Restacking the rotation

Charleston's offense. 'Nuff said.
While the Yanks win in Baltimore, Hank awakens from his slumber

Per PeteAbe comes word that the Yanks are shuffling the rotation slightly. With the day off, the Yanks are pushing Ian Kennedy back a day and moving Andy Pettitte in between Phil Hughes and Kennedy. This move is designed to give the bullpen a one-day breather, but hopefully, Hughes and Kennedy will straighten out their pitch-count issues sooner rather than later. And, yes, Mike Mussina is still in the rotation.

Charleston's offense. 'Nuff said.
While the Yanks win in Baltimore, Hank awakens from his slumber
  • Ivan

    Smart move overall. Hopefully Hughes and Kennedy pitches much better.

    Hopefully Chamberlain can be in the rotation as soon as possible. I rather take the unknown super talent pitcher over known mediocrity

  • mustang

    “And, yes, Mike Mussina is still in the rotation.”
    As well he should be he is there 3rd best pitcher.

  • mustang

    Ahhhhh…We can’t have back to back days of the kiddy-core.
    Danm !!!!!!!

  • LBA Prequel

    Are there any free agent options out there that would be better than Mike Mussina?

  • mustang

    Why are you looking to replace Mussina ? He hasn’t pitched that bad and he actually has made it to the 5th inning or more 3 out 4 starts. More than i can say for some people. Also has given up 4 runs or less in 3 out 4. Two of starts were vs Boston and one vs TOR.

    • LBA Prequel

      Because Mike Mussina is done. I don’t think we can afford him as a 5th starter, unless we manage to shuffle the rotation back into order, with him in the 5 spot. With the young kids, I can’t believe that we’re relying (yet again) on Mike Mussina. With the exception of Wang and Pettitte, everything back to #5 is a question mark. I’m not worried about the kids – I expect them to struggle. But as the boys here at RAB have noted, I don’t think we can expect too much out of Mussina. I’d be surprised if he ekes out 8 wins.

      I was just wondering if, and from the likes of it, it doesn’t seem like there are any, there was anybody in FA who could offer us a better chance to win than Mussina every fifth day. Though I wonder if Rasner wouldn’t offer something comparable/better.

      • mustang

        OK then, just asking.
        God, help us if the boys here at RAB might actually be wrong about Moose.
        But your probably right he still your 3rd best starter as of 4/20/O8.
        And I will hold you to those 8 wins. I just think he might get a few more.

        • Ben K.

          I’d love to be wrong about Moose, but nothing I’ve seen over the last 1.5 years makes me feel too great about his chances this season.

    • Count Zero

      He hasn’t pitched that bad…

      This is a joke, right? The two games where you’re giving him credit for only giving up four runs, he went 5.2 innings in each. Four runs in 5.2 is not that bad? It’s a 6.34 ERA!

      20.1IP 25H 13ER 5HR 3BB 7K 5.75ERA — 73ERA+

      He has almost as many HRs as Ks! That’s mind-boggling stuff right there. We’re going to have to invent a new peripheral for him K/HR. ;-)

      I’ll grant you that Hughes’ and IPK’s numbers are worse, but they are young and will likely get better…

      Mussina = Toast

  • Yankee Psycho-fan-t

    Moose can still beat the bad teams. That’s fine for a fifth starter, I like putting the real number 2 starter, and the professional stopper, Pettitte, between the the kids. I have a feeling that the Red Sox would kill Darrell Rasner too, I live up in Boston and thus have seen more Red Sox game than the average Yankee fan, the way that Manny is hitting, I don’t know that there are many pitchers that actually can get him out. This is the rotation with which we were supposed to begin the season had Pettitte not hurt himself. Let’s see how it plays out. Personally I’m happy the Yankees are at .500 right now as they have looked a whole lot worse than a .500 team. They are guaranteed a better April this year than they had last year already having won 10 this year as opposed to last year’s mark of 9. I have a feeling that Hughes is a start or two away from figuring it out, at least for a while. Kennedy may take a little longer, but the minute he trusts his stuff as much as he did last year, he will be great. Say what you will about the Yankees playoff hopes this year, its still too early to count anyone in or out. Having said that, we might as well still be optimistic about the future both near and distant.

  • E-ROC

    If the Yanks want a starting pitcher, they will have to trade for one. There isn’t much out there in free agency unless you like John Thomson. Freddy Garcia is out there, but he may not pitch this year.

  • Travis G.

    i hope it goes Wang, Hughes, Pettitte, Moose, Kennedy.

    • steve (different one)

      no, it has to be Wang, Moose, Hughes, Pettitte, Kennedy.

      there is one off-day, that is the only way to shuffle it, swap Pettitte and Kennedy.

      • Travis G.

        you’re right, but i still want Hughes ahead of Moose.

        • Pete

          Maybe with a few more days off they can reshuffle again?

        • steve (different one)

          gotcha. misunderstood.

      • GoYankees

        Moose needs to be between Wang and Hughes to give the pen some work ;)

  • Josh

    Bartolo Colon can declare himself a free agent if he’s not on the Bosox major league roster by May 1st. Just sayin.

  • Rich

    Hank is baaaack.

    • RustyJohn

      Lol…so according to Hank, Mussina should now throw left-handed and lob 69MPH change-ups over the outside corner of the plate and everything will be fine? The reason it works for Moyer is because, even though he throws softer than my sister, he locates.

      • Travis G.

        hank has a point. look at trachsel today, he pitched effectively (in fact better than any Moose game this year) against a great offense with an 85 mph fastball bc he knew how to use it: sparingly. he used it more as a show-me or get-ahead pitch, not as an out-pitch as Moose has been doing. his out was a diving changeup. Moose has a very good changeup but he needs to throw it as a swinging strike. he should also use his various other offspeed arsenal. a lesson can be learned from Moyer and Trachsel.

        Rusty, 69 mph aint far from Moose, whose chanegups are about 71 mph. and it’s not like Moose doesn’t have great command either.

        • Ben K.

          This is what I’ve been saying all season about Moose. In fact, for him to be successful this season, he’s going to have to learn to pitch like Moyer. He just doesn’t have the stuff anymore.

          • Ivan

            I agree. If you are the yankees, and if you wanna take it to the next level, a guy like Mike Mussina is not gonna help you do it. Hey you gotta look at the big picture, sure with your offense and decent pitching of Moose could help him win 13 games, but if you wanna beat the good teams and basically go far and win a championship, Mike Mussina is not gonna help you. He can very good as a long man but that’s pretty much it. With Joba again, sure he’s a rookie and will take his bump and bruises, but he has the stuff shut down a good team.

    • mustang

      After living with George in the 80’s I thought nothing could be worst. I might be wrong.