Revisiting the Santana negotiations

Game Thread: Throwing out the young guns
An excerpt from The Greatest Game

The good folks at No Bias Baseball released the second episode of their Matt Around the Order podcast. In it, they sit down with Jim Callis and talk offseason. At around the 16-minute mark, Callis opines on the Santana negotiations: “Depending on who you talk to…[the Twins] were never really offered those offers,” he says, referring to the reported Yanks’ offers that centered around Phil Hughes and Melky Cabrera. We’ll probably never know the truth about the month-long Santana Sweepstakes, but the more we hear, the more likely it seems that the Yanks were never too keen on sending the farm to Minnesota regardless of Hank Steinbrenner’s public comments.

Game Thread: Throwing out the young guns
An excerpt from The Greatest Game
  • Jamal G.

    It really does depend on who you talk to because Cashman said on M&MD last week that Twins final two requests were Hughes & Melky + 2 prospects OR Wang & Kennedy & Melky + 1 prospect.

  • Bo

    Requests and the Yanks agreeing to requests are totally dif things.

    The Yanks obviously think Hughes is an ace level starter. If he is it makes zero sense to trade him especially paying Santana full price for 7 yrs.

    And I think Cashman has his eye on Sabathia and Texeira in November.

  • Chris

    Could it be possible that Hank was all a negotiating ploy? The Yanks never wanted to give up the farm for Santana, just make him too expensive for the Red Sox. Having Hank spout on all winter probably kept the Twins from moving on to the next best offer sooner.

  • Rich

    I think Bill Smith’s people are engaged in damage control.

    • steve (different one)

      this seems to be the most likely answer.

  • CB

    During the Yankees-Twins spring training game they interviewed Bill Smith. He said the yankees were unwilling to deal ANY of their young pitchers under any circumstance.

    He basically made it sound like the yankees didn’t want any deal done at all and Smith had no viable option for making any deal with them.

    That was also the game Hughes threw several perfect innings and carlos gomez got himself out by getting hit by a ball he bunted and misplayed several balls in the outfield.

    All spin at this point.

  • nick blasioli

    lets face it cashman blew the yankees out of the water when he sat on his might be good….but i havent seen it yet….its going to be a long hot summer in ny… really hurts me …being a very avid yankee fan…

    • Ben K.

      Seriously. It’s Spring Training. If you haven’t seen Hughes be very good yet, go back and watch his starts from September on and look at his October postseason performance.

    • Travis G.

      you didn’t see his near no-hitter?

  • nick blasioli

    one game does not make a player great….dont get me wrong…i hope he wins thirty games…but i just have not seen dominance yet….

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