Pay-Rod indeed


Salaries continue to skyrocket in baseball, with the average player due to earn $3.15M this year. A-Rod‘s $28M salary is tops in the game, and in fact he’ll make more than the 25 guys on the Marlins’ roster PLUS the 8 guys they currently have on the 15-day DL. That’s just all sorts of crazy. Be an engineer they all said … you’ll make good money they all said … my high school guidance counselor was full of shit.

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  1. NYFan50 says:

    At least A-Rod’s salary is more defensible than, say, Giambi’s or Jeter’s…who also both individually make more than the Marlins roster. (Jeter not the guys on the DL, by a mere 200k)

    Checking out the Yankee salaries…they lose $90M after this year from the books. That’s a huge chunk of change.

    Unless I’m missing something, the following players are at the end of their contracts:
    Jason Giambi $23,428,571
    Bobby Abreu $16,000,000
    Andy Pettitte $16,000,000
    Mike Mussina $11,071,030
    Carl Pavano $11,000,000
    Kyle Farnsworth $5,916,667
    LaTroy Hawkins $3,750,000
    Morgan Ensberg $1,750,000

    They may not be the team with the highest payroll at the start of next season unless they break the bank for both Teixeira and Sabathia.

  2. pete c. says:

    If he has a good year, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Abreu back.

    • J.R. says:

      Not sure, Ajax or Gardner could be ready and they could go for Tex or C.C. He would have to take a cut from the $16 mil and the yanks wouldnt want a long term contract with those two above ready soon. I’d expect Abreu to move on.

  3. Currambayankees says:

    Didn’t you hear? There is no crying in engineering :)

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