Honoring Yankee Stadium through overkill


ESPN, the oh-so-pro Red Sox sports network, plans to pay tribute to the final season at Yankee Stadium through a series of 30 vignettes focusing on famous moments in stadium history. The first ten will debut on March 22 and air during the lead-up to Opening Day, and the next batch are set to hit prior to the All Star Game. Considering ESPN’s penchant for running the same commercial over and over again, I’m guessing we’ll all be sick of these promos rather quickly.

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  • Bruno

    Man am I glad I have my bleacher seat from Game 6 of the ’96 Series!

  • keith

    #1 most famous moment will be Damon’s GS in game 7.

    • Ben K.

      Nah. I figured they would go with Slappy Rodriguez instead.

  • Bruno

    That’s a pretty good one.

  • pete c.

    It’s bad juju to tear down a building that’s been the site of 26 championships.

  • Bruno

    I kinda agree, but such is the capitalist world in which we live.

  • AJ

    Wow – such a negative post instead of focusing on something that could be pretty cool. Maybe it’s actually going to be really good. ESPN’s production quality is far superior to anyone else in the industry. They’ll play one of these per day leading up to Openeing Day, so if you are getting tired of one it means you are watching too much ESPN and maybe you should change the channel. Turn on YES – oh wait, you’ll probably see more over-run Yankee highlights – maybe Charlie Hayes or Rags’ no hitter hightlight. As for me, I am looking forward to these and won’t let yet another ESPN hater try to ruin this for me before it even begins. Can’t wait to read about you bashing these as soon as they hit the air…11 days and counting.

    • Ben K.

      Your IP address is showing. At least if you’re going to defend the Worldwide Leader from my tongue-in-cheek post and you happen to work there, just lay it on the line at the outset.

  • AJ

    Ahh, very sneaky, glad you felt the need to track my IP address. I don’t feel the need to lay it on the line and drop where I work – I’m not defending the company, just the idea that you are being a critic without laying your eyes on one of these. I have nothing to do with baseball coverage or the vignettes that are produced. In fact, your posting was the first I’d heard about these being produced. I don’t work for .com either and am not reseraching blogs or anything…just a die-hard Yankee fan who enjoys your blog and stops by during work (I work on NASCAR if you’re itching for me to lay it on the line), but didn’t appreciate the unnecessary slander on something that can potentially be very cool. Fans tend to take the opinion of the writer they are reading, so I’d just encourage others to watch these with an open mind and not let pre-conceived notions ruin this for them before they see it.

  • AJ

    And if I’m going to tracked and you think I have an agenda, I won’t respond to any other posts – just remain a background reader. Thanks for the good work – would love to see some prospect profiles come across again, as those have slowed down since the winter months.

  • Ben K.

    AJ: I owe you an apology. I took advantage of information we get, and I simply assumed that you were ESPN here to defend yourself. I shouldn’t have jumped to those conclusions, and I do apologize. I hope you’ll continue to contribute; it’s certainly not our intention to silence our readers.

    As for the post, I think my tone didn’t come across as well as I wanted it to. I was attempting to reference two discussions (this one and this one) about perceived and real biases on the Worldwide Leader. I personally think that ESPN caters to Yankees and Red Sox fans more because that’s where their biggest audiences lie. It’s market economics.

    This post was also a mini-commentary on the way sports media outlets don’t understand their audiences. I’m looking forward to the vignettes the first few times, but as a sports fan, I have watched enough ESPN (or YES or SportsNet NY) to know that they will run these spots way too many times. No one was sick of “There’s only one October” after the first airing.

    Anyway, my apologies again. I was snarky when I shouldn’t have been.

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