Unnecessarily clearing A-Rod’s name

The Big Three K's Craniosynostosis
Reggie to throw out first pitch

In an exclusive by RAB favorite George King, former Yankee bullpen catcher and A-Rod confidante vouches for Alex’s good name. “In four years I was with him 24 hours a day, and not one time did I ever hear, see or get wind of anything having to do with performance enhancing drugs, steroids, HGH, anything,” Borzello said. And this, folks, is what we’ve come to. Because a bitter and jealous Jose Canseco writes it in a book that had to struggle to find a publisher, friends now feel the need to clear A-Rod’s name. Canseco won’t offer up any proof of what he writes; whatever happened to innocent before proven guilty?

The Big Three K's Craniosynostosis
Reggie to throw out first pitch
  • Ron

    “RAB favorite George King”? The same George King who opined that Joba should forever remain in the bullpen? I thought the phrase “RAB favorite” was for Keith Law and the like, not some hack like George King. (Or was that supposed to be sarcastic?)

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      Sarcasm, Ron. Sarcasm.

  • Count Zero

    I’m more interested in the story of Borzello being with A-Rod 24 hours a day for four years…and in C-Rod’s take on that… ;-)

  • Mike R.

    In my book “Pissed! The Jose Canseco story” I detail Canseco’s addiction to cheesing. I interviewed a bunch of cats for this book. I have the evidence. C;mon Jose. Call me a liar. How about that?

  • Steve S

    I dont think its fair to knock Canseco, he was pretty on point with the first book, except for the part where he said that he could run a 4.4. 40 (at the time he actually wrote the book). I dont think his allegations are that earth shattering. I would expect a guy like Arod to look into steroids, especially at that time when everyone was clearly doing them in the sport. I also think Canseco’s wife is hot, so good for him if he was pursuing her. At this point who really cares if Arod did or didnt do steroids, he is a Yankee for the next ten years.

  • Mike P

    I think the gentlemen of the press, the great American public and Senator Mitchell had something to do with “innocent until proven guilty” taking a vacation.

  • usty

    If this does any good, it will be that regular joe Yankee fans will actually defend (holy crap I know!) A-rod. I don’t think he touched PEDs, so if this actually turns him into a sympathetic character, that’s a benefit I wouldn’t mind.

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