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He makes how much?
The 2008 New York Baseball Yankees

Brett Gardner hit a homerun today. But the fun doesn’t stop there: Alberto Gonzalez and Justin Christian also went deep. Granted, it was only a minor league Spring Training game, but these three guys have combined to hit exactly 50 homeruns in 1,218 career games. If my math is correct (and please correct me if it isn’t), the chances of these three each hitting a homer in the same game is one in 1,540,200. Great googley moogley.

He makes how much?
The 2008 New York Baseball Yankees
  • Greg G.

    Were any of them “inside the park”?


  • Malcard89

    “Great googley moogley.”

    Only you Mike, haha.

  • E-ROC

    LOL, “great googley moogley.” I have heard that saying in quite sometime.

  • Adam

    mike, each individual players probability of hitting a homerun in a given game is their career homeruns divided by their career games played. thus, the probability of each hitting a homerun in the same game is the product of their individual probabilities….


    one in 31,134 chance. still seems unlikely though.

    • Adam

      by the way, i need to find something better to do with my friday nights…..

    • Mike A.

      That’s exactly what I did. I blame it on my calculator, I just dropped $150 on a TI-89 Titanium after my 83 crapped out. I’m still learning the nuances.

  • Manimal

    Yes you do LOL, your still right though.

    And I heard Great Googley Moogley yesturday for the first time in a while. Deja Vu all over again, eh?

  • Greg G.

    Tried posting this as a link, but I guess it’s waiting for moderator approval. Anyway, this is for the fans of “great googly moogly”

  • Senor A. Boy

    Great googly moogly, that thang is juicy!!!

  • RollingWave

    did they borrow Kei Igawa to pitch for the other team ?:P

  • Alan

    According to ESPN, Pettitte has been put onto the DL as expected.

    Also, the final bullpen slots went to Brian Bruney, Ross Ohlendorf and Jonathan Albaladejo. Link here:

    The bullpen slots are mentioned at the bottom of the article.

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