Hughes to stay on starting schedule


Due to the rain delay on Thursday, Phil Hughes threw just two innings and 23 pitches. The three of us speculated that the Yanks could make Hughes available out of the pen today if Kennedy should struggle. The Yankees, however, would rather not disrupt the routine of their young arm. Hughes will, as PeteAbe notes in the last line of his Yankee notebook toady, stay on his regular rest and next appear in a game on Tuesday.

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  • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

    Well Ross Ohlendorf had his day off yesterday and Jon Albaladejo threw 25 pitches yesterday. I believe it was PeteAbe who noted that both were the “long men” on the Yankees pitching staff since they could be trusted with throwing 50-60 pitches. LaTroy Hawkins can also give us two innings today but we still don’t have word on Kyle Farnsworth and the corresponding move for Shelley Duncan’s recall (he’s in the lineup, batting 6th and playing RF). Also Joba Chamberlain “tweaked” his leg on the wet mound in Chicago but it does not appear to be serious.

    Damn, I really feel for Bruney. Thursday was a horrible day for him. Not only did he get injured and most likely lost for the season (seeking a second opinion in Phoenix) but his truck was being transported by an 18-wheeler that got into an accident and Bruney’s truck suffered “significant damage” according to reports. Also his uncle fell into a coma. Really shitty day.