Keeping the stadium intact until the end

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Don’t loot Yankee Stadium, folks. On Opening Day, the Yankees security crew caught two fans attempting to steal stadium bunting. They will be charged with larceny and criminal mischief. But worse: They had their season tickets revoked by the Yankees. This probably isn’t the last we’ll hear of Yankee Stadium looting efforts, but the price of getting caught just isn’t worth it.

The TJ Rehab Watch
Ineffectively slow, slower, slowest
  • mustang

    This is why I’m thinking of selling my tickets to the last game. This kind of thing is only going to get worse and the last game forget it. It could set the stage for a very dangerous situation. Although there probably be a small army of cops what’s that against 50,000 fans trying to get a small piece of history. I don’t know ?

  • Bruno

    I already got my bleacher seat from Game 6 in ’96 so I’ve got nothing to worry about this year lol.

    • ctkaiser

      What did you do Bruno, sneak in a chain saw? Last time I checked bleacher seats are all connected.

  • mustang

    Bruno.. you animal I don’t even want know how you manage that one. LOL… LOL

    • Bruno

      Actually, they’re just plastic flats attached to high school-style metal bleacher rows. It wasn’t that hard to snap off.

  • Joseph C.

    Bunting? Geez, if you’re gonna risk getting caught, steal something better than bunting. . .

  • Chris

    I may be just a fool, but what is stadium bunting?

    • Ballgame

      Bunting is the red, white and blue flag like banners that they string along the stadium for Opening Day and Playoff games.

  • Joseph C.

    Also, the “last game” in the Stadium probably (hopefully) isn’t going to be the last game anyway. We’re making it to the playoffs, right?

    Although if we do finish 90-72, I would NOT want to be there for the last game w/ that hostile crowd. I can just imagine people sawing off the foul pole and stuff like that…

  • samiamsports

    My uncle has a piece of the center field wall in his office along with two seats and first base. Its the coolest effin thing ever. He said when they renovated he came ready and brought 3 of his friends and a moving truck.

    • Ben K.

      My dad’s got an old seat from the pre-renovated Yankee Stadium. My grandmother bought for him for something like $7 or $12. Nothing from the current stadium will be that cheap.

      • Marsha

        $7.50 plus a few packs of Winston cigarettes, which were promptly discarded.

  • barry

    The key will have to be a unified effort by all the fans at the end of the final game that way they cant stop everyone from stealing the shit.

  • Around The Majors

    I was thinking of stealing the bunting when I was at the game, good thing I didn’t attempt it haha.

  • LBA Prequel

    Hmm…I’ll be more than happy to take those revoked tickets. It would be a shame to let them go to waste. :D