Limiting Molina’s workload

After a good win, a lot of bad news
Spicing up the game a bit

In an Ed Price notebook today, we learn that a few anonymous sources claim that Jorge’s injury is not season-ending. An official diagnosis is forthcoming. More interesting and concrete, however, is the news about the Yanks will handle Jose Molina. They recognize that Molina cannot catch every single day; he is, after all, a career backup catcher. Expect Molina to play three days in a row with Chris Stewart sinking or swimming during those other games. Molina’s health and freshness is riding on Stewart quite a bit.

After a good win, a lot of bad news
Spicing up the game a bit
  • steve (different one)

    playing Stewart every few games is not going to kill them. he is supposedly a decent reciever, so the dropoff shouldn’t be that big.

    since returning from his injury, has Molina even had a hit?

    and he NEVER walks.

    so, they aren’t going to lose much on offense from Molina to Stewart.

  • GoYankees

    Molina knows the pitchers and hitters and does a good job calling games. If they were interchangeable, which they’re not, I might start Stewart in most games and pull him if the Yanks are ahead or close in the fifth inning. In the meanwhile, Girardi may have to call pitches from the dugout.

    • GoYankees

      Or Stewart can catch any three of the starters. This way he can prepare a game plan with the pitcher the day before, and learn just what those three like to throw.

  • Jamal G.

    Brian Kenney just reported on ESPN 1050 that Buster Olney has learned that Dr. James Andrews informed the Yankees that the injury is the same one he suffered in Spring Training. I was not aware he even suffered a setback in Spring Training. Olney also reported that Andrews said Posada just needs time on the DL but surgery is not required.

    Got to love the news.

    • Setty


  • Chip

    I think we should just put Girardi back on the 40-man roster. I bet he could still get it done, wouldn’t that be the story of the year?

  • Bo

    Sign Piazza.

    At least he can hit.

    • Ben K.

      Mike Piazza in 2007: .275/.313/.414

      That’s not much hitting, and when you consider that he hasn’t caught a game since 2006 and wasn’t very good then, he’s not really a viable back-up catcher option.

    • LiveFromNewYork

      Piazza would take a long time to get up to speed and I don’t think he’d be a great signing. In fact I think it would be a disaster.

  • Bruno

    How’s Cervelli coming along?

  • LiveFromNewYork

    Where’s Moeller? Is there still a chance to pick him up?