Kevin Reese is back with the Yanks

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A new Stadium, but at what cost?

Last year, long-time Yankee farmhand Kevin Reese was released. Despite this, Mike still gave him the the 2007 Lifetime Achievement Award. I thought I heard he caught on somewhere else, but apparently not. As Chad Jennings shares with us, Reese is now a minor league scout for the Yanks, covering the Sally and Carolina leagues. Welcome back, Kevin.

Name your tune
A new Stadium, but at what cost?
  • b/c

    Must post this.

    On fangraphs they now have pitch percentage and velocity.

    A must see.

    Did you know that after Joel Zumaya Joba has the hardest fb in baseball, he averaged 97 mph.

    Or that Jose Veras has the 19th hardest at 95mph.

    Ohlendorf at 94.

    Pettitte at 89.

    Moyer at 91.

    That Felix’s slider at 88 is harder than Nate Robertson’s 4 seamer, or matt desalvo’s fb.

    Fascinating stuff I urge all to take a look.

    My main impression is that velocity numbers are highly inflated and that if Joba can really hit 96 starting he is a rare pitcher indeed.