An eagerly anticipated spring start


In approximately 15 minutes, Phil Hughes will take the mound facing Major League hitters for the first time this spring. He’ll face, according to PeteAbe’s lineup, what is nearly the Blue Jays’ Opening Day lineup. The game is not being televised but will be carried on’s Gameday Audio service. We’ll try to have some updates as it goes along. Expect two innings for Phil.

Bottom of the 1st: No score. Giambi got robbed of a potential two-run double in the top of the first. Here comes Phil. First pitch strike to Eckstein. Eckstein grounds the next pitch to second. Two pitches, one out. Rolen takes a first-pitch strike. No word on the velocity. Rolen hits the 1-1 pitch to Shelley Duncan. Two outs. Johnson hits the 2-1 fastball to Giambi for a nifty 1-2-3 inning for Hughes.

Bottom of the 2nd: It’s raining, and the Yanks are leaving the field. No idea how this impacts Hughes’ outing, but I have to believe the Yanks won’t trot him back out after an extended delay in Spring Training.

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  • Brian C

    Pretty much their opening day lineup, minus their best hitter, Rios.

    • Ben K.

      Yeah, Reed Johnson won’t ever really bat third.

  • chris fowler

    out of curiosity, who’s pitching tomorrow since the game is on espn?

    • Ben K.

      Should be IPK.

  • Manimal

    god damn it! Girardi just shook hands with John Gibbons. So far so good for Phil Franchise.

    I hope he pitches a little tomorrow so I can see him on ESPN.

    • chris fowler

      he’s not pitching tomorrow. no way.

      by now, he’s probably done with a bullpen sesh to get the pitch count up to where they expect.

      tomorrow’s either joba or ipk.