Remembering number 45

As Harlan convalesces, Yanks are Joba-less
Last time around

Ah, Carl Pavano, the forgotten punchline to the Yankees’ efforts the last four years. Remember when he started Opening Day last season? That was quite the sight.

Anyway, Carl Pavano, the Rajah of Rehab, is still on the Yankees payroll, and today, Lisa Kennelly of the Newark Star-Ledger checked in with Carl. As you would expect, his teammates don’t miss him, and he’s trying hard — really hard, he says — to build his arm back up:

In his time with the Yankees, he’s pitched in only 19 games, going 5-6. He missed all of 2006 and is still a ways off from throwing off a mound this year, as he focuses on getting his surgically repaired elbow up to strength with long-tossing.

Aside from watching the Yankees games on TV, Pavano doesn’t stay in contact with any of his teammates. When asked if he would visit the team during their series with the Tampa Bay Rays this week, he shook his head and said, “no chance.”

“They’ve got things to focus on right now,” Pavano said. “To go in there after not being there for a month? I’m not going to interrupt what they’ve got going on. It’s just not where I need to be right now.”

If Pavano is able to make any starts this year, it will be almost certainly be more of an audition for other teams than to prove anything to the Yankees. The team has a fifth-year option on his contract, but there is no chance they will prolong what is already one of the worst free-agent signings of GM Brian Cashman‘s tenure.

I’d say that the chances of Carl Pavano making a start in the Bronx this season are slim-to-none. Unless the Yankees are way up or way out, they’re not going to do Pavano any favors by showcasing him.

Kennelly’s profile is top-notch. It really wraps itself around the way Carl’s story has been on one hand pathetic and on the other hand absurd. Soon, the Carl Pavano Era will be over in the Bronx. I’m sure Brian Cashman is counting down the days.

As Harlan convalesces, Yanks are Joba-less
Last time around
  • Pablo Zevallos

    In regards to all the # nostalgia I thought you were taking about Cecil Fielder for a minute :)

  • Tripp

    Quote, “I relax.”

    I hate him.

  • Eric

    Do you think the next player to take 45 will have the reverse Latroy-O’Neill effect? On opening day he will receive the loudest standing O of anyone

    • Mike P

      I would love that. Great banter. And positive as well. What being a fan is all about.

  • Geno

    I like the part where his agent tries to convince himself that Carl’s a #1 or #2 starter. His reasoning? Carl’s pitched over 200 innings twice in his 10 year “career”. Oh man, that’s rich.

    • Yankee1010

      I cannot believe the onions that his agent has. This quote is priceless: “Carl’s a 1-2 starter,” O’Connell said. “Those guys don’t grow on trees. Those guys are very rare, 200-inning guys are very rare in this game, and they’re the ones that make the money. And he did it two years in a row, before he got hurt, and I’m sure he’s going to do it again.”

      Well, apparently those guys grow on O’Connell’s full-of-shit tree. When his agent says, Carl’s a “1-2 starter”, I think he might mean that is the expected record you can get from him. Over a 4 year contract.

      This fuckass leaves me both speechless and furious.

  • jsbrendog

    i hope that if he does shopw his face around them they pelt him with rotten produce and vehement expletives.

    he’s not welcome

  • Joey

    and the hatred train continues… son of a fuckin bitch, he’s a disgrace to all things Yankees

  • RustyJohn

    Maybe he meant that he’s a pitcher who pees and poops when he referred to him as a “1-2 starter”.

    Actually, I would love it if they could do a reality TV show on Carl Pavano- Episode 1: Carl watches t.v. Episode 2: Carl watches t.v. Episode 3: Long toss. Episode 4: Carl leaves voicemails for Alyssa Milano. They are not returned.

    • kris

      Funniest comment by far.

  • steve (different one)

    if i were a major league pitcher i would probably want my agent to tell everyone that i am an injury prone malingering washed-up pile of dogpoo. it’s crazy for an agent to try to paint his client in the best possible light. that’s not an agent’s job at all.

    • Geno

      What’s your point? Sure, it’s his job as an agent, but does that absolve him from being called a fool? If I were him, I’d stick to extremely vague generalizations. Announcing your client is a #1 starter after he’s spent the last 4 years making himself into a punchline is just stupid, regardless of his responsiblities as Carl’s agent.

      • steve (different one)

        well, my comment was meant to be tongue-in-cheek.

        but really, it’s pretty obvious that his agent is full of it and knows it.

        he’s just trying to do his job. i doubt he is a “fool”. Pavano’s the clown. his agent is just trying to make lemonade out of dogcrap.

  • Mike P

    I actually liked Pavano at first, his pitching style at least. I was willing to hold judgement for ages while others bashed him. But then that car accident injury he withheld from the team… What a jerk.

    Some people are unlucky. Some people are stupid. Some people are lazy. Some people are lying dickheads. Pavano is all of the above.

  • barry

    Have to disagree with you, if Pavano comes back healthy then he will be pitching by some point towards the end of the season. Innings have to be eaten and we aren’t going to get all of them from the rookies I don’t think, not if there are playoff possibilities.

  • PJ

    I can understand the frustration with Carl in New York. I knew Carl well growing up and he was a stand-up guy and a real competitor. My one comment would be this: There’s a real man behind all of the news stories and joke punchlines. Know Carl’s constitution, he’ll be back and he’ll contribute on a high level with another club. Sometimes things don’t work out; unfortunately, I think that’s the case here.

  • Mark Thompson

    As a Marlins fan, I get a good laugh out of the Pavano situation. He did win a World Series for us. The Marlins seem to have a good knack for knowing when to dump supposedly hot young players. Look at Dontrelle Willis and Miguel Cabrera this year.

    My prediction for Pavano is that he will sign a minor league contract with the Marlins and perform well in the 2009 season. He will be very highly motivated so that some team will sign him to a more lucrative multi-million, multi-year contract starting in 2010. Then he can go on vacation/the disabled list again. He is bound to be well rested going into next season and has had very little wear and tear in his career for a player his age. He is clearly very talented, but probably not very motivated. With his strategy he could be pitching until he is 50.

    Go Fish