The end of a leg-kicking era


While El Duque hasn’t pitched in the Bronx since 2004, I’ll always have fond memories of his tenure on the Yanks. Today, via BTTF, comes the news that due to his injuries, El Duque may have to retire his signature leg kick. It is indeed the end of an era, and I have to wonder now if we should have a ceremony eulogizing the El Duque Dance as well.

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  • Glen L

    I don’t see the season going well for El Duque at all, which is a shame because I’ve always been a really big fan of his

  • Stu H

    No more doing the el duque, oh no!

  • Count Zero

    That’s too bad. I always liked Duque. I can’t imagine he will be as effective without all that deception / distraction.