Fancy-shmancy HD Diamond Vision coming to the new Yankee Stadium

Yanks' wine trumps Sox
Sizing up a manager's 'face'

That’s one very big HDTV. (Source: Endgagdet HD)

The Yankees today unveiled their latest technological upgrade coming soon to the new Stadium. The team has partnered with Mitsubishi to install the Major League’s first true high-def LED display in a baseball stadium, according to the press release.

The new Diamond Vision screen will clock in at over 5900 square feet and will employ 8,601,600 LEDs. That will make for some very impressive-looking marriage proposals next season.

Yanks' wine trumps Sox
Sizing up a manager's 'face'
  • steve (different one)

    new stadium? BOOOOO!!

    oh wait, this looks awesome.

  • keith

    Anyone else see a potential problem with the batter’s eye in the new park. The current batters eye in Yankee Stadium is universally praised. Using glass in straightaway CF, even if it is tinted, seems to be asking for a problem (glare, reflection, etc).

    I hate the whole restaurant idea from the start, mostly because it will likely cater to the the non fan and blocks the view of people in the bleachers but it could also have a significant impact on the players.

  • jk

    I will demand nothing less from my $350 seats.

  • Adam

    i actually have that tv in my living room. trust me, yankee games look awesome on it.

  • Joey

    $350 dollars!?!?! Where are you sitting? The bleachers? lol

  • JRVJ

    The law of unintended consequences being what it is, I can imagine Yankee fans STRONGLY BOOING the first umpire who is shown by the LED display to have missed a call…..

  • Sean McNally

    I’ve recently been to Nationals Park twice (hoo-ray cheap season tickets!).

    They have one of these – but only a 4,500-square-foot – and it is AWESOME. [/end Tommy Boy]

    The picture is as good as my puny 32″ HDTV at home. It’s wonderful.

    BTW the new park here is very, very good. If anyone cares.

    • Ben K.

      I care. I’m definitely heading down for a game at some point this spring. Glad to hear it’s nice. I went to RFK a bunch during the 10 months I was living in DC, and I was not a fan at all.

      • Sean McNally

        I’ve been telling people its most like Jacobs Field in design and feel. Very concrete-y as opposed to brick. Wide concourses you can navigate and still see game, nice walk up view from the Metro stop here – straight into the left-field corner and into a food court/team store/centerfield bar and restaurant.

        However, the fact the station is a one-line pony makes public transportation a bit of a debacle from what I heard. I bought parking.

        Another interesting thing is it has LEED (?) certification for being a green building, so a lot of the materials are recycled, the concession cups and wrappers in a lot of locations are recycled, etc. they do some filtering of waste water and the like.

        Oh, and comment guidelines be damned… I WILL CAPITALIZE THINGS AS I DARN WELL PLEASE!

        • Mike A.

          The feds are really pushing for LEED certified buildings these days, especially large buildings. Basically it means that there’s alot of recycled crap use like you said, and it’s very energy efficient. It’s good for the environment I guess, but it’s hella expensive.

          • Sean McNally

            $611 million in this case…

            Thanks residents of the District!

            Northern Virginia

            • rbizzler

              And thank you Northern Viginnie for coming into the District to spend your dough!

  • Edwantsacracker

    wow I can’t believe noone noticed that the restaurant would block view of the field. Thats not even a little bit. If you are stuck next to that wall you are going to have to watch the game on that screen cause you won’t see half the field.

    • Ben K.

      Yup. It’s pretty bad. The Yanks have acknowledged that design flaw already.

    • steve (different one)

      it’s a major flaw, but i don’t think you’ll have to “watch the game on the screen”.

      think about it: what percentage of the game takes place on the infield, 75%?

      95% of the game action will be visible, i’d imagine. you have a full view of the pitcher, catcher, all of the infielders, RF (assuming you are on the RF side of the restaurant in this example), CF, and shallow LF.

      you will not be able to see plays in deep LF.

      i have mentioned this is other threads, but there are portions of the current upper deck where you can not see into the LF corner either.

      again, i am not making excuses, b/c i do think it is pretty inexcusable. i just think the impact might be getting overblown a little.

      you won’t know until you sit there.

    • Sean McNally

      Just to drive home the point that artists renderings rarely capture what a stadium will actually look like…

      Jeter appears to be pulling a ball in the air in this picture. That doesn’t happen any more.

      • steve (different one)

        well done Sean.

        looking at the picture more, i think the restaurant situation could be easily “fixed”:

        they should go out to the bleachers and paint the triangle of seats (wider near the top, narrowing towards the front row) next to the restaurant yellow. these seats are designated “obstructed view” and sold at a discount.

        problem solved.

        there are many seats sold this way in the current stadium.

        people wouldn’t mind the view if the tickets were cheaper.

  • barry

    This may sound childish, but I’d like to play video games on that.

  • barry

    It probably won’t cause any problems because the windows will probably be light absorbing, like an LCD screen, so it won’t cause to much glare. For the LOS issues only time will tell if some of those bleacher seats will have crappy views, they might be angled to fix the problem.

  • YES

    The Yankees have all ready said because the restaurant blocks some of the views for the those who sit in the bleachers, they have televisions inside the restaurant on the side of the glass so you won’t have to miss anything.
    Like someone else said most of the game takes place in the infield anyway, so your missing a lot anyway just sitting in the bleachers.

  • mooks

    Will they actually, you know, show replays on the big screen.

    One of my biggest gripes about yankee stadium, is that you rarely get replays and they almost never use the big screen for any game action anyway.