media needs an A-Rod story
  • ShawnT

    This really doesnt have anything to do with hughes and im not sure if it was brought already, but a guy that kinda went through the same trend as you would hope joba is gunna go through this year is Chad Billingsley, heres his game log

  • jason

    Nice call.
    I will take 12-5 with a low 3s ERA for Joba this year. Again, my feeling is Kennedy and Hughes start off in the rotation. Joba transitions to the rotation mid-year just as Melancon, Cox, Sanchez, Robertson, Horne, Garcia, Whelan, Kontos, Mccutcheon etc. etc. are available to step-up to the big league pen.
    If Hughes is the stud that every anticipates, and Joba can be Joba in the starting rotation, and Wang is as consistent as he has been over the last few years, and Kennedy can be Mussina/Mussina lite, the Yankees will be stacked with pitching for the big club or for trades. Look at the top 30s anywhere, and look at the top of the rotation possiblilities for the Yankees in the next 3-4 years – Betances, Garcia, Heredia, Vizcaino, Brackman. Not to mention the very good middle of the order types in Horne, Marquez, Mccutcheon, Kontos, Nova, Pope (and I am sure I am missing a bunch of others).
    It sures seems like the vast majority of the team is preparing with purpose.

  • Ivan

    “You watch him and he leads the groups in running. He just looks like an athlete, a thoroughbred and a leader.”

    People use to say that about Mickey Mantle and we all know what type of career he had.

  • marc

    Wait! hold up!… you mean phil found his velocity… and there it was hiding in tampa the whole time… woulda saved me the trouble of busting on him had he not forgotten where he put it lol

    • nefarious jackson

    • nefarious jackson

      is this marc the bank boy? can’t wait for season to start to have Phil finally shut your fucking mouth— thanks again for stopping by troll

      • marc

        wow bro relax. one. im not a troll. two. the hughes velocity thing is an on going joke for almost a year. chill. just bein playful

  • The Fallen Phoenix

    It was hiding in his legs, like it is for most pitchers–Hughes wouldn’t trust his legs after he got back from popping his hamstring, and as a result, his fastball wasn’t the same.

  • Lanny

    At first I was pro trade. Then I thought about it. Why give up prime guys like Hughes for a FA to be?

    Why not hold onto guys you think will be 1 or 2’s and then this off season go out and sign Sabathia and Nathan and Texeira?

    Isn’t Sabathia/Hughes/Joba/Kennedy better than Santana/Joba?

    • steve (different one)


      my problem with it was the Yankees were being forced to give up Hughes, but the Sox were not being forced to give up Bucholz and the Mets were not asked for Martinez.

      why should the Yankees pay $100 when the price across town was $20??

    • Ron

      As Joseph P. has pointed out, Cashman has adopted the philosophy that he isn’t interested in paying over-slot money to draftees, take the time and resources to develop them, and then trade them. This year will go a long way to seeing if that philosophy pays off. If it doesn’t, i.e., none of the Big Three perform up to expectations, Hank will exert tremendous pressure to revert to old ways.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Phil Hughes is 21 years old. We’ve seen him pitch an almost no-hitter and we saw him come out of the bullpen during the playoffs and do great.

    People have been yapping about him for years and we know he has all the stuff to have a huge MLB career.

    I’m happy we kept him. Go Phil Phranchise!

  • mg


  • Samples

    I have a running disagreement with a friend over Hughes velocity. He thinks the scouting report claims of 96 mph fastball were just typical over hype of a NY prospect. I seem to recall that in near no hitter game against Texas that he was hitting 94-96 pretty regularly. Is pitch by pitch data available on the ‘net? I seem to remember some site has a pitch log, and even some scatter graphs showing the range of velocity.

    • steve (different one)

      go here, and click on “gameday”:

      you can see all his pitches.

      the fastballs are all 92-94 MPH.

      that is just one gun though, there are other sources. i’ll see if i can find them.

      • Samples

        Maybe the YES gun was more aggressive

    • Travis G.

      you can watch the Texas broadcast of the game on and their gun had him reaching 96 a few times. meanwhile, Gameday had his last FB that night (in the 7th inning mind you) hitting 94 mph. good signs.

  • Mike R.

    My take is that Hughes will go down in history as “The guy the Twins could have had and passed on”. I think it will be a big blemish on their track record.