A time-lapse show of new Yankee Stadium set to terrible music

Give that man a job
Idle musings of an idle mind on Shelley

Quick note on Shelley Duncan: Joe said all that needed to be sad. Let me offer up a few thoughts after seeing, via Sliding Into Home, the video of the slide and brawl. Shelley’s slide, while not terrible, was egregious and intentional. Fired up or not, it’s amateur. Meanwhile, Jonny Gomes, sprinting in from right field, probably deserves the biggest suspension from the brawl. It’s not over between the Yanks and Rays even if it should be.

And on to happier things…

I love watching big sports complexes go up. When I was in college outside of Philadelphia, the drive into the City of Brotherly Love would take me past Lincoln Financial Field and Citizens Bank Park as they were under construction. Each trip up I-95 would show new parts of the stadium reaching ever upward.

Down in DC, where the Nationals are constructing a beautiful new ballpark, the team was kind enough to provide a live camera of the stadium as it goes up. The camera, positioned in the rafters slightly off the third base side of home plate, updates with a new picture every hour and has been continuously recording for years. There’s even a pure time-lapse option that’s really neat. (An aside: Why are the lights on at 1:05 a.m. on a Thursday in March?)

The Yankees, meanwhile, offer up no such fun. We’ve gotten media tours and insider photographs of the Stadium. I’ve taken my camera to the Bronx a few times as well. But in the age of limitless information, the Yankees have been expectedly stingy with shots of the new stadium. Where is our official construction cam? That’s a lot more interested than the Bud Fan of the Game.

Today, WCBS 880 offers us the next best thing: their own sort-of time lapsed view of the construction. I’ve embedded the video after the jump, but it’s not so great. It’s set to terrible and annoying versions of baseball classics, and the photos themselves are rather haphazard. It’s better than nothing, but give us our construction cam!

Give that man a job
Idle musings of an idle mind on Shelley
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  • Tripp

    They could atleast update it. Isn’t most of the facade and friese already installed?

  • monkeypants

    Wow, the music is shockingly bad…and the pictures aren’t even that recent.

  • http://yetanotheryankeeblogger.blogspot.com/ Wolf Williams

    I’m just disappointed there were no port-a-johns in any of that footage….

  • kunaldo

    what clown was in charge of making this thing? holy hell that gave me a headache

  • http://itsaboutthemoney.blogspot.com Jason R.

    you’re right, the music WAS lame and the pictures seem old and not close in enough. Disappointing!

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