Nick Green in, Chris Woodward out

Yanks bench seemingly set
A television appearance

A couple hours after Chad Jennings informs us that utility infielder Nick Green chose not to use his opt-out clause, PeteAbe tells us that the Yanks cut fellow utility infielder Chris Woodward. Woodward hit .393-.414-.429 in 28 at-bats this spring, compared to Green who hit .160-.222-.280 in 25 AB’s. The Depth Chart has been updated accordingly.

Yanks bench seemingly set
A television appearance
  • Alan

    Talk about pick your poison. Personally, I’d rather take Woodward as he’s a bit better defensively. Offensively, however, they’re about the same Woodward having slightly better power, Green slightly better at getting on base.

  • Jamal G.

    Nick Green according to Chad Jennings is going to be the utility infielder at Scranton. Unless Betemit is horrid backing up Jeter/Cano I dont think we have to worry about seeing Nick Green anytime soon.

  • YankeeGirl

    Mike A – You’re post makes it sound like the Yankees chose Green over Woodward. Both were cut. It’s pretty much predictable that the guy who played better refused the minor league assignment as that person will be more likely to find a major league position elsewhere. Like what Alan said – pick your poison.

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