The dumbest thing I have ever read in my life, or any past lives that I do not know about, yet can still assure you that this would have been the dumbest thing I ever read in them


“Moving Chamberlain in front of Rivera was not only the right move for 2008, but forever. Finding somebody to dominate the seventh and eighth innings is harder than discovering a fourth and fifth starter.” There you have it, folks. George King called Joba a fourth or fifth starter in the Post’s season preview.

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  1. Ben K. says:

    The post title: A+

  2. Bo says:

    I guess George didnt watch Beckett dominate last yr. And the Sox finding Okajima off a scrap heap in Japan.

    I guess good ole George doesnt read scouting reports or check the minor league stats of people like Chamberlain.

  3. Count Zero says:

    You guys have got to stop reading articles in the Post / News by guys like King and Lupica.

    It’s kind of like doing meth without the high — all it will do is take years off your life. :)

  4. bostonsucks@life says:

    My brain just turned into dog poop upon reading that. Seiously how does that make any sense ?

  5. Rich says:

    One reason why I didn’t want the Yankees to use Joba in the pen last season was because I thought it could spawn King-esque comments like that.

  6. LiveFromNewYork says:

    I don’t even know why we’re going to show up and play this year. We might as well just all stay home.

    The only thing I agree with is the 1st base hole upping Arod’s errors. I wish we had kept Manky.

  7. Tripp says:

    Yeah this is definitely an article written to get readers. He obviously doesn’t care about backing up his work with sources or facts and just wants to make outrageous statements so that people will read his column.

  8. Adam B. says:

    If it were harder to find 7th and 8th inning guys than 4th starters, wouldn’t free agent 4th starters get less money than 7th or 8th inning guys that dominate?

  9. This is why I read postings from my fellow bloggers and not the papers.

    (Thats not to say that I have not posted some dumb things though.)

  10. eric from morrisania says:

    I was reading this article on the train this morning when I blacked out. I hope I didn’t actually assume some alternate identity, a la Tyler Durden, and pummel the crap out of some innocent bystander, but I am quite positive that my brain did shut down momentarily, because its normal functioning processes couldn’t comprehend what George King was saying…

    Seriously, let’s look at this intelligently. Obviously, King is thinking… I don’t know WHAT THE HELL HE’S THINKING! Joba isn’t a 5th starter. Chien Ming Wang is our #1, but he’s more of a #2. Andy Pettite is old, and he may be hurt already. Mike Mussina died in 2004, and his brother Bob Mussina has been impersonating him for the last three years. Both Pettite and Mussina will be gone next year (and if either of them are back, it’ll be as 5th starters)… so, anyway you look at it, come 2009, Joba, Phil, and IPK are all battling for AT WORST the number 2 spot in the rotation, not the number 5.

    If we traded Wang, Pettite, Moose, IPK, and Phil for Johan Santana, C.C. Sabathia, Jake Peavy, and Felix Hernandez tomorrow, then King’s comment would make sense. Until that happens, he sounds less intelligent than Dana Perino.

    Boo this man.

  11. question mark says:

    It’s the same thing that’s happening right now with politics. People want something to read 24/7, and that’s what they’re getting, whether it’s real, embellished, or completely made up. That’s what we get for being bored at work and needing blogs and articles to check all day.

    No BJ Ryan? No Burnett? Sounds like first place to me!

  12. E-ROC says:


  13. Jamal G. says:

    “Sure to make Yankee fans grumble: When Johan Santana wins 24 games for the Mets.”

    I said it a couple threads earlier and I’ll say it again. George King if a ****ing hack.

  14. Marc says:

    The D-Rays are a better team than the Jays.

  15. Yeah that was really dumb, The Post has been frustrating me lately.

  16. Rayblay says:

    “Error total will rise from 13 to about 20 without Doug Mientkiewicz’s leather at first.”
    Wait… how many games did Minky start again? A lot less than half? Ohhh, right….

  17. Worst article I’ve ever read. Ever. That was powerfully terrible.

  18. Adam says:

    more from king: “(A-Rod’s) error total will rise from 13 to about 20 without Doug Mientkiewicz’s leather at first.”

    right, cause mientkiewicz played 458 out of 1450 innings at first base last year. if he actually saved a-rod errors over that time, that would prorate to 22 saved errors over the course of the year.

    i wish these idiots would do some research before publishing an article read by hundreds of thousands of people.

  19. Lisa says:

    What a tool. Thankfully, I don’t allow myself to read the Post anymore.

  20. Armand Castro says:

    gotta love the tag “Horrendously Retarded”.. you could also go with “profound Idiot” which is an actual term for people with an IQ below 20.. George King of Idiots.. but damn was that stupid

  21. Drew says:

    Agreed Adam… Every once in a while i read the crap he’s throwing and honestly i just don’t understand how he gets paid. If there were a comment option on online articles i think even redsox fans would think he’s out of his mind and THATs saying something.

    Has he watched any of spring training? Wang has proven he can get strikeouts if he wants, Petitte’s injury won’t keep him out of the first turn and Moose has been throwing 88-89mph fastballs. Now while i like melky’s arm…. its not the best in baseball, ok im done… i could probably pick the whole thing apart, not worth my time.

  22. Mike R. says:

    George King III is a flaming IDIOT!!!

    That is all.

  23. samiamsports says:

    George King is Officially a SHMUCK… I think the post secretly lets him right a column as a practical joke to all sports fans. And behind closed doors they consider it a comedy column

  24. Jamal G. says:

    Honestly, do the sports section in newspapers have line editors? I can’t imagine that they have a fact checker or anything of the sort because the ignorant anal rash that his published nowadays is ridiculous.

  25. Jamal G. says:

    Ca$hmoney is officially a bad ass.

    Per PeteAbe, “Meanwhile, I just recorded the reader interview with Brian Cashman. We got nine questions in before he had to take a call.

    I’m happy to report that he heads this blog and the guys will be happy to know he reads their as well. How great is that?”.

    If Cashman really reads NoMaas, he’s a bad ass, LoL.

    • Guiseppe Franco says:

      I’m not the biggest fan of NoMaas. Those guys suffer from a bad case of TDS (Torre Derangement Syndrome) and can hardly go more than a few days without portraying Torre in a negative light.

      Okay, guys. We get it. You don’t like Torre. But he can’t hurt you anymore since he’s now been the manager of the Dodgers for six months.

      Get over it already and move on.

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  27. mustang says:

    I’m one who wants to keep Joba in the pen, but this is just plain stupid. It shows how much these guys no about the sports there covering.

  28. Travis G. says:

    He is King, Lord of the Idiots!

  29. Lanny says:

    I guess George doesnt realize the fact that Joba wouldn’t be the teams ace or 2nd starter this yr and would begin his career starting like any other starter as the 4th or 5th guy.

    What a joke.

    Hold on people. Isnt the Daily News the same publication that declared the Yankees dead on July 1 2007? So Im going to take their projection seriously?

  30. Jamal G. says:

    Per Bronx Banter:

    “Even Steve Phillips, who regularly rubs me the wrong way on Baseball Tonight, seemed so happy to have baseball back that I couldn’t hold a grudge. Though I did scoff–out loud, just on general principle, even though no one was there to hear it–when he said of Matsuzaka, during his early struggles, “the look in his eyes for his last pitch was the best he’s had yet. He’s competing now, it looks like.” Really? Is that the same “look” you saw in the eyes of Mo Vaugh, Roberto Alomar, and Armando Benitez (twice)? Unfortunately for Mets fans, Scott Kazmir’s eyeballs apparently don’t convey that much competitiveness.”


  31. barry says:

    I don’t see why every news outlet shits on Shelley, saying his best tool is his bat in a way to imply that his fielding sucks is sort of ignorant. The man is a decent corner fielder with a strong arm and a inexperienced but decent first basemen, he’s definitely better than a lot of players out there making more.

  32. Ricochet says:

    Joba has got the potential to be a #1 but he’s not there at this point in his career and as of now if he was in the rotation he would be the 4th or 5th starter, however I’m not sure thats what he’s saying.

    I’m a convert in that I would like to see Joba stay in the pen and become the eventual successor to Mo.

    I think as long as Pettitte is healthy he’s going to stay open the new Yankee Stadium. Pettitte is a veteran presence that the rotation would have plus he’s lefty and still a damn good #3.

    I believe that if C.C. Sabathia reaches free agency that they Yankees are going to go after him hard because not only is he one of the better pitchers in thee game but he’s a lefty as well as still being young.

    If this scenario pans out it the Yankees rotation would Sabathia, Wang, Pettitte, Hughes and Kennedy. Thats a pretty awesome rotation thats good and young and cheap. Wang for another season would be cheap and Hughes and Kennedy would be even cheaper. Sabathia and Pettitte would be getting the money but Pettitte won’t be around for much longer and when he comes off the books they promote from within and pay Wang.

    The point is that if the Yankees can get Sabathia and have that rotation that I mentioned above then IMO the Yankees are better off with Joba and his nasty stuff in the bullpen. I think it’s the ideal scenario with the way the things are set up and all the quality pitching prospects that the Yankees have.

    Can you imagine that rotation then to have to deal with the likes of young fireballers out of the pen with the likes of Ohlendorf, Sanchez, Melancon to then to have to face Joba and Mo?

    Joba’s special but the Yankees have some other super awesome uber pitching talents as well that are going to be ready here in the near future and with a mostly young staff currently and with plenty of quality prospects blocked by the current rotation as well as the chance to get a young proven lefty in C.C. Sabathia then just isn’t room for everybody. Some of you will say convert some of the others to relievers and some most likely will like Humberto Sanchez but not everyone’s stuff translates to being a reliever. But we know that Joba’s does and that he’s extremely effective. We’ve been spoiled by Mo and I think some have forgotten how hard it is to find someone as dominate as Joba showed he was last season. I just think at this time with the starting pitching prospects that the Yankees have that at least one of them can perform close to the level of what Joba would give the Yankees as a starter rather than finding someone other than Joba thats got the makeup, moxy let alone the raw stuff of Joba to be Mo’s setupman and eventual closer.

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