Remember New York’s other other team


Unlike the Brooklyn Dodgers, the New York Giants were good at baseball. Unlike the Dodgers, they weren’t the heart and soul of a borough struggling to carve out an identity for itself during times of change. Unlike Brooklyn Dodger fans, old New York Giants fans don’t carry fifty-year-old grudges on their sleeves. And while Ebbets Field is often represented as the ideal embodiment of sepia-tinged nostalgia, the Polo Grounds don’t evoke the same feel of history in New York sports culture. Today, Richard Sandomir catches up with a few old Giants fans who still pine for the team of their youth. It’s a fun read of an oft-neglected part of New York baseball histroy.

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    Shyster had a quick overview of the article, sounds pretty interesting. Quick update: Gonzo’s playing 2B, Robbie’s got the day off

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