Former Attorney General in KC

Once more unto the Phil Hughes breach
Game Nine: Sub at SS

Mark Feinsand is reporting that Alberto Gonzalez is with the team in Kansas City. This suggests one of two things. 1) Jeter is headed for the DL. 2) Shelley Duncan is headed down temporarily. Feinsand notes, and I can’t argue with his logic, that if Posada was the one hitting the DL, we’d also be seeing Chad Moeller in KC. Still, the possibility exists that both Jetes and Po hit the DL.

Once more unto the Phil Hughes breach
Game Nine: Sub at SS
  • daneptizl

    My fantasy team will be feeling it since it has both Posada and Jeter; and Cano…

  • Realist

    Well I hope they both return soon but would like to see Alberto defensively and see if he lives up to what I have read. I am hopeful the reports of his Defensive skills aren’t overhyped as Jeter can’t man the position any longer and I am hopeful Alberto is his future replacement.

  • Jamal G.

    It’s killing me to wait to find out who’s being shipped to Scranton. Hey if Ag can hit .300 in AA, he must be able to hit more than people are giving him credit for.

    • Rob_in_CT

      .300 doesn’t tell you much. OBP? SLG? I mean, .300 with no power or walks is pretty bad (though I’d actuallys sign up for that as a stop-gap while Jeter’s out)… and then you adjust it downward for the jump from AA to MLB and, well, ick.

  • E-ROC

    I’m going with the notion that Shelley Duncan will be sent down for a couple of days while Jeter gets better. Jeter’s strain isn’t serious, so I don’t think he’ll go on the DL.

    I do think Posada will go on the DL. He said his arm felt dead. That ain’t good. Anyone know his MRI results?

  • Jamal G.

    Sorry, I think I am having my first ever migraine so I’m paying little attention to detail.

    Anyways, he hit .330/.385/.440 with a 7:5 K:BB ratio. It was only in a brief 28 game stint at Trenton wherein he followed up with a .247/.300/.362 vital line in Scranton. I heard he had a great ending to his 2007 pro season in the HWL but I can’t find any damn stats, sorry.

    So has he rediscovered that stroke he had in Trenton but lost in Scranton? I have no idea but the HWL showing did bring some positives about his bat potential. I guess we’ll find out first hand. Maybe Mike can help us out with those HWL numbers and if The Attorney General has shown significant improvemnt since his 2007 AAA showing.

  • yankeemonkey

    Well, we’re going to find out just how much of his stroke AG has rediscovered in about 2 hours. He’s starting tonight at SS.

  • Travis G.

    as a SS, D is the priority. if he plays stellar D it will make up for a lot of his lacking offense. that’s how important SS defense is. iirc, jeter’s D was so bad last year that his offense barely made up for it. if he starts to hit any less, he’ll actually be a detriment to the team.

  • Count Zero

    Does anyone else find it amusing that we now have terrific up the middle defense? On paper anyway…