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  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G

    I didnt finish reading the post, I jumped to the first article they referenced and my jaw dropped by this quote from a Cincy “journalist”.

    “When some of us (OK, me mostly) advocated dealing, say, Votto and Homer Bailey for Oakland pitcher Joe Blanton,…”

    I mean WTF, honestly WTF. Seriously WTF. I thought Chris Russo’s statement that “If The Yankees had dealt Joba Chamberlain to the Twins for Santana, the Twins would’ve put him in that closer’s role and deal Joe Nathan, that’s what they would’ve done.” was the dumbest piece of shit I ever heard concering baseball but JESUS.

  • http://knickerbockerchatter.blogspot.com/ Bruno

    Cano = Utley in ’08 you heard it hear first ;)


  • dan

    That is one of the funniest posts I’ve ever read (almost as funny as when they opened up comments)…. but the greatest line in FJM history, until someone shows me otherwise, is this:

    “David Eckstein’s career EqA is .260, which is exactly league average. Albert Pujols’s career EqA is .341, which is easy, don’t-even-think-twice Hall of Fame shoo-in. Anyone who ever wants to pitch to Albert Pujols over David Eckstein in any situation, including pick-up whiffle ball games at family barbecues when Pujols has dengue fever and Eckstein gets to use one of those over-sized red bats while Pujols has to hit with a live cobra, is a goddamn moron of the highest order.”

  • blah

    Almost all the posts at FJM are great. We are lucky that there seems to be an unlimited supply of stupidity in baseball journalism.

  • kunaldo

    FJM is my favorite website(when they actually have a steady stream of posts…damn you offseason!)…it’s incredible how archaic some people can be…ah well, more entertainment for us!

    on a side note, i die a little inside anytime someone is considered a “winner”, a la Eckstein, b/c they happened to be on a winning team…m&md are the absolute worst(screaming A in a close second) about overused cliches and backwards thinking…

  • kunaldo

    hm, that was a bit of a rant huh..my bad

  • pete

    haha classic
    a manager who doesn’t do the research is just lazy. Period. Stat’s are not infallible, but they are certainly the best tool a manager has in terms of putting a lineup together.