Game 20: Pitching and offense wanted


There’s not much to say about today’s game. If the Yanks’ bats don’t show up, they’re in danger of getting swept in Baltimore by the Orioles and will have a very long off-day tomorrow. If the Yankee starting pitching doesn’t show up, things could start to look even worse.

Per Ed Price, since Pettitte’s outing against Tampa Bay last week, the Yanks’ starters have been downright horrible. They’ve managed to throw just 15 innings over a span of four games while giving up 22 runs on 29 hits and 10 walks. That, Price tells us, is good for a 13.20 ERA. Somehow, the Yanks even managed to win one of those games.

So today, the Yanks will face off against Steve Trachsel, and I have to believe this could be one for Bombers. In Trachsel’s three starts this year, he’s thrown 14.1 innings, giving up a hit per inning and walking nine while striking out four. The Human Rain Delay has always managed to pitch fairly well against the Yanks though.

Offensively, Bobby Abreu, Jason Giambi and Chad Moeller are back in the lineup while Jorge Posada and Jose Molina find themselves back on the bench for the day. If the Blue Jays were wise enough to bench — and subsequently release — Frank Thomas, the Yankees should seriously consider benching Giambi. He’s not helping anyone right now.

Damon LF
Jeter SS
Abreu RF
Rodriguez 3B
Matsui DH
Cano 2B
Giambi 1B
Cabrera CF
Moeller C

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  1. Jamal G. says:

    Wow, that’s crazy. I can’t believe they released Frank Thomas this fucking early. Did they not recall the slow start he had in Oakland in 2006? I read reports about him rushing his stance a bit to cheat on pitches (so that would lead me to assume he lost a bit more on his bat speed) but God Damn, to release him when he’s being paid $8M this year? I guess that’s why they released him, couldn’t trade a struggling DH who’s making $8M and with just 304 more PAs would be guaranteed a 10M option next year. The report did ay Adam Lind was tearing it up at AAA so I’m sure that made the decision all that much easier. But still, I never would have thought it would’ve come to this so early. Wow.

  2. Jamal G. says:

    Well this is going to give ammunition to all your premature Johnny Damon, Jason Giambi haters. You can hate them all you want because they are struggling, but be careful for what you wish for in Brett Gardner and Shelley Duncan as big league regulars, you will be unpleasantly surprised.

  3. mehmattski says:

    Hey, Shelley Duncan has been murdering AAA pitchers since he was sent down. Steve Traschel is kind of a AAA pitcher. I have no doubts he could do better than Giambi. Thomas can join Giambi, Bonds, Ortiz and Mike Piazza on the Three True Outcomes team. Come see “athletes” walk, strikeout, and homer! Well, four true outcomes if you count “Hitting Into the Shift.”

    • Mike A. says:

      Shelley Duncan has been murdering AAA pitchers his whole life.

      • mehmattski says:

        And so you don’t think he could beat up on the Steve Traschels and Andy Sonnastines and Kenny Rogerses and Brian Bannisters and Jarrod Washburns of the league? Giambi has shown us absolutely nothing over the first three weeks of the season, no ability to hit against even the most borderline major league pitchers. In 2006 he was good, in 2007 he was average, now he is a below average hitter. Shelly Duncan can be average. What’s the hold up, exactly?

    • Jamal G. says:

      If you think David Ortiz, Barry Bonds and Jason Giambi are finished as hitters, then…just wow…

    • Ben K. says:

      You’re talking about the Bonds who hit .276 with a .480 OBP and a .565 SLG just last season. If Jason Giambi could do that, he’d be an MVP candidate. I fail to see what the problem with that sort of production is.

      • TurnTwo says:

        so would you throw a $5 million deal with incentives at Bonds to DH right now, and cut Giambi? gotta admit, while i would never do it, its tempting (even though youd still have Damon and Matsui to DH/play LF).

  4. bostonsucks@life says:

    And I miss my 1st game of the season cause I have a damn softball game. Wtf. Well lets hope we can win this one.

  5. TurnTwo says:

    A-f’n-men to this Giambi mess.

    Toronto should be applauded for the way they handled Thomas… look, you arent producing, so we’re ticked, so we’re going to bench you, which will tick you off… lets just agree that moving on is the best thing for you and the team, and be done with it.

    the only problem is that the yankees owe Giambi about what, like $10 million more… so you can understand how hard it is to just throw that cash away, but he’s clogging up the roster for a guy at this point who has shown he can only hit mistake pitches, period.

  6. TurnTwo says:

    and IMO, it doesnt help the young pitchers’ confidence when they know that when they take the mound right now, they are going to get exactly 2-3 runs of support, MAYBE.

    they feel like they have to be perfect with their pitches, because there is no room for error… then they walk a batter, or groove a pitch that gets smacked, and now the offense presses because they now have to score runs to get the team back into the game…

    its a vicious cycle right now. once the offense gets going, i really think you’ll see some more confidence from the young guys, and better results bc they wont feel they have to be so perfect and fine with their pitches.

    • Link says:

      well said…and definitely the other way around in that when the pitchers give up runs early and a deficit builds, the hitters become less patient and don’t work counts….

  7. Link says:

    I’m only 80 miles south of B’more and its been raining cats and dogs for the last 12 hours or so…I’m surprised it’s not raining there but Pete Abe said it is overcast so who knows what will happen…

  8. Manimal says:

    Its not so much that hes not helping, its that he is hurting the team.

  9. Jamal G. says:

    Bringing up Giamb’s 2007 season is actually proving my argument. You try being a major league hitter with plantar fasciitis and see how well that works out. Look at his 2006 and 2005 seasons when he was healthy. He started out slow as shit in 2005 to the point where he was nearing a return to the minors, but he bounced back that year and continued to rake in 2006. He started out great last year continuing the progress but then fell to a major injury and now he has to work to get back that groove. In his healthy seasons he has never produced an OBP of under .412, come the fuck on people, give the man longer than April 20th.

  10. Ivan says:

    I,ll give Giambi time. I am on Jamal side here. Yes he has struggled, but when he’s healthy, he’s gonna produce hits. Remember he still walking at a solid rate. He’s just not in a groove.

    I think we are being a little unfair to Giambi here.

  11. Jamal G. says:

    Interesting note about “Major League” the movie, Charlie Sheen’s heater actually topped out at 85 MPH during shooting, he was a HS pitcher (Thank You Wiki, LoL).

    Seriously though, is there any better sound than hearing James Gammon’s (Manager of Indians) voice – as cigarette and cigar roasted as it sounds – saying “Forget the curveball Ricky, give ‘em the heater”. I swear, that character had to have been modeled off of Jimmy Leyland.

  12. Are you fucking kidding me? Giambi is still in the line-up? He’s an offensive black-hole right now. Sit him, let him see that if he doesn’t focus and produce he doesn’t play. Light a fire under him because he looks like shit. Put someone in who will at least grab a base-hit here and there because there swing hasn’t mutated into a pull-happy, homerun swing with more loop than a roller-coaster and more holes than George Bush’s foreign policy. STOP PLAYING EXPENSIVE SHIT JUST BECAUSE ITS EXPENSIVE!

  13. Jamal G. says:

    I hate Chip Caray, ever since he kept saying that “…And the Yankees who led the WORLD in HRs this season continue to struggle…” line about eight damn times he has just pissed me off. Hey asshole, they were tied for fourth in the Major Leagues, a full 30 jacks behind the leading Milwaukee Brewers.

  14. Jamal G. says:

    Jeter has been absolutely raking since his return. Weren’t some of you talking a little shit during his slow start?

  15. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, why did Steve Trachsel have to walk halfway to HP to receive the throw from the Catcher?

  16. Joe says:

    Interesting Stat from Buster Olney, the percentage of major league starters lasting 6 innings or less is at a record level

    • Jamal G. says:

      There were also 121 players on the DL as of last week and that was a high in recent years. Jon Heyman (who yes, is an idiot) said that some GMs have speculated it’s a result of the tougher drug testing. I wouldn’t disagree with that theory at all. Maybe it’s the same thing with the shorter outings, guys just don’t have the same arm strength as before because they can’t train as much/hard as they used too.

  17. Ben K. says:

    This offense is pathetic. Trachsel had just four strike outs all season until this inning.

  18. Pedro says:

    Our lineup should be Jeter leading off, then Molina, Moeller and everyone else.

  19. Pedro says:

    At least Pettitte looks good so far.

  20. Jamal G. says:

    I still say Bobby Abreu is the best lead off hitter we have on this team. Then again the way Cano is singing the bat there really is no one to effectively replace him as the #3 hitter.

    Unless you move A-Rod, Matsui and Posada up a spot to 3-4-5 and have Cano, Giambi and Damon go 6-7-8 with Melky rounding out the order. That’s not an ideal lineup either with the current struggles of the new 6-7-8 hitters but down the road it might be the most effective.

  21. Pedro says:

    Man this bad luck is just ridiculous. Hard hit balls right at defenders.

  22. gxpanos says:

    Pacman can really run down those balls in the centerfield. Hopefully he doesn’t make it rain though; I don’t want to waste Andy on a rain-out.

  23. Jamal G. says:

    “GUTS!” “GUTS!”…God Damn Chris Russo.

  24. Jamal G. says:

    OMG, that certain Baltimore fan did sell their soul to the devil. That’s the FOURTH beaner that’s been caught in this series. Back-to-back by Abreu and A-Rod with the bases loaded in Game 1 and now this with Matsui and Cano.

  25. Pedro says:

    Look at that, another one, this is ridiculous.

  26. Jamal G. says:

    Oh, if anyone is interested Alan Horne’s father is giving updates on his son’s recovery down in Tampa here on these forums.


  27. Pedro says:

    Giambi is pathetic. He took a couple of 86mph FB on the outter part of the plate because he can’t go the other way with it.

    • Jamal G. says:

      So Abreu takes some pitches on the outside corner and he is just patient, maybe it wasn’t the pitch he was looking for but let Giambi do it and it’s because he’s a piece of shit, washed up hitter.

  28. Mike A. says:

    It’s not bad luck, Adam Jones is an outstanding defensive outfielder. It is what it is.

  29. Jamal G. says:

    Pettitte is nasty today. Come on offense, can’t waist this start here.

  30. Mike A. says:

    Derek Jeter’s got an edge … with a cool panoramic vista sunroof.

  31. Ivan says:

    Well, can we score some runs off steve trachsel

  32. Jamal G. says:

    Is Trachsel just having one of those good days or are we just having another off day? Doubling your K total of the season in just 2.2 innings?

  33. Joe says:

    With the way the Yankees have been starting the past few years, I’m starting to think there may not be a point in watching baseball games staring the yankees until mid-may at the earliest.

  34. Batty says:

    All that running in spring training is really paying off.

    Is it me or are runners getting killed trying to steal this year?

    • Jamal G. says:

      Anybody other than Jose Reyes, Carl Crawford and Joey Gathright would have had trouble beating that throw. Stop putting all the blame on the Yanks, give some credit to the opposition.

    • Jamal G. says:

      And they are 70% (7-for-10) coming into today’s game, so they aren’t getting killed. They aren’t Lupin III either but they aren’t being killed.

  35. Jamal G. says:

    I remember Guillermo Quiroz with the Blue Jays, was his problems always offensive?

  36. Pedro says:

    Damon is really useless, he can’t even steal bases anymore.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Seriously, whadafuxup with this doom and gloom mentality on EVERY single thing that doesn’t go in our favor?

      • Pedro says:

        Seriously why do you have to defend everything they do. You know sometime you gotta accept we’re not doing that good and some of our parts will have to replaced. Not everybody is gonna come around and start hitting again. Maybe, just maybe, Damon is really old and won’t be as good as he used to be.

  37. kingshaffy says:

    Steve “the dominator” Traschel owns us. Pathetic. You know your offense sucks when Traschel is working quickly.

  38. Joe says:

    Those of you not stimulated enough by the Yankees, can turn down the volume and listen to the Charlestown game on the computer . Heridia is pitching and the offense is great.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Jairo Heredia is my #1 prospect to watch this year so I’m definitely in. And it’s 0-0 in the 4th, if you’re not stimulated then that’s on you. ;)

    • Jamal G. says:

      Damn media player is acting retarded, talking about signing up for some subscription even though to listen to minor league games all you have to do is have a free account. Funny ting is they don’t even give me anything to subscribe to, it’s just a blank page telling me to subscribe to the options below.

  39. Batty says:

    On Giambi – it’s not working right now. Shelly came in last year and hit some really timely shots in addition to being patient at the plate. I’d take his bat in the lineup right now – I think Shelly could out-produce Giambi this year if he gets the chance.

  40. Joey says:

    at least with Giambi it is his walk year. If nothing else that has to provide some motivation, right?

  41. Ivan says:

    Is that indicator that the yankees are gonna be okay? I mean you really think that Traschel is gonna pitch better than Phil Hughes? or Traschel or even Burres is gonna shut down the yanks like they did so far?

    It just shows you it’s April an it’s obviously early.

  42. Mike A. says:

    Holy crap, a run!

  43. Joey says:

    chances Abreu is back with us next year, anyone? Gotta love his patience/eye at the plate although he’s allergic to walls in the outfield

    • Joe says:

      He’ll be back, they aren’t going to rush Jackson or Tabata, and they can’t take all the power out of the outfield, by bringing up Gardener.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Very good chance, Action Jackson will not be ready full-time in 2009 to push Melky to a corner OF spot so I see no reason in to bringing him back. However he might not sign a 1-year deal with a club option for a second year.

      I wish he would sign some really short term deal and we can deal Damon and put Abreu in the lead off spot with Cano replacing him at #3.

    • Mike A. says:

      I say let him walk, take the comp picks, and sign Juan Rivera as a 2yr stop gap. Then again, I have an inexplicable man-crush on Rivera.

  44. Mike A. says:

    Holy crap, another run!

  45. Pedro says:

    Poor Cano, robbed twice now.

  46. Jamal G. says:

    A BB by Giambi, God, what an asshole he is. How dare he kill a two-out rally like that.

  47. Pedro says:

    That wasn’t a strike.

  48. Jamal G. says:

    Melky Cabrera has been just amazing this year, amazing.

    *OK, he K’ed but he has worked count after count.

  49. Pedro says:

    Crazy hack there Melky.

  50. Ivan says:

    That is why I still think Giambi is gonna help this team. He still walks at a good rate. When a guy hasa good eye at the plate, he’s bound to find a pitch to handle and hit better in longer stretches.

    • Jamal G. says:

      That’s all I’m saying. When he has been healthy he is a consistent (fuck you Joe Morgan) power threat and no matter how much you hate the dude, you can’t begin to argue that. He was absolutely raking to start the 2007 season before being hit with the plantar fasciitis, give the man time. How long did it take Bobby Abreu, Robinson Cano and Johnny Damon to start hitting? Give him time, to say DFA him and all this other crap on 4/20 is just non-sensical.

      I will basically guarantee you that JP Riccardi would have made the biggest mistake as GM of the Blue Jays since not drafting Troy Tulowitzki by releasing the Big Hurt. OK, maybe not the second biggest because I don’t pay much attention to that franchise but still, it will prove to be an error.

  51. Mike P says:

    Any one think the kids could learn from pettite. He doesn’t have Hughes’ fastball or curve, doesn’t have Kennedy’s change… But he just pounds the strike zone. Gotta love Andy Pettite, never beats himself.

  52. Pedro says:

    How many pitches for Pettitte? And Trachsel?

  53. Jamal G. says:

    Russel Martin just raked one. Is it safe to say he is the best overall Catcher in the game right now?

  54. Jamal G. says:

    Is there anyway to find out if Chad Moeller agreed to an option year in his deal with the Yanks?

  55. Pedro says:

    Fucking lucky O’s. There goes the perfection.

  56. Realist says:

    Wow 50 some odd pitches into the 5th inning! Hughes and Kennedy could learn a thing or two from Mr. Pettitte!

    Glad he’s back!

  57. Jamal G. says:

    I swear, they should call that Punk Ass Indifference. Like Defensive Indifference for guys who advance to second but are not given credit for a SB because the defense didn’t cover. Weak ass “hits” like that shouldn’t count as hits.

    OK, I’m just messing around but it bugs me when guys lose no-nos or perfectos with plays like that.

    • Mike A. says:

      At least it wasn’t a bunt.

      • Jamal G. says:

        I wonder if the asshole who has the audacity to bunt in the 7-8-9 innings of a no-no when the game is out of reach would be plunked the very next game? I can’t imagine he wouldn’t be criticized by his peers, media and fans for doing that….if the game was out of reach.

  58. ceciguante says:

    what a BS hit by payton — swinging bunt. i can’t stand that guy. shows u how much luck has to do with winning in baseball.

    btw, can everyone just stop having “man-crushes”? you guys sound confused. do you like his game, or his frame? there is a difference. :)

  59. Jamal G. says:

    OK, I’m almost glad they got a real hit there. Instead of that display of Bitchassness by Jay Payton.

  60. Mike A. says:

    Genuine gemstone jewelry. Say that 3 times fast.

  61. Jamal G. says:

    God Damn, Kevin Millwood still sits 94-96 MPH!? Isn’t he a Free Agent this year?

    • Mike A. says:

      I don’t think Millwood has ever sat 95-96, he’s always been a low-90s sinker-slider workhorse guy, very similar to Derek Lowe. Could be wrong though.

      • Jamal G. says:

        According to Gameday that’s how he’s dealing versus Beantown today. I trust Gameday more than any TV telecast but I’m sure they’re not perfect either.

  62. Mike A. says:

    Crap. Flex those thighs A-Rod, you’ll be fine!

  63. Jamal G. says:

    Great, just fucking great. This better not be anything.

  64. Mike A. says:

    Man, they better get some off Trachsel now, cause Sarfate will make them look silly.

  65. Jamal G. says:

    Where are those people who wanted Matsui out the door during the off season? Actually welcoming rumors about a deal to San Francisco? Those cries were even worse than than the Giambi ones because he hit 25 HRs with 100+ RBIs last year. Every season the mad has been healthy he has knocked in 100 RBIs yet people still want to deal him because he went through a couple slumps.

    • r.w.g. says:


      The only way you deal Matsui to SF is if Cain or Lincecum was coming back our way. Godzilla isn’t a great fielder anymore, but his arm is still better than Damon’s and he can hit better than Damon, Cabrera, and Duncan.

      The only reason his name could be mentioned in trade talks is he was the only one performing enough to warrant interest from other teams.

      From my perspective though, the only place Godzilla belongs is batting behind A-Rod in EVERY single game. He’ll clean those bases up.

  66. Mike A. says:

    Little too quick Big G. Smoke one off the scoreboard.

  67. gxpanos says:



  68. Jamal G. says:

    I can just hear you people, I literally am sitting in my Brooklyn apartment and I just hear the foam coming out of your mouths ready to bash him.

  69. Joey says:


  70. Joe says:

    For anyone in the bay area. I found a great New Yorker’s bar in San Francisco. It’s called Aces, they show all the Yankees games and it’s filled with New Yorkers, good drinks too

  71. Yankee1010 says:

    Giamfuckface. Honestly, what must he do to be released? Kill somebody? Killing the offense, defense and rallies isn’t sufficing.

  72. Realist says:

    Giambi should NOT be starting , playing , or even given the dignity of riding the pine! Rally killing POS!

  73. Jamal G. says:

    LoL, Communion must have been a pain in the ass today.

  74. Jamal G. says:

    Can not blame Jeter for that one, I play 2B, that has to be an 11 on a 1-10 scale of difficulty for infielders.

  75. gxpanos says:


    hitting AND fielding!



  76. Jamal G. says:

    Shelley Duncan is not a good defensive 1B by any stretch of the word so relax yourselves.

    • Yankee1010 says:

      Are you serious? I’m not sure I’ve seen a 1B as bad as Giambi. He’d probably be better off kicking the ball than trying to throw it.

      Hopefully, Giambi will be injured severely enough that playing him isn’t a possibility.

  77. Randy says:

    are we still gonna defend giambi? if you’re not hitting you gotta make the plays. that is the second time he has made a bad throw on a pick off this season. awful.

    • Jamal G. says:

      Cano wasn’t hitting and he made his team leading 4th error yesterday, fuck him, he’s worthless then. I mean if your not playing your best baseball on April 20th, you’re a worthless asshole.

      • Yankee1010 says:

        You don’t think there’s a difference between the 25 year-old Cano and the 37 year-old, post-steroid, defenseless piece of shit Giambi? Really? Come on now. And Cano has made plenty of nice plays in the field.

        Giambi simply is not hitting any balls hard off people other than Timlin.

  78. Yankee1010 says:

    Really though, what fucking point does Giambi serve? Give him the concrete shoes treatment.

  79. Realist says:

    Girardi needs to handle this nonsense immeadiately!

    Giambi should not be on this team!

    Hughes and Kennedy better learn from Pettitte or go back down!

    Joba is being wasted!

  80. Randy says:

    i’m not gonna talk about his hitting. he has hit the ball hard on numerous occasions and its been at people. i think he is going to be productive. but you have GOT to make those plays especially when you’re in a slump. no excuse for that.

    • Yankee1010 says:

      No he hasn’t. He has hit Timlin hard and that’s it. Timlin is quite possibly the only player more finished than Giambi. He can’t do shit for the Yanks. He’s batting about .100. The fat fuck insists on hitting grounder after grounder into the shift because “he’s a power hitting lefty.” There’s no defending him. He’s a selfish prick.

    • Jamal G. says:

      You’re absolutely right, there is no excuse for a horrible as throw like that. But to say you want him off the team based on his play when it’s April 20th makes zero sense, especially when you know what he’s capable of when healthy and the alternative is basically Giambi-lite minus the amazing OBP skills.

      • Yankee1010 says:

        Do you really think this is because of his production up to April 20th? When he’s healthy? That post-steroid fat fuck isn’t exactly the picture of health the last 5 years. I guess you’re looking for the Giambi with a .789 OPS last year and awful defense? That’s what everyone wants? The guy who can’t hit a fastball?

        The Giambi of the early 2000s is long gone. The sooner everyone gets over that, the better.

  81. NYFan50 says:

    I’m not on the lynch Giambi bandwagon, but I wouldn’t mind having Shelley in the lineup right now.

  82. gxpanos says:

    what the fuck would we do without andy?

  83. Link says:

    I vaguely remember there being a prevailing thought before the season that if the Yankees made it through this consecutive game stretch wih a .500 record they would be in good shape….anybody know what they’re record would be if they hold on here?

  84. Randy says:

    great job andy!

  85. Joey says:


  86. Randy says:

    yo! i have never seen that smoking commercial before. that shit is crazy. you dial the phone too hard and you lose a finger! that shit is crazy. so crazy that i’m repeating myself on a message board.

  87. RustyJohn says:

    Dude, I love Andy Pettite- Girardi should duct tape Hughes and Kennedy to chairs and drug them like Malcolm McDowell in Clockwork Orange.

  88. UKYankee says:

    Just horrible defense….again!
    The kids have had this….as well as no offense all season so far.
    I’ve a feeling Franchise and IPK would be putching a little more confidently if the veteran offense were scoring 6 a game without missing double plays and a couple of errors.
    Big G can’t even elevevate a Trachsel fastball….he’s no right to waste any ML ABs these days

  89. gxpanos says:

    Haha, “There it goes! Sssss….OFF THE WALL!”

    Givin’ it the ol’ Sterling treatment.

  90. Mike A. says:

    Great job on the call Kay. “There it goes, seey…off the wall”

  91. Nice, Bradford’s warming up and they are playing Blue Oyster Cult. Every time I hear that song the rest of my life I will see Will Ferrell and hear Walken saying “more cowbell, baby”.

  92. That a boy Johnny. That ball was crushed.

  93. Jamal G. says:

    Michael Kay: That delivery is so tough, you can’t hit HRs of of him.

    Michael kay after the second pitch: Two-Run HR by Johnny Damon…

  94. Joey says:

    I don’ know what I’m smokin but its some good shit if I see Damon hitting HRs!

  95. Jamal G. says:

    I love Adam Jones, that son of a bitch.

  96. RustyJohn says:

    I think we should have a line-up that just consists of back-up catchers, they seem to be the only ones hitting.

  97. Mike A. says:

    I told you Adam Jones was an outstanding defensive outfielder.

  98. Link says:

    welcome to the Adam Jones clinic. :(

  99. gxpanos says:

    Pacman just eats those little white balls up.

  100. RustyJohn says:

    Yes, us Seattle area residents enjoy watching another great Bavasi trade- Jones tracking down balls in the outfield while Bedard is on the DL.

  101. Link says:

    damn Robbie swipe that tag a lil slower why don’t ya…

  102. Link says:

    A-Rod still trying to be like Jeter lol…strained quad…

  103. Jamal G. says:

    Lmao, was that Rafael Palmeiro behind the tarp?

  104. Joe says:

    Pete Abe just said Rodriguez has a strined Hamstring and is day to day.

  105. RustyJohn says:

    What’s A-Rod’s injury, have they disclosed it yet?

  106. ceciguante says:

    so kay says arod has a strained right quad? what, the quad is the muscle of choice to injure this year? hamstrings must be very 2007.

    in other news, i like seeing wakefield get smacked around in fenway. ’tis a good day so far.

  107. Jamal G. says:

    Just realized how far up this is, so in response to a commenter saying that Giambi has “not been the picture of health these last 5 seasons” and “…hoping for .789 OPS” I say this:

    How many times outside of his rookie year has he played in under 139 Games? A benign tumor (2004) and plantar fasciitis (2007) aren’t exactly Pavano-esque “dead legs”. And how many times has he posted an *OPS+ of under 148 as a New York Yankee (that’s also to you Jon Heyman, you tool, for calling him one of the Top 3 worst signings in Free Agent history)?


    Come on guy, be reasonable at least.

  108. RustyJohn says:

    Andy, working out of trouble…..

  109. Realist says:

    How could anyone defend Giambi?

    Youth is totally wasted on the young………….

  110. RustyJohn says:

    Andy is a friggin’ rock star- him and Wang have balls of steel

  111. Jamal G. says:

    If not for Mariano not pitching in the last four games, I would say let Pettitte go the distance.

  112. Jamal G. says:

    Tune to ABC for a second, Yankee Stadium looks amazing.

  113. Mike A. says:

    Hey hey hey, it’s Fat Albers!

  114. Joey says:

    let Andy pitch the 8th and bring in Mo for the 9th

  115. Pedro says:

    Why not Andy for the 8th? Joba pitched yesterday.

  116. RustyJohn says:

    Why did they bring Joba in again? Is Girardi turning into “role” guy? “Joba’s role is the 8th inning, who gives a shit if my starter was lights out today.”

  117. Link says:

    off day tomorrow and every one else 7-8 games so far joba has 5…

  118. Joey says:

    rain, rain, go away…

  119. Jamal G. says:

    God Damn Texas’ bullpen. 5-0 lead now it’s 5-5 with runners on the corners and 2 out in the bottom of the 8th.

  120. Link says:

    and andy just made it out of the 7th no need to push it…

  121. Jamal G. says:

    Have to remember his innings are structured. he needs to get a certain amount of innings as a reliver before he is transitioned into the rotation come late June/early July.

    That week of innings he just missed needs to be accounted for.

  122. RustyJohn says:

    Um, but my point is your starter has been hella (damn, I said hella) effective and he gets yanked at 89 pitches? Plus, with it raining you bring in a guy who now can’t finish the inning so you’ll have to use another pitcher plus Mo (unless Mo pitches two innings) instead of leaving your starter in to try to finish up the 8th?

  123. Mike A. says:

    Russell Martin just jumped over an 8′ high net trying to catch a foul popup behind the plate. Insane.

    Joe Beimel has pitched in 11 of the Dodgers 18 games.

  124. Jamal G. says:

    If you let David Eckstein hit a three-run HR off of you (Nate Robertson), you fail at life.

  125. Travis G. says:

    i dont hve a problem bringing in Joba bc off day tomorrow and he has the least innings of any pitcher. however, not when there’s sure to be a rain delay (of course, those ‘imminent’ rain delays sometimes dont happen).

  126. Mike A. says:

    To the PS3! Someone yell if the game starts, please.

  127. RustyJohn says:

    To the Mariner game- moving from the East Coast to the West Coast sucks balls sometimes…like when you have to watch Miguel Batista.

  128. E-ROC says:

    I guess the Blue Jays decided that Matt Stairs, given his track record, deserves more PT than Frank Thomas.

    I wonder if the Yanks would sign him. They’d certainly have to get rid of Giambi.

  129. Ben K. says:

    Game’s back on without Joba. They’re going with Bruney because of the 30-minute rain delay.

  130. Jamal G. says:

    Mark Teixeria just RAKED one. Please, oh please be a Yankee by this time next year.

  131. Travis G. says:

    Pete Abe –
    “UPDATE, 4:30 p.m.: Brian Bruney warming up for the Yankees. Guess that is it for Joba.”

    and here comes Joba’s first ER of the year.

    • Ben K. says:

      That’s not really fair to Bruney. He’s been pretty good this year, and any pitcher would be hard-pressed to get out of a first-and-third, no-out situation without giving up any runs.

  132. mustang says:

    Have the kids been taking notes ? LOL
    What’s wrong with A-Rod ?

  133. Jamal G. says:

    Bruney is really stating his case for that set-up role this summer.

  134. mustang says:

    Aren’t we all. LOL
    Thank you.

  135. Ben K. says:

    Alright. Looks like your live comment preview is back up and running, folks. We fixed it.

  136. Ben K. says:

    I hope Sherrill gets a three-game suspension for that one.

  137. Mike A. says:

    So does George Sherrill get suspended now? Damon hit a HR earlier in the game.

  138. Jamal G. says:

    Johnny Damon has been just great this past week.

  139. Jamal G. says:

    Derek Jeter looks like he’s ready to build on that MVP-caliber 2006 campaign. If I am not mistaken he now leads the team in RBIs.

  140. Joey says:

    Oh Cap’n my Cap’n

  141. E-ROC says:

    I hate the cold. It’s causing all these injuries.

  142. Joey says:

    Do we bring Mo in with this rain? I’m guessing we’ll leave Bruney

  143. Link says:

    Morgan just wanted to get the hell outta there and i don’t blame him…

  144. Jamal G. says:

    Just call off the fucking game already.

  145. Link says:

    i know they hate to have back to back delays but its freaking pouring out there…ok there we go common sense finally prevails..

  146. Joey says:

    I’m guessing Mo will get his work in if this lasts for a bit, Girardi wouldn’t bring Bruney back in after this

  147. Mike P says:

    Game over guys. Mo gave up a hit and K’d Adam Jones. Giambi made a fantastic diving catch into the stands on a pop-up to end the game… just kidding.

  148. Kevin23 says:

    Giambi sucks. Has sucked for a LONG while now. Bench his ass. There is absolutely no good reason to keep him in the line-up. And his numbers with the A’s shouldn’t even count anymore. They just aren’t representative of his abilities anymore. I’m getting sick of seeing the comparisons between him at 1st and him at DH, the career stats with bases loaded, etc. He’s nowhere near the player he was then. Not even close. Sorry Jamal.

  149. Yankee1010 says:

    I can’t believe there are people backing Giambi. I can’t believe people think he’ll be healthy. Citing pre-steroid numbers is ridiculous. It’s very simple – Giambi sucks. He has sucked for a while. He’s old, slow, swinging in water, and a selfish prick. Other than that, how was the play, Mrs. Lincoln?

    People realize that his numbers from earlier in his career were, ahem, aided, right?

  150. LBA Prequel says:

    We need some Slam Duncan, ASAP.

  151. E-ROC says:

    I wonder if the Yanks would release Giambi like the Blue Jays did with Frank Thomas.

  152. Jamal G. says:

    The latest season jason Giambi could have used steroids was was 2003. I take sports medicine, and the benign tumor is a symptom of steroid withdrawal (although uncommon it is associated with it). He suffered this in 2004 meaning he stopped taking the steroids towards the latter part of the 2002 year or very early 2003. So to say his last two healthy and very productive years were as a result of steroids or his past results with Oakland is just plain wrong and unsupported.

    Jason Giambi had a vital line of .322/.404/.517/.921 through the beginning of the 2007 season. He suffered the injury to his foot which he played through (foolishly IMO because he ended up ripping up his foot with extra playing) and his line suffered dramatically to the tune of .177/.350/.323/.673in May where he subsequently went on the DL and did not make his return until August. His August vital line of .240/.255/.560/.815 while not impressive due to the low OBP for anybody, less an OBP machine such as Jason Giambi, his slugging was still well above average and obviously his bat proved very productive.

    In 2006 and 2005 I need to go to the numbers because you all know he raked in those years. Including 2005 when he struggled much like he did now until June of that year when he posted an OPS of .906 and the very next month posted a cartoonish 1.498 OPS and did not dip below .931 for any month during the rest of the season.

    The man is in a slump. Derek Jeter started the year in a slump, he broke out of it. Johnny Damon started in a slump, he seems to be on the verge of completely breaking out of it. Robinson Cano has been in a slump much to the level of Jason Giambi and he raked today. Bobby Abreu was in a slump much like Jason Giambi last season and he broke out of it. Robinson Cano was in a slump last season for months and he broke out of it. The Yankees were 14.5 games behind the division leading Red Sox in May of last season ad they finished just 2.0 games back in the division as the wild card winner.

    How many more examples do you people need that begs you to preach patience? I have thrown number after number after number at you guys for the last two days on why Jason Giambi should not be given up on, should not be disregarded and concluded to be “done”. Yet all I here from your side is that he isn’t hitting through 20 games and he plays bad defense. I also hear cries for Shelley Duncan who slugged over .500 just ONCE in his 7-year minor-league career as a 28 year old. Shelley Duncan is not a 1B. Shelley Duncan does not have the OBP skills of Jason Giambi. Shelley fucking Duncan is not a better option at 1B in the lineup and on the field this season than Jason Giambi for the New York Yankees.

    • LBA Prequel says:

      How many more examples do you people need that begs you to preach patience? I have thrown number after number after number at you guys for the last two days on why Jason Giambi should not be given up on, should not be disregarded and concluded to be “done”. Yet all I here from your side is that he isn’t hitting through 20 games and he plays bad defense. I also hear cries for Shelley Duncan who slugged over .500 just ONCE in his 7-year minor-league career as a 28 year old. Shelley Duncan is not a 1B. Shelley Duncan does not have the OBP skills of Jason Giambi. Shelley fucking Duncan is not a better option at 1B in the lineup and on the field this season than Jason Giambi for the New York Yankees.

      Shelly is red-hot. No, he doesn’t have the OBP skills. But Giambi looks like absolute garbage right now. And we need someone who can hit, not just get on base…which Giambi doesn’t seem to be doing anyways.

      I don’t see the harm in benching Giambi for a few games – ala “mental health” for Ortiz – and bringing in the hot bat at first. Who knows? Maybe Giambi, in spite of hitting better when he is in the field, is just plain run down (in April no less) from playing everyday?

      Still, I will rejoice when Giambi is off of this team, whether from being cut, or having his contract expire. Preferably, the former.

      • Jamal G. says:

        I have no problems with Giambi taking a bit of a break and giving Shelley some playing time. I don’t feel Jason Giambi’s body can hold up to being a full-time player anymore. HOWEVER, that does not mean that Shelley Duncan’s talent is that of a full-time player also. He needs to be used enough where he can stay in a groove but not be over exposed and his weaknesses as a baseball player become a detriment to the team. That’s the difficulty of managing, balancing these things.

        I am not arguing against Jason Giambi taking some games off, I am arguing against those that feel he is completely washed up and serves no value to the big league club. I am arguing against those that feel Shelley Duncan is of more value to the 2008 New York Yankees than Jason Giambi. Other than a minute (at best) small 20 game sample size, there is nothing you can use to justifiably support the idea that Shelley Duncan is of more value to the 2008 Yankees than Jason Giambi , or that Jason Giambi is completely done as a major league hitter.

        • LBA Prequel says:

          HOWEVER, that does not mean that Shelley Duncan’s talent is that of a full-time player also. He needs to be used enough where he can stay in a groove but not be over exposed and his weaknesses as a baseball player become a detriment to the team. That’s the difficulty of managing, balancing these things.

          But Giambi’s weaknesses as a baseball player have been repeatedly exposed, and are already a detriment to the team.

          I don’t understand your crystal ball with Duncan. No, his red-hot bat doesn’t mean he has the talent to be a full-time player, but we’ve never given him a chance to be more than a spot starter at first, DH, or the outfield. Give Duncan a chance to play everyday first base for this team.

          He can’t be any worse than Giambi is right now. And if he doesn’t work out, who knows, by that time, maybe Giambi will have juiced again regained his form and worked another miraculous recovery.

          • LBA Prequel says:

            Edit: For some reason, the strikethrough code doesn’t work? It shows up in the preview. Maybe I’ll try XHTML code instead.

            He can’t be any worse than Giambi is right now. And if he doesn’t work out, who knows, by that time, maybe Giambi will have juiced again regained his form and worked another miraculous recovery.

    • TurnTwo says:

      the only thing i can reasonably assume at this point is that somehow, Jamal must be related to Jason Giambi…

      just think… he’s got like 12 BBs this season, and his OBP is still under .300. he also has as many Ks as he does BBs.

      he doesnt run well, doesnt have any range defensively, cant throw accurately, and has 2 hits against pitchers not named Mike Timlin in like 45 ABs.

      but just wait; he’s in for a biiiiiig season!

    • Yankee1010 says:

      This appears to be a San Diego/whale’s vagina moment. There is absolutely no way that anyone watching Giambi these days (aside from the Timilin at-bats) could think that he’s anything but a complete detriment. Cite the past all you want. That’s great. Giambi is 37 and trying to play with a giant fork sticking out of his back.

  153. TurnTwo says:

    btw, guys… it took me like 15 minutes to type out a post… not sure if it was related to the addition of the preview screen or not, but very frustrating.

  154. Jamal G. says:

    I shutter to think what some have you would have done with David Ortiz had you been in Terry Francona’s shoes.

    • LBA Prequel says:

      I don’t think comparing David Ortiz and Jason Giambi is even remotely fair. Ortiz is one of the most clutch homerun hitters in the AL, and has been for the last few years. Giambi is a mostly washed up power hitter who doesn’t strike fear into anyone these days. Do you seriously think that anyone in their right mind would put those two on the same level?

  155. r.w.g. says:

    I’ve got to back Jamal on this one. I don’t like how inflexible Giambi makes the roster, but I want him hitting in that lineup.

    Even 2004, when he was affected by the tumor, he came back late in the year and in the playoffs and jacked a few homers as one of the only guys who went down fighting against the Sox that year.

    His average in 2005 was pretty much where it is now. Do you guys not remember how hot he got? It was nothing but home runs and walks. He was taking EVERYBODY deep. And he was looking beastly in 2007 until he went down.

    This is how his slump started in 2005. He was hitting the ball hard, taking walks, looking good.. but not getting hits. He got himself into a batting average hole and started pressing, and then he was in a slump. He’s in the last year of his contract.. we’re paying him anyway. If he’s still hitting like this in July, release him or trade him if you can.

    Shelley deserves the chance to steal some ABs, but Giambi hits GOOD pitching when he’s going, so you’ve got to give him every opportunity.

  156. Ben K. says:

    Here’s the telling Jason Giambi stat of the day.
    Giambi against Mike Timlin: 3 for 3 with 2 HR
    Giambi against everyone else: 2 for 43 with a great big nothing.

    Jamal, I’d be more inclined to agree with you if we weren’t talking about someone who’s 37 and at the end of a lot of injury-prone years. Players his age generally do not improve.

  157. Kevin23 says:


    Your stats are cherry picked.He’s sucked since donning a Yankee uniform. I have been a huge A’s fan my whole life, even before watching the Yankees. Giambi was my favorite player for all the years he was on the A’s. He was a different player then. When he came to NY, he has NEVER been the same. Not even close. Cherry pick all the monthly numbers if you like, but it won’t change the fact that he has not even been good enough to poke the ball the other way for a hit against the extreme zone for the last 5 years. That is just pathetic.

    I’ll repeat myself so it is clear. Aside from a few meaningless home runs off mistake pitches and clogging up the bases with a walk here and there, he has absolutely nothing to offer that isn’t more than made up for by his detriments. He scares no one. There is a reason that Clark, Tino, Doug, etc. all made the line-up as 1st basemen during the Giambi era … because Giambi is a liability. And quoting his April 2005 line isn’t going to change that one bit.

  158. Kevin23 says:

    “His average in 2005 was pretty much where it is now. Do you guys not remember how hot he got? It was nothing but home runs and walks. He was taking EVERYBODY deep. And he was looking beastly in 2007 until he went down.”

    LOL. If THAT is your idea of “hot” production worthy of $120M over 7 years, then please, for the love of Budha, stay away from the front office! Scary.

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