• Ivan

    Yeah Ohlendorf has a great arm. What I like about him is that his control solid and also his fastball has very good movement. His slider is pretty good too (Not Joba like) but when it’s on it’s a definite plus pitch. I,ve heard he’s working on a splitter. If he masters that, watch out AL.

    Also, did anybody heard on the radio/watch the show Mike and The Mad Dog? Talk about ridiculous talk.

  • mike

    those guys are confirmed idiots at this point.

  • Mike P

    At this point? No shit.

  • Mac

    I was wondering, because perhaps the YES gun was malfunctioning, but was it just me or was Ohlie throwing like 97 or 98? Because all I have to say to that is just, “wow.” I remember all that talk last year about how when they put him in the pen his velocity went way up (and that game where he was throwing so hard he was grunting), but I don’t remember him throwing as hard as he did today. I remember like 95. To be throwing as hard as he is this early in Spring Training with that amount of control and movement is just really exciting.

    • Mike R.

      ESPN had him at 95, but it is still impressive no matter whose gun was right.

  • Mike R.

    Rick Sutcliffe almost wet himself over Ohlendorf. The guy was gushing. It was very prmomising to see him work today

  • http://kobe24.com joba

    i heard that the reds were shopping homer bailey. I wonder if the yankees would trade for him, maybe marquez and cabrera for him.

    • dan

      Question: Why would the Reds ever consider that?

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Yeah I heard that too, and I don’t get it. The Reds should be trying to acquire players like Bailey, not trade them away.

      Prospect for prospect trades are tricky, I’m not sure Marquez-Melky is enough. Maybe Horne-Ohlendorf? The Reds have to be looking for pitching, right?

      • David

        Dusty Baker would destroy Bailey if they kept him anyhow.

      • Glen L

        there are concerns over his control and, more importantly, his “I know what I’m doing, stop telling me what to do” attitude

        • mooks

          His ” I know what I’m doing” attitude has more to do with his not getting along with Dick Pole and Dusty Baker. I’m not sure he is wrong not wanting to listen to them, but his location and control does need work.

          A team with a credible manager and a solid pitching coach wouldn’t get the same issues with Bailey that the reds are getting right now.

          Its a simple choice, who is wrong, is the the manager and coach or the player?

    • NYFan50

      I don’t care for Bailey much. I’m not sure why everybody loves him so much. Yea, his K rate is high. But his walk rate is high, too. I don’t know, but a 2:1 K:BB in the minors doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence for me that he’s going to turn into anything special. Not like Joba or Phil’s 6:1, or whatever sick ratio that was.

  • Manimal

    Traber is doing insanely good as well.

  • pete

    i think bailey is very similar stuff-wise to tim lincecum, with the exploding fastball and good breaking stuff. Still, i think joba, phil, and ian are all better pitchers right now b/c of their control, and, more importantly, their understanding of how to pitch. i mean, as one of last year’s most touted prospects, you’d think that he’d have been able to put up slightly better numbers than he did, considering he was pitching in the NL central.

  • Randy

    apparently, the issue with bailey and the reds is that they’re not very happy with his location issues and now they’re dealing with him being pretty stubborn about taking suggestions from his coaches. i think buster olney mentioned it in his blog today while talking about how much the reds believe in cueto. bailey’s stock has dropped a lot in a year and i wouldn’t deal any of our guys for a pitcher who can’t locate. the team is trying to correct that with who they already have. girardi made a point of mentioning that they are focusing on control during his interview right after he bashed red sock sutcliffe.

  • jew4jeter

    I’m pissed, my DVR recording wasn’t long enough to record the whole game & I missed Ohlendorf’s inning. I gotta remember to record an hour or two after the scheduled ending.
    Off topic… Mike and the Mad Dog were arguing with Sweeny Murti against the idea of using Joba as a starter. As usual, they were idiotic… They were saying that it’s bad for his arm to prepare as a starter in ST, then go to the bullpen, then go back to starting mid-season. Although, he obviously made the adjustment from starter to reliever last year.
    They even suggested that the Yankees don’t really know what they’re doing with Joba and perhaps they’re making him a starter, as a panic move, to make up for the fact that they didn’t get Santana for the starting rotation. Fucking ridiculous.
    They also were frequently complaining about the idea of using Farnsy and/or Hawkins in the 8th to replace Joba. Although the team might be mentioning this possibility, I seriously doubt they are committed to doing that. Hawkins and Farns would have to pitch extremely well (near impossible for Farns) and will be auditioning like everyone else for that role, while Joba remains in the bullpen. They won’t switch Joba out of the bullpen until they’ve established a solid candidate (maybe Ohlie?).

  • http://yankeesetc.blogspot.com/ Travis G.

    Ohlie looked REAL good today. i think he’ll get a spot. very disappointed in Edwar. Joba’s velocity was down (90-97), and his command was off, but i guess that’s to be expected at this point. he gave up more runs today than he did all last year in the Bigs.

    i cant believe people still listen to those no-talent ass clowns on wfan. i stopped years ago and have been much happier for it.

  • Ricochet

    Can you imagine how nasty the Yankees bullpen can be in the near future if some of these guys that they have high hopes for actually stay healthy and pan out. Ross Ohlendorf, Mark Melancon and maybe Humberto Sanchez because I don’t think there will be a spot in the rotation with him.

  • E-ROC

    No love for Heath Phillips? He looked in his one inning of work. Breaking a few bats. Ohlendorf’s stuff and command is just nasty.

    Edwar is done, unless he figures out how to command his pitches.

    Can’t have enough pitching. Homer Bailey would be a nice addition. I don’t know where he would fit, but I’m sure Yanks could find a place for him. He could be a part of a larger trade.

  • yanks99

    hey….just curious what people thought of Joba pitchin. His fastball was around 92. Is that just cause it is Spring?

  • Mike R.

    A few things.

    – It’s spring training. How can Edwar be “Done”. Let’s give these guys some time to find their control.

    – Same goes for Joba. The reason he was throwing high 80’s to low 90’s is because he is still building arm strength. It is not normal, or healthy for that matter, to throw at 100% in your first official spring training start.

    – Finally. I think that the rumors of being willing to trade Bailey are management’s way of scaring the kid into a better attitude. This kid was rated just behind, or just ahead depending on who you asked, of Phil Hughes last year.

  • ceciguante

    i put no stock into any ST performances. they are fun to watch, but completely unreliable. joba can have a 9 era in ST, for all i care. i have no clue what he was working on, or how strong his arm is, or how long it takes for him to get to top form. hell, i don’t even return his phone calls.

    btw, shelley duncan is hitting like .636. WATCH OUT MLB! ALL-STAR AT FIRST!