Pictures from an exhibition


A few sites have put up some galleries from the Yankees’ exhibition game at Virginia Tech yesterday. The VT Hoakies’ site has a 147-pitcture gallery (top left on that page), and has an 11-picture gallery focusing on the game. The VT campus was very appreciative of the Yankees yesterday.

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  • Back Bay Yankee

    @ Jeter in Picture 5: Man, either buy clothes that fit or get them tailored. You’re swimming in that outfit!

    @ Damon in Picture 12: “Hi, my name is Johnny Damon, and nobody beats my prices. I’ve got your basic jalopy, your hoopty car, whatever PoS you need, I’ve got it for less than the guy down the street. BUY TODAY!”

    @ Cano in Picture 49: “Guys, it’s not ‘wave hats around’ time! It’s ‘look stoically at the photographer’ time! Focus!”

    All joking aside, I’m so proud of my team for doing this.

  • Pettitte’s stare

    completely off subject but according to rotoworld Mike Gardner was returned to the yankees from the Padres

  • Count Zero

    “All joking aside, I’m so proud of my team for doing this.”

    Me too. Maybe as proud as I have ever been of them. Not just because they did it — but because of the way they handled themselves.