Briefly revisiting Nick Johnson

On Phil Hughes and his velocity
Is the Wave the dumbest idea ever?

MLB Trade Rumors notes today that the Giants have expressed some interest in Nick Johnson. The Nats’ first baseman, working his way back from a year lost to injury, is hitting .368/.455/.688 in the early going, and Washington could look to offload his salary. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: The Yankees should be right there on the Nick Johnson talks if Washington is serious about trading the first baseman. He would the perfect fit.

On Phil Hughes and his velocity
Is the Wave the dumbest idea ever?
  • Curramba

    Why would we need another injury prone 1st baseman? Been there, done that. No thanks pass. Unless they are willing to take a bat boy in exchange we don’t need Nick.

  • Ivan

    You sure love some Nick Johnson. That said I like nick Johnson but you know they gonna ask alot for him. Especially with that GM.

  • TurnTwo

    IMO, the handwriting is on the wall for the prospects at 1B this year- Giambi gets hurt too often to count on him for anything, Shelley is energetic but not a 1B, and Betemit is better suited as the first guy off the bench.

    if it didnt cost too much player-wise, having a true, everyday 1B would be a great addition, and would help sure up this roster both offensively and defensively.

    i just think Bowden is going to hold out for too much.

  • Glen L

    To echo what the posts above already say, Bowden is renowned for asking for the moon (and occasionally getting it, see lastings milledge) … given johnson’s injury history and, what i’m sure we all agree, will be a tremendous offense team in its current construction, i see no reason to trade Horne or Marquez or Tabata or Jackson or whomever else Bowden will undoubtable ask for

    between duncan, ensberg, and (i guess) betemit, i believe the yanks will be just fine at 1b

    • TurnTwo

      FWIW, Marquez is an arm or the type of caliber prospect I’d be willing to give up for NJ. Someone who’s not a Grade-A, but has potential to be a middle to back end guy, especially on a NL team like DC.

  • rbizzler

    I am off to see Nicky J. tonight against the Fighting Fish at the new Nats Park. I promise to report anything of interest regarding Nick that occurs. Hopefully, he doesn’t injure himself drinking a cup of coffee of putting in his uni, etc.

    Should be a good time.

    • Sean McNally

      Enjoy yourself.. its a nice little park.

  • mustang

    I agree with Ben again that 2 for 2 today. LOL
    Marquez or Gonzales type, but Bowden will ask the world.

  • Sean McNally

    Four important facts to consider in looking wistfully at Nick Johnson, given in no particular order:

    A) Dmitri Young weighs approximately 700 pounds. In fact, he’s so out of shape, the following Nats have more ABs than he does this season: Tim Redding, Odalis Perez, Jason Bergmann, Rob Mackowiak, Matt Chico, Aaron Boone and Jesus Flores.
    B) Manny Acta is one of the more sabermetrically inclined managers in the bigs, so he seems to appreciate Nick’s gifts on the OBP department.
    C) Young’s defense is so atrocious that on the Nats’ stat page the following is listed as his position: “–.” I’ve already seen Johnson make half a dozen to a dozen plays that tubby doesn’t.
    D) Dmitri Young weighs a roughly a quarter metric ton.

    • E-ROC

      LMAO! Young must be one fat b@st@rd.

  • mustang

    Another reason why i don’t want see this done is that i hope that the Yanks go after
    Mark Teixeira. You can let Bobby Abreu walk replace him with one of the kids from the farm i.e. Gardner and use the money to sign Teixeira. But who know with Brain “Dollar Bill” Cashman he probably wouldn’t send the money.

  • Manimal

    Doesnt make sense unless we get rid of Shelley which I dont want to see happen.

    • Ben K.

      Nick Johnson is a lot better than Shelley Duncan. I’d make that switch.

  • zack

    Maybe we can send Darrell Rasner back to them, considering he could easily start for them and has shown himself to be more than a AAAA pitcher, but really has no spot on this team? Of course I’m being sarcastic, but really, shouldn’t we shop Rasner around while he still might have some value, however small. I still believe he could be a serviceable #5 easily…

  • Manimal

    kei Igawa + Shelly Duncan for Nick Johnson. I would do it in a heartbeat.

  • doty

    it will take a lot to acquire nick johnson. bowden has a reputation of being very tough in trades. He demands a lot in return.

    johnson is something the yankees can desperately use. He is a tremendous professional hitter. He knows how to work the count, take pitches. He is a great hitter!

  • pete c.

    All the things people say about N.J.’s hitting are the same things they say about Giambi’s. The differance is Johnson can field. I know not many people here have a lot of respect for the defensive importance at 1b,but don’t you want good defence at all positions. Nobodies saying we need a guy who could play short, but we do need a guy who can play a good first base.
    With the crew out there now every pitch is an adventure over their. I think this is one of those times Cashman makes a short sighted (as in help the team this season) move; like when he got David Justice.

  • Steve S

    that doesnt happen, because it would mean either 20 M on the bench or 13 M on the bench. we have to let this go. Maybe next year.

  • E-ROC

    I’d much rather have Johnny Cueto. Or Justin Upton. I would give the world and universe up for either of those two. J/K.

    Bowden will ask for a lot in return for Johnson.

    Can Elijah Dukes play first?

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  • Jamal G.

    I think Johnson would be a fantastic addition. Also we can use Giambi as a spot starter because maybe giving NJ a day off or two a week can be of great aid to his durability issues. I wouldn’t mind seind Duncan sent to the minors or dealt away for anything we can get, he is not that damn good. It seems his display last year blinded thousands of Yankees fans but guys, he’s not that damn good. He has no speed so he is pretty useless in the OF even with his cannon, he has suspect defense at 1B and he will be best utilized as a platoon player. If platooning is not an option for Duncan then so be it, I don’t give two shits what happens to Duncan if it is in response to an acquisition of Nick Johnson.

    Imagine this lineup:

    Abreu (LH)
    Jeter (RH)
    Johnson (LH)
    A-Rod (RH)
    Matsui (LH)
    Cano (LH)
    Posada (S)
    Damon (LH)
    Cabrera (S)

    I don’t know why Damon/Jeter are so impatient (trust me, I don’t think for a second that will be an extended issue) but even if Damon regains his form, Abreu’s patience at the leadoff spot is so valuable. The speed is not a major drop off and the power is basically the same. Johnson will give you the same patience/OBP skills that Abreu gives you now at #3 with a little more pop. Then with Damon and Cabrera, you have four speed gifted players in a row when the lineup turns over with Abreu and Jeter following.

  • mustang

    The more I think about the more I say wait for Teixeira. Switch hitter, power comes from the left side, good glove, .308 avg. at Yankees Stadium,idolizes Don Mattingly and you don’t have to give up anything, but money. His negatives .207 avg. in Fenway and his agent is Scott Boros.

  • mustang

    And has been on the DL once in his career. Make it happen Cashman !!!!!! LOL

  • mustang

    I thinking I’m going to make GET TEIXEIRA TO THE BRONX T-Shirts. LOL

  • Jamal G.

    We do have to give up a 1st RD. pick to get Teix. Then again we have to give up known prospects for NJ so I see the point of the debate.

    Lmao, that “make it happen!!” line for a trade gets me every time.

  • Currambayankees

    If we let Abreu walk we still get picks back so don’t worry, plus this year we have two picks. I’ll take a 29yr old Tex to play 1st for a couple of years and replace Abreu’s production.

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I always liked Nick Johnson. I liked Manky too. This year the first base platoon is going to hurt us.

  • mustang

    Here is the problem with Teixeira they are looking at 5 to 7 years at 15-20 million I would think.
    I would still do it. 1st base is not a taxing position and they don’t have anyone in the farm with his skills. On the other-hand they do have many who could possibly fill Abreu’ role if you get Teixeira to pick the offensives numbers.