Checking in on an old friend


While the Yanks won a game last night in which Brian Bruney, Kyle Farnsworth and LaTroy Hawkins all pitched, Joe Torre’s Dodgers were not so lucky. As Scott Proctor’s Arm relates, the only member of the Dodger bullpen made his fourth appearance in seven games. Last night, he gave up four earned runs on two home runs and sports a nifty 9.82 ERA on the season. Some things never change.

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  • http://knickerbockerchatter.blogspot.com/ Bruno

    LOL. Broxton is nasty, but Good ‘ol Joe will use Proctor till his arm falls off twice. Poor guy.

  • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

    LOL@ him saying Proctor may be trying to sabotage Torre hehe.

  • http://justinyates.wordpress.com Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    Nothing against Joe Torre the man but Joe Torre the bullpen strategist was abhorrently bad. I’m glad that Joe Torre and Scott Proctor are in L.A. that means I can put away my bottle of Tums and relax while Joe Girardi skillfully handles ALL of his relievers, instead of overusing one. Meanwhile, did you hear that Luis Viscaino is down with a shoulder injury? Looks like he came down with an acute case of having Joe Torre as a manager.