Nothing will bug the Yanks in Cleveland this time

More on Bruney's injury
Torre and 9-13 Dodgers enjoying each other in LA

Get it? Bugs, Cleveland? Remember? Anyway, take heart, Yankee fans. Jim Baumbach tells us that under no circumstances will there be midges in Cleveland this weekend. Phew.

More on Bruney's injury
Torre and 9-13 Dodgers enjoying each other in LA
  • Jamal G.

    I can’t imagine something like that even happening. Like honestly, WTF was that? A swarm of Lake Eerie midges? I hate Cleveland.

    • Cleveland

      We hate you too Jamal.

      • LiveFromNewYork

        But Jamal does not have bugs. We’ve checked.

        Cleveland cannot say the same.

  • Casper

    Remember that time a plague of insects of biblical proportions rained down upon the Yankees during a playoff game and the team’s manager and the umpires did nothing while our phenom pitcher was swarmed and lost the game? That was awesome.

    (Chris Farley ruled… And, seriously, I don’t think I’ve ever uttered nor written a stranger sentence. And it’s true. Gahhhh.)

    • Casper

      Excellent grammar, moron. Clearly I meant a swarm of biblical proportions, not insects of biblical proportions. My command of the English language rivals Professor Farnsworth’s command of the strike zone. Zing.

      • LiveFromNewYork

        Multiple personalities much?

  • E-ROC

    ESPN would make a spoof of it. This will probably happen again. Hopefully, the midges won’t swarm the Yanks again.

    I would imagine Shelley will be promoted this weekend to face the two lefties.

  • Manimal

    They remember Joba’s odor, they WILL find him.

    • Mike P

      That’s Joba’s problem you see. Sure he’s got those three plus plus pitches, but his odour will stop him ever being a quality starter. If it weren’t for his aura coming out of the pen, his odour would have derailed his major league career…

      Heard somewhere in the ESPN broadcast center.

  • Number 27

    the two times joba’s been stopped ever it has been a result of mother nature, the only thing powerful enough to stop him..

    • LiveFromNewYork

      And as Native American he respects that.

    • ceciguante

      nah. small sample size. joba will defeat mother nature in the long run….you’ll see.