Rangers’ hockey game in Yankee Stadium closer to reality

Yanks looking at a pair of lefties
The one who almost got away

In January, word broke that an outdoor New York Rangers game could be the last sporting event at Yankee Stadium. At the time, I was not too thrilled to hear that the Yanks would not be closing out Yankee Stadium. Today, the Daily News reports that this proposed game is moving closer to a reality. While this game will be exciting for all of the Ranger fans out there, I still want to see the Yanks play the last sporting event at the Stadium. Call me a traditionalist, but the Yanks should close out their 85-year-old home.

Yanks looking at a pair of lefties
The one who almost got away
  • Count Zero

    Agreed. I think this is pretty sucky. How can you close out “The Stadium” with a second-rate franchise from a second-rate sport. BAH!

  • AlexCT

    I LOVE the idea of outdoor hockey. It’d be great for NY area hockey teams and for the NHL. When i was a kid i lived a mile from an outdoor rink in SW CT. it was really a cool place to watch/play a game. I don’t understand why the NHL / teams would think that baseball fan wouldn’t be upset with playing at the old stadium though, how stupid could they be?? It is a disrespect to the Yankees’s home. I have no problems with the NHL playing in winter ’09 at the new stadium though.

  • Joe

    I’m upset enough that they’re tearing the place down, let’s not make it worse by having some other team play the last game there…

  • http://www.replacementlevel.com/ Sean McNally

    As a hockey fan, I like this news… I just wish the Rangers and Isles weren’t so blasted terrible.

    I’ll add this for those of you bemoaning that the Stadium would be besmirched by this: the building hosted arguably the two most important college football games of all time – the “Win one for the Gipper” Army-ND game and the 0-0 ND-Army tie in 1946; the most important game in NFL history – the 1958 NFL Championship game; and one of the most significant boxing matches ever when Joe Louis KO’d Max Schmelling in 1938 for the heavyweight title.

    Yankee Stadium is known primarily a Cathedral of baseball… but it really is a shrine to all sports.

    • Count Zero

      No doubt. They also hosted The Beatles, and His Holiness, and numerous others. I don’t mind any of that as part of the legacy of “The Stadium” — it all adds to it.

      What I object to is that the very last thing that will happen there will not be a Yankee game. Regardless of all the other famous things that have gone on there, it is still first and foremost, The House That Ruth Built. Everything else comes second to that.

      Therefore, when New York, New York plays for the final time, whether it’s Frank or Liza, that should be the final time they turn the lights out. Simple as that.

  • J.R.

    The only thing that could make this worse is that its speculated Detroit Red Wings would be the second team. It would be a true kick to the junk to have detroit win the last game in Yankee Stadium.

  • RobertGKramer

    This story has to be a hoax. Given that the Stadium has been used for big fights, maybe they’ll put up a ring and get some hockey players to beat each other up!

  • Steve S

    Do the Yankees have a choice on this? The park is owned by the city. I realize the Yankees have a lease, but once they vacate and go over to the new stadium, then do they have a say in what the City decides to do?

  • Barry

    I don’t know, I don’t have a problem with it, might give some who couldn’t afford to go during the season one more visit to the hollowed grounds.

  • http://www.bugsandcranks.com/category/new-york-yankees Ed

    I agree with Ben. Yankee Stadium is the most historic, revered place in all of baseball. As entertaining as a hockey game might be, the Stadium should not close that way.

  • matt

    i think a lot of the apprehension about this game is due to hockey’s lack of mainstream appeal. imagine if they wanted the “last sporting even in yankee stadium” to be a giants football game: would there be such a fuss then? the yankees and rangers are both historic nyc teams. i see this as great thing for the nhl as it struggles to rebuild an american fan base (the outdoor penguins-sabres game had tremendous ratings; imagine the numbers for the yankee stadium game), and a reminder that yankee stadium is not only a baseball field; it is, as sean said, a shrine to all sports. how many non-baseball events have taken place there in the past few years? besides the 9/11 memorial, none that have made headlines. but how many were there in the 70’s and 80’s? the pope, the all star game, and now the nhl are coming to yankee stadium this year and i think that is great.

    i am a lifelong yankees fan, former employee of yankee stadium, and recently recruited rangers fan (3 seasons ago). i am very excited for this game, and have no problems seeing the stadium close this way.