The Big Three work hard to match the hype

Old Yanks: Where are they now? Part 2
The end of a leg-kicking era

Most of us know Pete Abraham as a blogger. He’s got the most popular Yanks blog on the planet, and it’s getting better with age. Lately, though, I’ve been drawn to his work in his newspaper, The Journal News. The articles are a bit more thought out, and have depth you’re not going to find on the blog. Yes, sometimes they can get a bit fluffy, but having been blogging for nearly three years, I understand that subject matter can be hard to come by. Today, Pete delves into our favorite subject: The Big Three.

While last year we thought having Roger Clemens around would give the kids a proper role model, it appears that it was Andy Pettitte might have been the best mentor all along. He’s on the field at 8:15 a.m., and has Joba, Phil, and IPK in tow.

Pete gave us a glimpse of the working, opening with an anecdote about Phil and Joba trying to run a mile in five and a half minutes. The guys then work out for another hour, sprinting and doing abdominal work. Legs and core…it’s what makes baseball players stronger.

They’re all at the level now where they’re pushing each other, which bodes well for all of them. It’s one thing to be under Andy Pettitte’s tutelage. It’s another to rise up to his level and push him just as hard as he’s pushing you.

This all gets me even more psyched about the Big Three. It’s one thing to fall for the hype. It’s a complete other thing when you see that they’re working their hardest to live up to it.

(By the way, anyone catch Phil’s latest contest? They’re trying to guess the nickname Kennedy has around the clubhouse. The astounding majority of respondents have said “IPK.” Just remember where that one originated.)

Old Yanks: Where are they now? Part 2
The end of a leg-kicking era
  • Count Zero

    Ha! I noticed the contest and I started laughing when I saw all the IPK responses. Everyone seems to think it originated in the clubhouse or something. Only us RAB readers knew better. ;-)

  • Jeff

    Would you guys like a cookie or a Medal? We can write “IPK Originators” on the front… anyways in all fairness this is a great blog and you do a lot of good work here. Also I think Pete does well but the posts over there don’t come close to that of this site.
    Anyways to comment on the article – it is good too see the kids going for it. Nice to know that Andy is helping them along. The biggest thing I’ll be excited about is if Hughes & Joba can keep developing a change-up… if that happens – forget it – they will be too nasty to hit.

    • Ben K.

      I enjoy cookies.

  • Mike R.

    I was thinking about the big three and realized that there are other “Big 3’s” in the organization. The two I thought of were catcher and OF.

    Catcher Big 3:


    OF Big 3:

    -Abe Almonte

    Any thoughts? Should I change someone? Should I add a position?

    PS. I like cookies too. We should hang out.

    • pete

      1. i’d say OF big 3 are Jackson, Tabata, and Gardner, at least as of right now.

      2. it depends on what kind of cookie and what kind of metal the medal is made of. I’d probably take a cookie, but if it’s like a small oreo or something vs. a solid gold medal that could be sold for like a lot of oreos or something then i’d take the medal.

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  • John K.

    I don’t see how the “IPK” thing doesn’t take off. I mean how is that not the chant for him when he pitches? I can already hear the bleachers starting the chant, “I – P – K! I – P – K! I – P – K!”