More about this stupid T-shirt “curse”

Manny Ramirez 1, Joe Girardi 0
Remember Yankee Stadium history

Most fans felt the story of the Red Sox shirt embedded in the concrete slab of the visitor’s clubhouse at the New Stadium was just a laughable “exclusive” by the Post that was a few days late for April’s Fools. Turns out the Yankees weren’t taking any chances:

It took about five hours, but the Red Sox jersey that was embedded in the concrete of the Yankees’ new stadium to place a curse on the New York franchise has been unearthed with jackhammers, according to a published report.

“They absolutely pinpointed that if it was in the ground, that’s where it was,” Yankees spokeswoman Alice McGillion told the newspaper.

As always, Hank Hal Steinbrenner provided the money quote: “I hope his co-workers kick the [expletive] out of him.” Hank’s great when he isn’t talking about making trades and stuff, isn’t he? Hal just earned all sorts of street cred in my book. Sox fans did what they do best, the turned the story into another patently lame T-shirt. Where’s the “David Ortiz is hitting 0.70-.231-.140 and Francona still has him batting third” swag?

Manny Ramirez 1, Joe Girardi 0
Remember Yankee Stadium history
  • Jersey

    Actually, that money quote is from Hal, not Hank. Which makes it even better, of course – even the silent one says crazy stuff.

    • Mike A.

      Oh that’s awesome. I read the quote and just assumed it was Hankenstein.

  • mustang

    I hope the guys working the jackhammers were getting overtime for it. LOL

  • Adam

    i just heard on espn news that it was a david ortiz jersey that was removed. ortiz is 3 for 46 this season. anyone else think maybe they should have left it buried?

    • Jer

      That’s what I was thinking.

  • pete c.

    Hal’s the man. It’s nice to know everyone has their priorities straight.

  • Jamal G.

    I get the feeling that if Larry Lucchino or John Henry ever say some crap to Hank or Hal, they would just roll up in Boston and break some jaws.

  • Jamal G.

    Lmao, according to the Yankees will pursue a lawsuit against the construction worker.

    • zack

      As they should

      • Whitey14

        Yeah, they gotta do something to combat all the cost overruns. God I wish they could find space in Boston for a new Fenway Park. The existing one is a dump, regardless of how you feel about the Sox their ball park is a $hit hole.

        • Realist

          As a contractor I can attest to the cost of having to do such an unnecessary repair as that. It is more than man hours …it is materials , time lost , etc.. all adds up to making the project costlier. And all due to a schmuck who wanted to be famous by placing a nonsensical “curse” on a team that was good enough to allow him to collect a paycheck through them.

          There is no excuse for this no matter what side of the fence you are on. More wasted tax payer money during a recession , it’s quite unfortunate.

  • Greg Cohen

    The Post says the quotes are from Hank and ESPN says they’re from Hal… I don’t know who to believe, I don’t respect or trust either source.

    But if it was Hal, you’re right Mike he should earn some street cred with these comments.

    Anyway, I’m just hopeful this story can die now.

  • kris

    I am going to try bury my old boxers under the red sox new stadium, if they ever build one in my lifetime.

    • Whitey14

      I guess we don’t have to worry about that then, they’re too cheap to build a new stadium, even though I think they could sell out 50,000 seats every game.

  • http://deleted Seven Costanza

    they should make an example of the worker.

    • Whitey14

      It’ll be hard to do. These guys seem to know just as much about it as he did and all he has to do now is recant his bragging. He’ll probably point the finger at them and then there’ll be stalemate. I bet it never even goes to court.

      Classic username by the way!

  • joba

    hughes is daddy

  • Realist

    What a dopey shit! Now he has the privilidge of getting sued for the extra man hours plus legal fees. I hope it was worth it!

  • pete c.

    Kris make sure the boxers are complete with skid marks.

  • mustang

    So this fool places this Red Sox T-shirt to cruse the Yankees. He than compounds his stupidity by telling people what he did before the Stadium is up. He probably lost his job and is being sued by the Yankees. If he has a wife she must love him right now.
    Another prime example of the Red Sox fans’ superior intellect.

  • Travis G.

    i hate the sawx but i would never do something stupid like this if i was working on their new stadium. it’s just called ‘doing your job’.

    despite that, i dont know wtf he even intended. a sawx shirt was buried by the new Yankee Stadium, doesn’t that curse the sawx? and it’s under the visitor’s clubhouse to boot. what an idiot.

  • Halifax

    “Sox fans did what they do best, the turned the story into another patently lame T-shirt.” Sorry bud, but the Sox don’t have a lock on that-I see plenty of dimbulb Yankee fans with their own idiotic shirts.

    I can’t stand either of them and I find the whole thing completely ridiculous on both sides.