• Alex

    amazing nickname. it took a few reads to get it, but wow, brilliant.

  • Spike

    How’s he gonna feed his family on that?

  • MikeD

    Wow, some negativity aimed at cmw. I thought the yanks should drop their petty disagreement and pay up. We can afford to give pavano 40 mil but cannt give cmw an extra 600k.

    • Brian

      I agree with MikeD here. The guy’s been our ace for three years, regardless of our lack of postseason success. What’s he made to this point: $350,000 or slightly above that? The guy deserves a lot more to be sure, and $4 million is a fine place to start, but smugly saying Wang will have to survive, somehow, is flat-out unwarranted. The guy went into these proceedings with the right attitude, and is probably taking this like a man. We should respect that because he’s deserving of it.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

        Folks, it’s a joke. We like to harken back to the days when Latrell Spreewell said he couldn’t feed his children on $10 million a year. We love CMW. Worry not.

        • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          Yeah really, I was just joking about the whole “how’s he gonna make a living” thing. Plus the Yanks gave Wang a huge signing bonus, around $1.25M or so, which at the time was ungodly for an Asian amateur.

          • Brian

            Of course, the juxtapositon of Sprewell and Wang is good comedy indeed. And harken back not, Ben, because Latrell is right now experiencing the tenderness of foreclosure on one of his homes.

            I knew you were joking here, but I love this stoic, pituitary-engaged giant. So I defend. I have wanted him to be real-paid ever since the McCarverism of “Cha-Ching-Ming Wang” came about, maybe just for lack of a single other quality McCarverism. And that the lugubrious Dierdorf model has to take a backseat to that.

            So, long live the overpaid Asian amateur turned arbitrator.

  • mg

    Yeah, it’s a pity it came to this but I think Wang will make plenty more before his career’s over. Unless his arm gets cut off in a freak accident before he makes free agency, Wang is never going to have to worry about much of anything and really, what more can any of us ask for. I know that it’s more important to me to see ticket prices stay low enough so that a poor kid from the South Bronx can actually go see the team that plays ten blocks away. The slow plod towards baseball becoming less and less affordable has had as much to do with obscene player salaries as it does greedy owners. Really, we should hope that players get paid a fair salary. They have shorter careers than most workers to it makes sense that they should make more per year than most of us. The lifetime earnings of ballplayers, however, need not reach into the hundreds of millions. Heck, remember how little we pay the President or a Congressman who’s job is significantly more important than a ball players. I’m all for players getting their due, but it seems to me that it’s just as well it worked out this way. Wang’s very good and he’ll make plenty for him and his kids and their kids before he’s through. Patience young grasshopper.

    • RZG

      What does Wang’s salary have to do with ticket prices? Prices are set based on what the team believes the public will pay for the tickets. If the money doesn’t go to Wang it’ll just go to ownership, it’s not going to lower your ticket prices.

    • Jeff

      I’m with mook… arbitration years have a meaning.
      A players years before he gets to the FA market should play to the benifit of the team that brought him up. Think about all the other players like Duncan that just don’t pan out.
      If you want to make it fair – make all player pay tie into a contract that revolved soley on performance. Players don’t exactly go for those incentives once they’ve made it.

  • keith

    kazmir is making 3.8. is wang better than him?

    • RollingWave

      over the last two year? YES by a pretty good margin (just check their VORP / Winshare if you don’t belive that, they’re nearly identical in 07 and Wang wins a good bit in 06)

    • vdlred

      Igawa also making 4m and Yankees pay 25m just to talk to him,
      is he better than Kazmir or Wang

  • MikeD

    by that logic pavano is better than a lot of guys.

    just because you can find one guy who makes less doesn’t mean cmw shouldnt get more

    • mooks

      Its about arbitration precedent. Its not like free agency or market value.

      Since Scott Kazmir got 3.8 in arbitration, the Yankees use him as the measuring stick, and the arbitration cases to determine player value, this is different then free agency where the market sets the value.

      Long story short, Wang may be worth more (and probably is), but not if you use the arbitration system to determine value. His agents pointed to other players and their contracts, the yankees point out that teams voluntarily offered to pay that amount to a free agent, and that wang is not a free agent, and then compare his value to other guys who had arbitration.

      This is why Mo Riveria lost years ago, even though he was dominant.

      • keith

        thanks, im lazy

    • steve (different one)

      Mike, you are wrong on this one. you obviously don’t understand the process.

      that’s cool, the process is complicated. but your argument is simply wrong. you’ve mentioned pavano twice. pavano has absolutely no relevance to this argument.

      Kazmir was a PERFECT comp for Wang. the Yankees offered Wang more.

      not only that, the Yankees made one of the highest offers EVER to a first year arb eligible free agent pitcher.

      the yankees were in no way being “petty”.

      it’s amazing to me how many yankee fans are completely misinformed on this topic.

      • MikeD

        I only mentioned pavano as an example of how we can afford to keep wang happy. I know a free agent pitcher gets a ton more, wang would be a lot closer to 10-15 than 5 if he were a free agent.

        I still do think wang would get more in arbitration than kazmor. Wang is a horse who one 19 games the last couple years. Kazmir has been shut down both years if I remember correctly. I would imagine arb boards are pretty traditional and look at wins, playoff experience, ip more than whip, k/9 etc. Though I could be wrong since I don’t know who exactly sits on the arb boards.

        • steve (different one)

          yet Wang lost the case.

  • http://myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    Although Kazmir has better stuff than Wang, your telling me in the recent past that Wang hasn’t been the better overall pitcher?

    • steve (different one)

      yes. why would you think Wang was better? please don’t say “Wins”, i know you are better than that.

  • RollingWave

    How about VORP and Winshare then? they’re nearly identical in 07 and Wang was significantly better in 06.

    Just because he doesn’t do it by striking everyone out doesn’t mean it’s any less valuable. in fact, there is exactly two pitcher in the AL that beat Wang in both 06 and 07 in VORP and Winshare, Johan Santana and Roy Halladay, just think about that for a moment (and if your wondering, Wang was 11th in AL SP VORP in 07 and 16th in winshare. and that was with missing 4 starts)

    • steve (different one)

      by recent past, i was assuming he meant 2007.

      yes, if you go back 2 seasons Wang looks better. i will concede that.

      but even though they were basically tied in VORP in 2007, i would still argue that Kazmir was better than Wang in 2007.

      • RollingWave

        A lot of the VORP value is tied into their IP per game, Wang simply went deeper much more often than Kazmir did. we all know the reason, and it is a repeatable skill .

        I won’t debate that Kazmir is obviously the better potential pitcher going foward. but i will clearly point out that in the last 2 season, there probably was only about 4 guys that were truely more valuable then he was in that span (Santana , Halladay, Sabathia, Lackey ) with Haren being roughly the same.

        So it is really not crazy talk to call him a ace here. he certainly has been one of the most vaulable guys around.

    • steve (different one)

      RW, just for the record, i am as big of a CMW fan as anyone.

      i’m more objecting to the idea that the yankees were somehow mistreating Wang by not agreeing to his demand, a demand which would break records for 1st year arbitration awards to a pitcher.

  • RollingWave

    I don’t disagree with the Yankee approach either, but we need to realize that this is all because of the fickle nature of pitchers and the fact that Wang entered the majors a tad bit old (so he’ll be in his early 30s when he reach FA as oppose to his late 20s) and not because of the precieved chinks in his armor.

    debating the problem on Wang over the last two year is almost as ridiculas as all the crap thrown at A-rod in 06.

  • Greg G.

    Hey, Mike:

    I know you’re kidding and all…but…”Obi Wang” is an awesome nickname for CMW. “Obi Wang K-Nobody”, adds a cynical twinge to it…c’mon dude, be a fan!
    Believe in the magic of the Wanger!

    And this might be the only blog where there are posts comparing CMW to Latrell Sprewell. You just never know where these threads are going to end up.

  • Adrian-Retire21

    I like how the Yankees feel like this is a great win….7 years without a championship makes you wanna win something.