Joba the Distracted

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Yanks looking at a pair of lefties

Joba Chamberlain, 22, is a New York celebrity because of and in spite of throwing only 24 innings at the Big League level last season. During the winter, he seemingly became the face of the Yankees, garnering press conference and media attention at every fundraiser and holiday event. now, according to The Post’s Kevin Kernan, the Yanks would like Joba to set aside the celebrity and focus on his preparation. With Joba’s own admission that the popularity is impacting his preparation, I’m glad to see the Yanks step in to set their young pitching stud on the right path.

AL East Toolbox
Yanks looking at a pair of lefties
  • Dylan

    Yeah, I kinda had a feeling this might be an issue when I read something in (December I think?) about Joba signing autographs at Steiner Sports in White Plains.. Instant celebrity. Sounds like the Yanks and Joba both have their heads on straight.

  • Link

    Yeah I think he without question got sucked up into the media hype machine especially with the ESPN cover and countless interviews…and he seems like such a good kid never says no to anyone or anything…I don’t think he is intentional trying to be a star but he just has that swagger w/o trying…I hope that he is able to maintain focus…on a related note I think Phil has benefited GREATLY from Joba’s presence and I believe he said as much…all that anticipation for Phil’s first start last year and by the playoffs nobody gave a damn lol and he shined in that brief playoff appearance and has been lights out all spring…

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  • mustang

    I’m happy to see that they are finally addressing this issues. I’m sure that Joba can handed it , but they don’t want this to get out of hand. I also see that they are looking into some lefty help got this from MLBTR:

    “Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe checks in with plenty of rumors in his Sunday column:
    The Yankees are eyeing southpaw relievers Damaso Marte and Brian Fuentes, who’ve seemingly been on their radar for months. Fuentes makes $5.05MM this year, Marte makes $2MM this year with a $6MM club option for ’09.”

    What do you guys think they need to give up to get these guys ? Especially Marte i think he be a great fit.