• Barry

    wait, what

  • http://thebutler83.wordpress.com TheAnalyticalYankeeFan

    I love Scott Patterson, been raving about him since I saw him face exactly one batter. Theres a mixture of stuff, height, command, personality and awkwardness that just had me sold right away.

    Girardi is obviously testing his mettle, too. He keeps having Patterson put fires out, and he’ll put him in for a full innings. Patterson has been Girardi’s go-to guy all spring. I’m extremely impressed with him. I want Scott to break camp.

  • CB

    Patterson wasn’t scheduled to pitch today – got the call when Phillips got tossed. Girardi could have shifted up the scheduled pitchers but clearly wanted to see how Patterson would react to some short notice adversity. Girardi did the same thing with traber in the game joba started.

    He could have brung in Bruney in that spot or veras or hawkins earlier than planned.

    He comes in and throws strike after strike after strike.

    Last year everyone following the yankee system was enamored with Edwar and his video game numbers down in AAA.

    It may well be that the other guy signed out of the independent league is the one who sticks this year.

  • http://slidingintohome.blogspot.com Greg Cohen

    I never realized how good he’s been. He’s also been great so far this spring – 1 hit in 4.1 IP, with 4 k, and no walks. I agree with you guys about Girardi, he definitely was testing him today. What role do you see him in?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I like him in that fireman role – coming in to get out of jams. He’s a no bullshit pitcher, he just throws strike after strike and goes right after guys, which is exactly what you need in that role. Having a guy that could get you out of a tough spot without giving up a run say, 50% of the time, is invaluable.

  • Brian

    If three spots in BP, right now would you give it to Patterson, Traber, and Ohlendorf? Bruney might get the nod over Ohlendorf due to signage and maneuverability (I think), but Patterson looks like a lock.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      I guess it’ll be Patterson, Ohlendorf and Traber, but Girardi said he wants a true longman. I’d like it if they took Rasner instead of Traber, I’m not overly concerned with having a lefty.

      • dan

        Rasner? Don’t you mean Karstens?

        • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

          No, I mean Rasner. Dude’s never gotten the respect he deserves. He was borderline spectacular before getting hurt last year.

          Karstens is a classic AAAA guy. Too good for the minors, too crappy for the bigs.

          • Tom

            Who are they gonna clear space on the 40 man roster for these guys (Rasner, Traber)? Patterson and Ohlendorf already have spots I think

            • RollignWave

              the Rajah of Rehab and Andrew Brackman will enter the 60 day on opening day so that’s not really a issue

              • Count Zero

                “Rajah of Rehab” — priceless!

  • Joe

    It’s great to see Scott getting his due, he has done nothing but dominate since day one. Here is a nugget for you…the stadium he pitched at in the Frontier league was 297 down the line and 325 in the gap in right field and 380 to dead center…good luck with your ERA pitching there.

    Here is another, more important nugget for you. He’s the funniest son of a bitch you’ll never meet. If he spends a full season in New York with the Yankees, he will end up with his own reality show.

  • Tripp

    Rasner over Karstens really? I alwasy thought you could just interchange the two and they would put up similar numbers.

    Hawkins has been solid in ST this year, but I wish he wasn’t on the team now. It would open up another bullpen spot for one of the guys mentioned above.

    • http://riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      The difference is that Rasner has an out pitch in his curve (granted it’s not a lights-out pitch, but it’s still effective), Karstens’ got nuttin’.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I agree Rasner over Karstens. I think Rasner deserves a closer look.

    Very happy with Patterson and hope that he’s a fixture in the bullpen. I doubt that the Yankees would allow any of their players a reality show. They’re having agita over Phil’s blog.

    • TurnTwo

      I agree that Rasner deserves a legitimate shot for the spot as the long man in the pen, but he just hasnt pitched as well to me as Karstens has and i’ve heard that he hasnt regained the touch he had from his broken finger yet, which may be the reason why.

      he signed the deal to come back to the yankees, and he can pitch out of the pen in Scranton and be called up should Karstens falter, but right now I do like Karstens better.

      I did think that Ohlendorf and Traber would be the other 2 arm in the pen to start the season, but the way Patterson has been used, and has succeeded thus far, I dont think it’d be a surprise to see him at least start the season with the team when they break camp. Seems like the original plan was to have Ohlendorf go back to Scranton and perfect that split-finger, and that he was only going to make this team in the absence of another bullpen option.

      i think the way he’s performed, the most likely choices as of today would be Patterson, Traber, and Karstens to go along with MO, Joba, Farnsworth and Hawkins.

  • http://www.myspace.com/playball playballny

    Lets not forget, super numbers in triple A don’t translate to into super numbers in the majors, sometimes not even average numbers…so far so good in ST, wouldn’t be against keeping him, but I’m also realistic. Folks get a little excited over minor league numbers and spring training numbers. I don’t think they’ll be room for him once they keep a long relief guy, a left, and someone like albala-who-who, britton, or veras…guess it depends if they’re keeping one utility infielder or two aside from duncan

  • http://www.myspace.com/playball playballny

    Rasner over karstens?, you guys are nuts

  • Glen L

    I really hope Ohlendorf makes the pen .. he’s got a very solid slider

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  • dm31078

    Karstens gives me nausuea. Would love to see Patterson and Ohlendorf but doubt it will happen. Where does Albaledejo stand, his stuff is nasty too?