Fun times in the bullpen

An elbow injury, a one-inning pitcher and a rain delay that never came
Posada injury simply a strain

Yes, David Cone did say last night that Ian Kennedy got jerked off in the bullpen. NYY Stadium Insider has the video. I don’t think Cone meant what he said though unless the folks in the pen were really bored by the 6th inning.

An elbow injury, a one-inning pitcher and a rain delay that never came
Posada injury simply a strain
  • samiamsports

    When I heard coney say that I actually Laughed out loud.

  • Willy

    I heard that, looked at my girlfriend, and just started laughing. I’m glad you guys caught it too.

  • Joey

    Cone is now my favorite announcer (actually didn’t really have one he’s replacing), but he’s awesome

  • Mike A.

    I wonder if we could use that as a selling point for free agents.

    • Bruno

      LOL K-Rod to the Bronx? 1 year as an 8th inning guy, learning from Mo, 1st year of new stadium, then Mo rides off into the sunset and K-Rod from ’10 on. I know it’ll never happen.

      • Mike P

        Why not? Getting jerked off by the best right wrist in history would be a pretty good incentive.

        But seriously, why not? The Yanks have the money and that would be such an amazing bullpen, we all would be jerking off.

  • Geno

    Coney’s a pretty bright dude, so I don’t know if it was intentional or not. Too funny. I guess anyone can make a mis-speak though…

  • Stu H
  • Bruno


    K-Rod would ensure JOBA staying in the rotation, and the Yanks “might” actually be willing to give him $14-15m to keep JOBA as a starter AND have Rivera-insurance. Adding him and CC next year would be HUGE. I really don’t see them going after Tex. Just a hunch, but I get the feeling Tex’ll be a Met. I know Yanks haven’t had lucky finding a 1B but Posada might be moving there sooner than we’d wish if not THIS YEAR definitely next.

    Even if my dreams don’t come true with Furcal at SS and Jeter in LF:
    let’s say Jeter stays at SS one more year to usher in The New Stadium. Still dump Damon, resign Abreu, let the Duncan/A-Jax/Gardner battle for LF, Posada 1B, Matsui DH.

    3B-A-Rod (happy?)

    IPK, etc.

    • Joey

      Even if this all did come true I don’t know how you put CC and Joba ahead of Wang in that fantasy rotation. Joba’s proved nothing as a started in the bigs, and although I and everyone else on this blog not only hope but believe he will be amazing, there is still nothing to go on (damn I read Neyer too much…). Plus, CC is getting fatter and hasn’t looked too good this year while Wang has been as consistent as ever. I don’t know why but I just see CC as the next Bartolo Colon. I’m pretty sure he’ll be better, but then again I’m just as skeptical

    • Adam

      you dream about furcal at short? are you on crack?

  • Colin

    I think a lot of that is wishful thinking. It’s much tougher than you’d think to just put Posada at 1B and expect him to even be serviceable at that spot. You gotta keep him at catcher or make him the DH.

    I’m not a Yankee fan, so maybe I’m biased on this, but are you seriously going to try to tell me you’d be fine with S. Duncan being your starting LF?? He seems like a career platoon player to me. Not to rip on him, he’ll be a fine asset to the Yanks for the next 5-6 years…but he should not be regarded as a starting corner outfielder for a WS contending team.

    I can see K-Rod in The Bronx, but no so much CC. I think the Indians will do whatever they can to resign him, they’d be fools to let him slip away.

  • Travis G.

    lmao at Coney, and he just kept going like nothing happened.

  • ceciguante

    thanks for confirming this one, i wasn’t completely paying attention and did a little double take when he said it, and kinda thought “?!…..nah.”