Pettitte will miss first start

A-Rod and the money game
The Canseco/A-Rod joke is on...someone

We knew it was a possibility, but now we’re seeing reports that Andy Pettitte will not start on April 2. Mike Mussina will go in his place. After that, it’s either Pettitte or Hughes for the third game, with the other likely going on the fourth. Isn’t this basically the same deal as last year?

A-Rod and the money game
The Canseco/A-Rod joke is on...someone
  • Ben K.

    Joba? I know it’s not going to happen, but I like being optimistic.

  • whozat

    No…it’s fundamentally different, in that no one is on the DL and that he’s being pushed back one day.

    Moving Joba to the rotation for one start makes no sense, particularly since Pettitte won’t even miss a start, just be shuffled back in the rotation.

  • CB

    I think it is actually better for them to not throw Wang and Pettite back to back in the rotation.

    Those are the two guys who will give them innings this year.

    Putting Pettite somewhere between Mussina, Huges and Kennedy may help give the bull pen some rest. Mussina/ Hughes/ Kennedy could as a three in a row could get the bull pen a lot of innings in three consecutive games.

    • J.R.

      That actually makes alot of sense. The only thing I dont like is Wang pitching in Toronto, astro turf + sinkerball= L

  • E-ROC

    I guess Mike Mussina is better than Karstens or Rasner.

    At least it is Pettitte’s back and not his elbow.

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  • Bruno

    Won’t be TOO long before Joba’s starting. And CB has an excellent point. Wang, Hughes, Pettie, IPK, Moose would be nice for now with Joba pushing Moose into the longman role eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later).

  • RollignWave

    As long as this doesn’t mean that Wang pulls a hammy and Moose soon after AND one of the kids pulls a Pavano AND the other pulls a Igawa after t2 start.. we’ll be fine. (wow last year was ugly.)

  • RobertGKramer

    That’s why last years S&C Coach (something Morris or Morris something) was fired in May. With all the running Girardi dictated, the legs should be fine.