Hank spars with another team


While Hank Steinbrenner and Jonathan Papelbon engage in their shouting contest, Hank is taking on another opponent too. This time, he’s after the entire Tampa Bay Rays organization. As the feud between the two teams simmers, Hank urged the Rays to get back at the Yanks in another fashion.

“I don’t want these teams in general to forget who subsidizes a lot of them, and it’s the Yankees, the Red Sox, Dodgers, Mets,” he said. “I would prefer if teams want to target the Yankees that they at least start giving some of that revenue sharing and luxury tax money back. From an owner’s point of view, that’s my point.” While he probably shouldn’t be saying this, the man has something of a point.

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  • Dylan

    He definitely has a point, a really good one… But personally I would like Hank to keep his mouth shut and let the players and the team do the talking on the field.

  • pete

    hahaha hank is so dumb it’s hilarious. no he doesn’t have a good point because the rays’ owner/upper management aren’t the ones brawling on the field. If players were thinking about things like revenue sharing while they play and try to win, there would be something seriously wrong.

  • Rich

    I can understand why Hank resents subsidizing other teams, but he should just shut up. He gains nothing by talking.

  • Joseph P.

    He has a point, but I just don’t see a solid connection between his point and the brawling.

    This isn’t a feudal system. The Yankees aren’t the Rays’ overlords. The Yankees subsidize them because Major League Baseball thought it a good idea to put a team in a state that doesn’t much care for baseball (though if the Rays are good, they might prove that statement wrong).

  • BBFan

    Hank has a point. It is not dumb and hilarious.
    His comments came after the head of thier front office (Freidman) said some stupid things. Soft Cash would not respond to that non-sense so Hank had to do that. I love it. Now all these as*sholes will think twice before talking like that.

    • Count Zero

      I’m curious to hear what Friedman said…link?

  • Joe

    No he doesn’t have a point. He doesn’t HAVE to subsidize these teams. It is his CHOICE to spend that much money for teams that have won as many titles as the Rays in the last 7 years. When you make a comment that says, in effect, “know your role, we bankrole your team” it may make for a pretty sad situation when the bankrolled team stockpiles enough talent to actually overtake you in the standings.

    It sounds like the Rays only “role” has been for the last 7 years to take a truckload of free cash from the Yankees while they both count the same number of Championship Rings while also actually stockpiling a farm system. If Hank wants some respect, he should go out and buy a team and create his own media empire like his dad did instead of inheriting and thinking he has the same right to pop off like his dad. His dad earned it, Hank hasn’t.

    • http://deleted Seamus O’Toole

      it’s much easier to “stockpile a farm system” when you have the first overall pick every effing year.

  • Ban Bud

    “No he doesn’t have a point. He doesn’t HAVE to subsidize these teams. It is his CHOICE to spend that much money for teams that have won as many titles as the Rays in the last 7 years.”

    I’m sorry, but you’re wrong – the amount of money confiscated from the Yankees by Bolshevik Bud’s billionaire welfare scheme isn’t based on how much money the Yankees spend – it’s based on how much money the Yankees *make*. Young Master Steinbrenner could cut his payroll to Minnesota Twins-levels, walk around the winter meetings in a barrel-and-suspenders crying poverty, and he’d *stll* be on the hook for $80 million+ every year. The only way for the Yankees to stop playing the “free money teat” to the rest of the league is for Yankee fans to stop watching the team play, stop showing up at ballgames, and stop buying team merchandise.

    Compared to the shameless theft of “revenue sharing”, the few extra bucks the Yankees have stolen due to “the Yankee luxury tax” is meaningless. But the overall goal is the same – stealing Yankees dollars to cripple America’s most beloved sports franchise, and enrich the bank accounts of well-connected plutocrats in Bolshevik Bud’s circle of stooges.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I think it’s criminal when some owners like the Twinkie owner pockets the money and doesn’t spend it on the team. That is the shame of luxury tax/revenue sharing — when it goes to make some fat cat fatter instead of building a good team for a good fan base.

    Most people don’t know that when NY Football Giants owner Wellington Mara voted for revenue sharing in the early 60s it was to help keep places like Pittsburgh and Green Bay in the NFL and it worked and we watched these smaller market teams go on and win championships.

    What started out for parity for smaller market teams in football has become a joke in baseball.

    I can see why it ticks Hank off.

  • Ban Bud

    “I think it’s criminal when some owners like the Twinkie owner pockets the money and doesn’t spend it on the team.”

    Would you turn down $40 million in free, no-strings attached money every year? If so, that explains why you’re not one of the richest men in America like Twins’ owner Carl Pohlad. Carl knows where his bread is buttered though; you think he gave his good pal Bud Selig an secret under-the-table loan two years before “revenue sharing” welfare started because he’s such a generous soul?

  • Joe

    I stand corrected. After further review, the MLB revenue sharing process is broken. My second point stands, though. Hank is a spoiled brat who wants to spout off like Daddy, but doesn’t have the credentials/earned respect that Pappa George does. Hank, shut up.

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