Canó rights a listing ship

Wednesday's first pitch to be thrown out in space
Just how bad is that shoulder, anyway?

Isn’t it funny how baseball works sometimes?

Until tonight, the Yankee bullpen had been fairly stellar this season. In 46.2 innings (yikes), the bullpen as a whole was sporting a nifty 3.09 ERA. They had allowed 41 hits and just four home runs while striking out 43 and walking 13. The starters on the other hand had a 4.34 ERA in 66.1 innings while sporting an ugly 3:2 K:BB ratio.

So tonight, the Yanks got a solid six-inning outing from their starting pitcher while the bullpen imploded. Billy Traber — on what was actually a pretty good pitch — gave up a two-run home run to Carl Crawford, and Brian Bruney gave up two solo shots to allow the Rays to tie the game. In less than an inning, the Yanks’ bullpen nearly doubled the number of home runs allowed this season.

But a few minutes later, Robinson Canó, coming off the bench, made the point moot. His home run — a no-doubter into the right field seats — secured the Yankee win. Bruney settled down in the 8th, and Mariano Rivera nailed down his first four-out save of the season. The Yanks went back to their hotels at a happy .500.

While for one day, the stay in Yankeeland is no longer falling, tonight’s game provided us with a few interesting observations. First, we see Brian Bruney emerging as a trusted arm in the bullpen. Bruney blew the game but was allowed to stay in. He settled down and got the outs he needed. In 10 innings this year, he’s struck out 10 and walked just three. That is a promising start.

Relatedly, Kyle Farnsworth was nowhere to be found tonight. He can’t — or won’t — pitch on back-to-back days, and after his appearance yesterday, he’s safely in the Yankee doghouse. I know the team would be better off with Jonathan Albaladejo or Chris Britton instead of Farnsworth, and even teams — such as the Tigers — need bullpen help. Farnsworth just should be gone.

It’s also worth pondering the weather. The Yanks’ bats came alive during warm weather in the dome. I don’t think that’s a coincidence. Anyway, here’s to a solid win after a rough weekend. May Pettitte deliver the start of a streak later today.

Game Notes: Ian Kennedy has a bruised hip but is otherwise fine. Basically, he’ll have a nasty black-and-blue mark for the next few days but is not expected to miss any time…At what point do the Yanks give Alberto Gonzalez the job currently held by Wilson Betemit? It’s almost tempting to ponder a Yankee infield with Jeter at first, Gonzalez at short and Jason Giambi relegated to his DH/bench spot. You have to believe the team would be better.

Wednesday's first pitch to be thrown out in space
Just how bad is that shoulder, anyway?
  • Bobby Swift

    AG is excellent defensively, sure, but he is wildly outperforming his projections offensively in a very small sample size. Is it possible his bat could be adequate? Yeah, but it’s not likely. I expect a quick reversion to the mean if he continues to see significant playing time. At this point, I agree that he is definitely more valuable than Betemit.

    I’d much rather see A Rod moved to SS, Jeter to 1B, and Ensberg to 3B. But that will obviously never happen.

    • Ben K.

      I do think his bat could be more than adequate to replace Betemit however, and it’s clear that the Yanks have no trust in Betemit in the field.

      • Adam

        ben, you seem like a really smart guy, so i can’t understand why you would favor giving the shortstop job full time to a guy who hit .246/.300/.362 in AAA last year as a 24 year old. don’t get me wrong, gonzalez has look great in his time with the big club this year, but barring any major change to his approach, i think given time he will regress back to his career numbers, and at 24 his development is nearing its completion. i also understand that he is a great defensive shortstop, but he has better be ozzie smith to carry what will probably be an OPS in the high 6’s. and he clearly isn’t ozzie smith.

        • Ben K.

          I did say it’s “almost tempting.” I didn’t say that I’m flat-out advocating for the move.

          If the Yanks don’t trust Betemit to back up the middle infielders though, then what’s his role on the team?

          • Mike A.

            I think you keep Betemit as the backup infielder for the time being, and let Alberto get regular at-bats in Triple-A while he can (I think he’ll be out of options next year). Alberto’s certainly outplayed Betemit and is more deserving of the spot, but you’ve gotta think about his development too.

            Since Jeter and Cano aren’t going anywhere soon, maybe Alberto would be better used a trade chip. Lots of team are looking for a middle infielder (San Diego, San Francisco, ChiSox, Cardinals, etc), maybe the Yanks could get a decent return while A-Gonz has some helium.

  • Chip

    I think AG will be up until Jeter can be completely confident in the field but I wouldn’t be surprised if Gonzalez ends up starting SS as of next season. All of this changes of course if Tex is brought on but you just never know

  • barry

    Not that I think Jeter can’t handle short, because he’s more than capable and sometimes stats lie but Gonzalez is solid and I honestly want to see what he can do over a long span. Betemit needs to go and I’m sure some team would want him and maybe needs some help with pop at 3rd or any infield slot really. Farnsworthless is running out of hope when it comes to this guy and I think he needs to go, Cleveland may be interested as Borowski is having his arm examined and they may need some type of set up man or an extra middle reliever. Oh yea, bring Duncan back and let him play first, I’m honestly done with Giambi, used to love the guy when I was a kid but he’s spent and I think if anyone wants to juice they should just look at Giambino’s career.

  • JD

    Would the Yankees dare move Jeter to first midseason and have the General play SS for us? No, but it would be cool.

    Personally I think our money is best spent on CC this offseason because he would eliminate a glaring weakness – lack of a dominant starter (and a lefty, too).

    Teixeira would be nice but the Mets/Orioles will play harder for him, in my opinion. Unless he’ll take a discount…

    • Seven Costanza

      cc has been very “blah” this season. i don’t think i’d shell out for a long term contract quite yet. he doesn’t strike me as someone who would hold up for many seasons (i.e. he’s fat)

      • askollar

        Look at a Mr. David Wells…the comparison actually works very well and if you look at Well’s age with the yankees it looks even more appealing. Also lefties age very well. He would be a great guy in NY

        • Mike P

          I agree. Especially since down the road he’ll be the Yanks no3 behind Phil and Joba. Who wouldn’t want a 32 year old David Wells? Plus the Yanks have no lefties down the farm.

          • r.w.g.

            Why is David Wells the first name out of everyone’s mouth when trying to determine how well CC Sabathia will hold up? Fat lefties?

            Remember how everybody thought Bartolo Colon was a “horse” and had a “rubber arm” and talked about his long track record of health until he completely hit the skids, messed up his shoulder, and strung together a bunch of bad seasons?

            I’m not sure how I feel about brining Sabathia in. I know having a big intimidating lefty who throws hard would be great, but I don’t like giving out 100 mil to a pitcher (on the grounds that it has never worked before, ever). He’s gonna want 6 years as a starting point, so you figure the final offer will have 7 or 8 years in it. That would be tough to swallow if he tears his labrum in year 3 or 4.

      • Ben K.

        Sabathia’s thrown all of 14 innings this year, and despite giving up a lot of hits, he’s still striking out just a hair under 1 batter per inning. That’s far better than any Yankee starter is doing, and I have a feeling that by season’s end, his ERA won’t be above 11.

  • RustyJohn

    I could never see or understand the allure of Betemit- since he was acquired there have been so many people saying what a great addition to the bench he was- compared to the bench of last year, perhaps, but with so many other options open, would not lose a tear if he were gone. As for Farnsworth- Seattle may be a nice fit- they have a knuckleballer named R.A. Dickey who was in AAA (think he might have gotten called up) who would fit the long-man role pretty well- once an opponent, I now have seen too many Hughes & Kennedy games that have resulted in the pen making appearances before the 5th inning. He throws a weird knuckler- it is thrown at full speed- like 80 MPH. It does mad things in the nice windy, humid conditions here in the Pacific Northwest.

    • RollignWave

      what’s so difficult to understand that a guy with high end power and apparently takes his walks AND at the higher end of the defensive spectrum AND is 26 is alluring?

      I just like to point out that at a similar age David Ortiz hit 234 /.324 /.475 , Travis Hafner hit 254 /.327/ .485 and neither could field a lick. last year Betemit hit 229 /.333 /.454 and with LA it was .231 /.359 /.474

      of course there’s a good chance that he simply never fix up his contact issues and/or find any consistency, but if he does. to say that he might put up something close to the Pronk / Ortiz range isn’t exactly a day dream. and that’s why it’s very very risky to give up on such a guy.

      • Chip

        Takes his walks? Betemit doesn’t believe in a strike zone

        • Adam

          38 walks over 240 at bats last year. so yes, clearly he does take his walks.

          • Chip

            If that’s you criteria for taking his walks, then yes he does but he also struck out 82 times

  • RollignWave

    It’s hard to give up on Betemit’s power though, the dude has abosalute light tower power. sometimes one of these guys turn into Big Papi, and it’s really really dangerous to giveup on that sort of potential.

    AG has been impressive so far though, there’s little reason to believe he can sustain this level of course but he has a nice quick compact swing and isn’t just going up there hacking. making one wonder why he would struggle so badly at times last year. it does seem potentially possible for him to put up a league averageish offesnive line with some speed thrown in. and if your a good SS with that line that’s actually pretty darn valuable.

  • Chip

    That’s why I make the argument that AG should be down in AAA once Jeter is healthy and come up next year. That way Betemit (who I really think could turn the corner one day) can stick it out this year, we lose Ensberg after the season, lose Giambi after the season and bring up AG plus Gardner. Betemit/Duncan at first with Gardner either starting center with Melky in right or sign somebody to play right and have Gardner a 4th OF. This next offseason is going to be INTERESTING but right now I actually like where we’re at.

  • Chip

    I completely agree with your other arguments, they’re all surprisingly almost the same size too. Betemit just needs to run into more pitches

  • felixpanther

    Ben Sheets will be available too, if we can sign both……

  • LiveFromNewYork

    I thought Betemit performed well last year or is my memory failing me (so sad, so young).

    I still can’t believe people have this “sky is falling” mentality in April. It’s going to be a long season if you jump off a building every loss in April or May.

  • mustang

    Just when I though here is a night when I will have nothing to argue about on RAB tomorrow. I mean the kid looked great they had a 5 run lead. Than the Rays start getting close and I see quotes like I’m glad they caught up I wanted to see what the 8th inning will look like in July. WISH GRANTED !!!!
    Last night is why Joba should stay where he is for the rest of the season. If they want to make him a starter next year fine. But to take your most valuable reliever out the bull pen and add him to a rotation that already has 2 other developing rookies is insane. To top it off your going to this in July in the middle of what will probably be a pennant race. Yeah ! OK

  • mustang

    Who is going to cover the 7th and 8th ? The Cashman twins (Farnsworth and Hawkins). What are you going to do with the extra starter ? 6 men rotation ? Make Moose ( a 250 game winner who is pitching good right now) your long-man ? Maybe he can cover the 7th and 8th ? LOL
    The 2008 season is not an experiment if your going to mess with what works just to see what other things might look like then why bother playing. Send all the regulars home and bring up Triple-A Scranton at least you can have an idea of what the 2013 Yankees will look like.

  • Rich

    Joba isn’t going to be able to log 140 IP as one inning reliever, so if he doesn’t move into the rotation this season, his development as a starter will be set back for another year. As Cash has said, the organization is focused on the big picture rather than merely on this season.

    As the season progresses, possible candidates for the set up reliever roles are Patterson, Cox, McCutchen, Melancon, or possibly even Marquez, Horne, and Sanchez. Maybe Girardi’s early faith in Bruney will pay off as well.

  • mustang

    Ok. Let say I buy into this. Who then are you going to bump out of the starting rotation and what are you going to do with him ?

    • Jorge Steinbrenner

      isn’t this a problem we should be glad to have?

      i’m all for exiling Betemit to Siberia at this point and keeping AG on the roster. we have enough bats tha the most important thing in a backup infielder is someone who’s going to make plays.

      Girardi was right as to the bullpen woes last night. It happens. Bruney got himself back on course, and wound up being the bridge to Mo. Ian Kennedy will win many more games in the major leagues, and his solid comeback start was what stuck out the most to me.

  • mustang

    And everyone is ok with mixing and matching the 7th and 8th innings in a pennant race in July.
    I guess if the organization is focused on the big picture rather than merely on this season and are ok with gambling on 200 million dollar payroll then I’m fine with it.

  • Bo

    There is no chance Jeter moves off of SS this year so dont even ponder it.

  • whozat

    “And everyone is ok with mixing and matching the 7th and 8th innings in a pennant race in July.”

    No. We’re looking at the plethora of options that could assert themselves between now and then. Ohlendorf, Melancon, Cox, Sanchez, Horne, Patterson, Edwar, etc etc etc IN ADDITION to the fact that, if Joba doesn’t get to 140 IP this season, we’re just going to have the same problem next season — where he can’t start the whole year, so what do you do?

    Joba HAS to crack the rotation. It’s a waste of his talent not to. He has to build his innings total in order to do that. If that means relying on a selection of the above names to step up between now and then…ok.

  • mustang

    Send him to winter ball if you want to built up his inning so badly. Then next spring he can start. I’m still asking who are you going to bump and what are you going to do with him.

    • RichYF

      Phil is on an innings limit as well. Moose may very well be broken down by then and on the DL. This isn’t going to be the starting five all season. Someone will get hurt. It’s guaranteed. If not, you send Joba down to the minors for a few weeks to get ready and then put Phil in the bullpen. Or Moose. Or Kennedy. Someone will fit.

      Joba is an excellent reliever. If he fails as a starter, then I guess he can take Mo’s place in a couple years. I don’t understand why you’re so adamant about this season and his role in it. Let’s just assume we’re in a pennant race come July. If Joba is lights out for 7 IP, isn’t he more valuable than he is in the 8th inning of that same game? Or what about the playoffs? Having 4 quality starters (assuming Hughes shows up again) is every team’s dream. If we’re losing by the 4th, what the hell difference can Joba make? So he comes in and “dominates” the 7th/8th innings for Mo…They’re still losing because Moose gave up 4ER over 6.

      • nmc

        Agreed. You can afford to have Farnsie cough up a couple runs if you’re winning 5-0 since Joba pitched 7 IP of no run ball..

        • pete

          come postseason, i’d rather have joba hand the ball after 8 innings than hope that we lead after 7 so that we can have joba hand the ball to mo after 1 inning.

  • mustang

    Are you going to shut down Hughes Or Kennedy ? Then start them back up if we make the playoffs. Are you going to take Moose if he still pitching like he is and make him the long-man ? He will love that. He makes like what 11 million to be a long man. The move creates more problems then it solves.

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    I would assume that if Joba comes into the rotation at any point Kennedy or Hughes will be sent down to AAA to continue to log innings. If either one gets his innings in the first half of the season, maybe you move either Hughes or Kennedy in to be the long reliever, Hughes can only throw about 160 innings this year so he seems like the more realistic option. Unless Pettitte, Mussina or God forbid Chien-Ming Wang go down with any kind of injury then you don’t have to worry about Joba slotting in. On another note, when Joba was starting in Spring, he was trying to guide his pitches to the glove instead of just letting it fly, hopefully transitioning back from the bullpen will not rob him of his aggressive mentality at the major league level. He really looks like two different guys as starter and reliever. Dave Eiland and Joe Girardi wouldn’t let that continue for too long but it was troublesome to see a timid version of Joba.

  • mustang

    Great answer.
    Yankee Psycho-fan-t
    I don’t know if all that will work, but that was a great answer.

    • Yankee Psycho-fan-t


  • Jamal G.

    Mustang, you can not just send him to Winter Ball after a seven month season (assuming the Yankees make the playoffs) because you are going to ruin his arm for the long term and quite possibly the short term.

    There are many options to consider when Chamberlain moves into the rotation and somebody has to be bounced. The top two candidates IMO barring injury or ineffectiveness is Phil Hughes and Mike Mussina. Hughes because he has an innings cap that EVRYONE seems to be undecided on outside the Yankees organization. He pitched 110.2 innings last year because of injuries but actually pitched 146 inning in 2006. So it’s hard to guess or even estimate what his cap will be but it sure won’t be anything near 200 a la Ian kennedy (who pitched 165.1 innings last year so is slated to pitch in that 190 200 range this season) so he may have to be moved to the bullpen to cap his innings. Mike Mussina is the other option because it’s basically written in stone that this is his swan song with the Yankees and maybe a necessary casualty to further the development of Joba Chamberlain as a major league starting pitcher.

    I personally think Mussina in fact will be that casualtyI don’t think the Yankees are going to pitch pitch Phil Hughes past six innings all too often this season so that should be enough to cap his innings for this season to about 160-165 innings which is where I think he will be at the end of 2008.

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    I don’t know why you continue to assume that we will make the playoffs this year. I know that we are talking about the Yankees and they are meant to be in the playoffs by divine right or whatever other kind of BS, but this is a rebuilding year. That’s not to say that every single player and coach on the Yanks doesn’t have that as their goal, but there are too many long-term plans being executed right now to make that a guarantee. You don’t jeopardize the future for a ring in the present, that was the mentality of this organization from 01′ until last year and see how far it got us? We have plenty of depth in the minors to find a set-up man as capable as Joba. The whole point of this year is to test out our prospects and see where they best fit in. That being said, I hope we can trade Kyle Farnsworth, I’ve been praying for his release for years. I really don’t care where he goes or what we get in return just give him the boot. Wilson Betemit is not so much a conern, he reminds me a lot of the great Ruben Sierra who was a valuable asset to the early Torre era Yanks because he could come off the bench and hit a home run and that’s a good thing to have in your pocket. The attorney general reminds me of a version of Miguel Cairo that can actually hit (and by actually hit I mean hit .250). We’ll call him Cairo 2.0. There are so many question marks this year and perhaps the least interesting of all of them is will the Yankees make the world series. The future looks bright and if the Yankee people and us fans can have a little patience we could be dominant for many, many years to come.

    • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

      Did I mention I hate Kyle Farnsworth?

  • Micky#7

    Injuries happen, dead arms, there are many times during the season when a starter will miss a month or more. If (God forbid) someone gets hurt, Yanks will need someone to start. Remember; when one misses 30 or more days of pitching, it will take 3 to 5 starts in the minors to stretch out again. Remember Phil last year? We should all just stay positive, as most of us have…for a while anyway.
    As for Farnsy; some good pitchers couldn’t pitch in NY. Dose he fall into this category? “Trade him”, has been the consensus here…agreed. 27/08.

  • CB

    If they’re ever going to get Joba out of the pen they are going to have to explore different options.

    It’s highly unlikely that Bruney is going to get the job done. 9 innings in spring training and the first 5 good innings he’s thrown to start the season don’t compare well to his 150 inning track record of 7 BB/9, WHIP of 1.6 and 8 hits/ 9.

    Over Bruney’s career he’s been worse than Kyle Farnsworth. In fact, much worse.

    In the first two big spots Bruney was used in he failed badly. He’s gotten outs when he’s been brough in to start innings and in low pressure situations. Failed when he was brought into situations where there was trouble.

    We know what Bruney is likely to do. They need to start giving guys at AAA a shot. The fact that they don’t know what guys like Patterson or Albaladejo might do is a plus compared to Bruney’s experience, which overwhelmingly indicates he won’t be successful.

    If its a new Brian Bruney let him prove it at AAA. He still has options. Give Patterson a chance or keep Albaladejo up here.

    Girardi “trusting” Bruney to go out there in the 8th reminded me of Torre being “loyal” to players despite them not performing.

  • mustang

    I’m adamant about his role this season because it makes the game shorter for the whole rotation. Because this system wins champions. It did for the Red Sox last year and for us when Mo sit-up Wetteland.
    The object here is to win, right. To see the Yankees win, right. Or is it to accommodate these 3 guys at whatever the cost.
    The question shouldn’t be why I’m I so adamant about this season. The question should be why are other people not ?

  • Micky#7

    Yankee Psycho…
    I like your thinking. You, Mustang, Jamal G., and a few others seem to get it. Thank you…we are in it for the long season, not one or two games. 27/08.

  • mustang

    Thank you. Micky#7

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t


    Please don’t confuse wanting to win for many years to come for a lack of desire to win right now. I scream at my television set just as loud as anyone when the Yankees are losing. Last night it was something to the tune of “HOLY SHIT CAN ANYONE GET A F***ING OUT!” The night before it was “HOLY SHIT CAN PHIL HUGHES THROW A F***ING STRIKE!” Of course I want to see the Yankees win otherwise there is no point in watching the games or paying attention to the sport in general. My point is you can’t let the win now attitude take over because then you do stupid things like sign Kyle Farnsworth (actually I don’t know what the Yankees were thinking when they signed him). I’m approaching this season with high expectations, but I know that I can’t microanalyze every mistake Hughes, Kennedy or Chamberlain make because they are learning and the mistakes are invaluable to their development. It’s exciting because while I have seen the Yankees win many world series, I have not, to my own recollection gotten the opportunity to watch incredible talent develop. We have always let other organizations develop players and then over-pay them to come play for us (and more often than not be disappointing). This is an exciting time for Yankees fans, but you should resist the temptation of knee-jerk reactions to poor performances. Unless the people performing poorly are a certain fat former steroid user, an aging and over-paid left-fielder or a certain “Flamethrower,” who I have never actually seen throw flames or fail to give up a run in a prolonged appearance. My point is, patience.

    • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

      Did I mention I really, really don’t like Kyle Farnsworth?

  • YES

    Ideally the Yankees would want Mussina out of the rotation to put Joba in there. I don’t know what’s going to happen or how things are going to play out. Who’s going to get hurt. But no way do they want Hughes and Kennedy both out to replace one of those guys with Joba.
    They’re banking on Mussina stinking it up.

    • Micky#7

      I respectively disagree with you. NO team wants one of their players to stink it up. Yanks would be happy to have everyone pitch well, making moves in the rotation harder to make. Moose will be gone after this year (or before) he still has more in the tank…I hope! Right now, we need all the (Good) innings he can give us. 27/08.

  • Chip

    I think Phil goes into the bullpen for awhile once Joba comes into the game just because he’s on a pitch count. If Mussina keeps pitching well, he’ll stay in the rotation most of the year but once he reverts to his ways of last year, I think he’s probably done. Keep in mind Horne/Marquez might get a few starts at the end of the year to give some of these guys a little rest as well.

  • pete

    does it really win championships?
    people love to associate Joba-Mo with Mo-Wettland (a reasonable comparison) and say that by association that is what wins championships. Never mind that the yanks walked into the playoffs that year due to a lack of competition in the AL east, or that they had a strong pitching staff led by 21 game winner Andy Pettitte along with David Cone. Or what about the 3 championships they won without a dominant setup guy? ’98, ’99, ’00? I’m not saying putting joba in the rotation will automatically give them a dominant, championship-caliber rotation (though it certainly could), but thats the beginning of a process that could give you a 2010 rotation that’s beyond dominant, with Wang, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Brackman, Betances, etc. All of those guys would be under the age of 31, by the way, and Brackman and Betances (the twin towers) could be eased in in the same 6-man rotation style as hughes, joba, and IPK are being right now.

  • pete

    that was a reply to an earlier comment, btw

  • mustang

    Yankee Psycho-fan-t
    I did get to “see opportunity to watch incredible talent develop” in 1996. I watched a young Mo, Jeter,Williams,Posada, and Pettiitte develop and fill the needs of the team not the other way around. I also watch a young outfielder that I love Robert Kelly get trade for some guy I knew nothing about Paul O’Neil. I said here we go same old same old Yankees. How did that turn out ?
    I must of said this a few times here I DO NOT WANT TO TRADE THE FARM. But not very minor league we have is going to live up to the lofty goals that are set here.

  • mustang

    By the way Yankee Psycho-fan-t the reason you have Kyle Farnsworth is the same reason you have LaTroy Hawkins at 3.75 million.
    Someone forgot to see the career 9.00 ERA at the Stadium.

  • mustang

    “2010 rotation that’s beyond dominant, with Wang, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, Brackman, Betances, etc. All of those guys would be under the age of 31, by the way, and Brackman and Betances (the twin towers) could be eased in in the same 6-man rotation style as hughes, joba, and IPK are being right now.”

    How can fight this logic ??? Come on guys your killing me here.
    Betances is a Charleston RiverDog -Low A ball and Brackman has not pitched in the Yankees system at any level.
    And yes I have read the scouting reports on the both of them.

  • Micky#7

    Brackman, Betances will not show up until 2011/12…for sure Brackman. Betances, maybe 2010/11. Alan Horne, Marquez, Kontos, Robertson etc., could make the run this year or next. Most of them in the BP (Horn, injured to often) I really like Robertson, very nice numbers.
    I remember the years of Micky, Ford and Turly. 27/08.

  • mustang

    Wow !!! Could it be someone here older them me. LOL
    The Mick is my favorite player have is number tattoo on my arm.
    I never got the honor to see him play.

    • Micky#7

      Maybe I am, let’s just say I’m over 65. Micky was the best talent I’ve ever seen in baseball. To bad he was hurt so much…bone (legs) trouble. If one of you guys can look it up…somewhere on the web…they use to have a diagram of all his injuries.

      Billy, Micky, Whitey and Hank…great times.
      Maybe we are starting on another great team? Just think; Cano, Gonzalez, Melky, Tabata, Brett Gardner, A-Jack, Miranda, Montero, etc,. Maybe some of them will be the next Yankee stars…who knows? 27/08.

  • Bonos

    Nice beginning to difficult playing conditions. Good on Joe for sticking with Bruney. He could be a horse. To replace Joba in July, Ohlendorf has been progressing nicely.