• Chris

    The last paragraph is classic…gotta read it to find out

  • mg

    Yeah, it’s a really good read.

  • sabernar

    “After the trial, Jose put his $2.6 million house in South Florida up for sale. He had several offers on it, but decided to take the offer of over $2 million in Mexican telephone stock, which he was prohibited from selling for two years, at which time, the buyer guaranteed him, the stock would be worth $5 million. Two years later, Jose sold the stock for $15,000.”


  • http://www.mvn.com/mlb-yankees Jim Johnson

    I read this last night. It was fantastic.

    • mg

      Well at least no one could possibly suggest that he has any ulteriorly motif for accusing someone who allegedly tried to sleep with his wife of juicing.

  • steve (different one)

    i think the funny think in this whole thing is that A-Rod was what, 22-23, at the time of their workouts?

    Jose is still pissed that a 22 year old guy was ogling his wife?

    is this really controversial that a 22 year old was staring when a “hot” (i have no idea what she looked like at the time) woman came into the room? he was just some horny kid.

    the other classic part of the book was when Canseco went to jail and his “cellmate” just happened to know that A-Rod was talking shit about him. hilarious.

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  • JerseyJohn

    Hah what an a hole! I don’t wish ill health on him but I wonder how long it will be before Canseco does a Lyle Alzado?