Cox returns to game action

MLBPA won't find collusion in Bonds case
Joba to the pen

Via Chad Jennings, JB Cox returned to game action Tuesday for the first time since undergoing Tommy John surgery, throwing fastballs and sliders (no changeups) in a minor league game. Cox will give it another go on Friday, and said he expects to start the year with High-A Tampa before heading up to Triple-A Scranton when the weather warms up. Oh boy, the kids are gettin’ healthy.

MLBPA won't find collusion in Bonds case
Joba to the pen
  • Jamal G.

    I’m so damn giddy right now. From what Cashman said during his interview with Fatso and Froot Loops, Joba will head to the minors mid-season, maybe late June or July? So if all goes well with Cox he should be in AAA about the same time Joba is stretching out his arm so maybe they come up to the Bronx at roughly the same time.

    BTW, what does Melancon/Sanchez timetable look like?

  • Mike A.

    Melancon’s fine, he’ll start the year with Tampa and gradually work his way up.

    Sanchez had a second elbow surgery late last year to clean up some scar tissue (I believe, although I could be remembering incorrectly), and last I heard was that he’d get back into game action in mid-to-late May.

    I’d love to know what the hell is up with Christian Garcia.

    • nmc

      remember, as Yankees and Yankees fans, we “misremember”

    • Ramadan

      Pinstripe Plus says:

      He is facing live batters. He made quick work of Cuello and Grote with his power changeup and then did the same to both Mojica and Arcia with his great curveball. While he was a bit eratic with his command on occasion, none of the batters hit a ball sharply during his session, which could be labled a huge success.

  • Jamal G.

    I’d love to know as well with Garcia, is it still true that he has the best pure stuff in the organization or does not ring true anymore with the addition of Brackman?

    • Mike A.

      Jennings noted that Garcia threw an inning in a High-A ball game today. Betances pitched in a Low-A game as well.

      Garcia has nasty, nasty stuff. It’s at least on par with Brackman’s, and his breaking ball is more electric than either of Joba’s.

  • dan

    Mike, do you think people are being a little too bullish on Melancon? I know he has loads of talent, but coming off that injury is it really possible/probably for him to go from Tampa to the show in 4-5 months? Realistically I’m thinking a September call-up as the best case scenario, but I’ve seen some people saying as early as July.

    And I’m very excited about this news on Cox… he could have very well been the glue of the bullpen last August if he had not been hurt.

    • Mike A.

      Yeah, I do somewhat, especially coming off the surgery. It’s not like once he recovers he’s ready to be an ML pitcher, once he recovers he’s ready to be an A-ball pitcher. He’s gonna need time to work things out.

      Last thing they want to do is rush him into becoming the next Ryan Wagner or Craig Hansen. If he’s not up until 2009, so be it.

  • Jamal G.

    The thing with Melancon is that he was a top rated closer out of U ‘Zona, college closers move faster through the system. Couple that with his stuff and make-up (which draws rave reviews) and that’s why people feel he will move so quickly, including me.

    • dan

      Oh I have no doubt that he has the ability to move that quickly, I’m just wondering how his injury might affect his time table.

  • Ben K.

    I really hope we live to see the day when Wang and Cox pitch in the same game.

    • dan

      Versus R.A. Dickey

      • Joseph P.

        “What’s your friend’s name?”
        “Dick Armey”
        “Hahaha! No, really, what’s his name?”
        “That’s it, Dick Armey.”
        “Hahaha! What’s your wife’s name, Vagina Coast Guard?”

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