Things just ain’t that bad

Horne should begin throwing this week
Game 21: C-Rod comes through in the clutch

While sports talk radio and a lot of Yankee fans have panicked over the start of the season, David Pinto reminds us that things could be worse. Last year, at this point, the Yanks were 8-12, and they had used nine different starters including Carl Pavano, Kei Igawa and Chase Wright. This year, the five starters have thrown in turn each time around the rotation; Kennedy threw but did not start in KC. Says Pinto, “It’s a stable rotation. I don’t think anyone should be panicking yet.”

Horne should begin throwing this week
Game 21: C-Rod comes through in the clutch
  • barry

    That’s a good way to put it. In the long run it’s better having star rookies out there getting bombed than veterans or low impact prospects becauseof the experience factor. Should be a good season and I really don’t see Hughes and Kennedy struggling much more.

  • Ivan

    10-10 isn’t so bad considering with the lack dayoffs, injuries, young starts struggling, offense being inconsistent, facing a good amount of contending teams, so 10-10 in someways impressive.

    Another thing is, no body in the AL is going to run away with this.

    Hey the offense is going to hit soon, and still think that the young starters will step up.

  • Realist

    Nice to see some optimism!

    The end is not near and most of the early problems are fixable.

    Go Yanks!

  • Ivan

    The key for the yankees is the young pitching.

    The key for the young pitchers, is to not think too much and go out there and “rip it” specially with Phil Hughes. Just go out there, stop thinking of mechanics and all that stuff, and just rip it. Don’t try to aim the ball, just throw the ball. Of course this is easier said than done but if they could that, they are in good shape.

  • Pete

    Right. Every time I start to get aggravated with how the season is going, I have to remind myself of how bleak last year looked at this time and how we’re *so* much better off in ’08.

  • E-ROC

    I would like to thank the MLB for giving the Yanks a sh!tty schedule, at least for the first month.

    The young guns will improve as they more and more starts. Their stuff is there; not the command.

    Is Kenny Williams a genius or just lucky?

    The White Sox actually got some pitching.

  • mustang

    This make sense lets justify a mediocre start by comparing to last years horrible one.
    Yeah that makes sense.
    Wow.. anything to make the kids look good…incredible

    • Yanks Fan in NY

      You’re really annoying. Why do you come on to this site to tear down the writers of this blog over and over again? As a frequent reader and infrequent commenter, not only are you a huge jerk and not only does your grammar and punctuation suck, but it’s really tiring to read your mindless diatribes against three people trying fairly hard to do a good job here.

      Back I go to lurking.

      • mustang

        Thank you.
        And yes I know my grammar and punctuation suck. I try my best sorry that I can’t live up your standards. I’m old enough to deal with criticism. And don’t worry about the writers of this blog instead of trying to tear me down personally they argue within respectfully. Which is something I totally respect.
        If you want to argue with me on a point go right ahead. I will never criticizes anyone here personally because its very easy to be BOLD on a machine.

        • mustang

          Just read this over. Grammar still sucks…LOL.. At least I’m consistent…LOL

  • Manimal

    Anyone else happy that Phil and Ian aren’t pitching much? wont that help us in the second half of the year since they could have more innings later in the year. Plus Girardi is NOT happy about their performance and they know it. What I noticed was simple over throwing and under confidence in their pitches.

  • Bo

    White Sox have pitching?


    ANyone think Danks and Floyd keep this up?

    We all know how utterly average Vazquez is and a bullpen isnt made in 20 days

    • Mike A.

      Mr. Vazquez is not average. He was average for half a year with the Yankees, otherwise he’s been very good to outstanding. Danks and Floyd might be able to keep it up, why not? You’re talking about two talented kids that had a rough go of it early on in their MLB career, things change.

  • mustang

    I got one.
    How about we be much better without two rookies in the rotation.

    • Jon

      Ok, genius. Who are you going to put in there? I want to hear your solution. Or do you not have one and just like to whine?

      • mustang

        You know what i don’t have one that will satisfy this crowd. I could say bring up Rasner, but i will probably be laugh of the site. How could Rasner match the stuff and ability that Hughes and Kennedy have shown us so far.
        But time keeps moving into the future and this will come to ahead one way or the other.

  • Chris

    So who is replacing them mustang? You? Or Igawa?

    Its sad, but you might fare better than Igawa.

    We got no choice….. these are the starters for atlease the next couple months.

    • mustang

      I agree and very funny you might be right about me faring better than Igawa.

  • r.w.g.

    I don’t think it’s inconceivable that Floyd and Danks could be turning a corner. Both guys were big time prospects for a reason.

    I don’t want to prematurely turn either guy into a top of the rotation guy, but I think both guys are capable of being winning pitchers in the big leagues and potentially more. Floyd is 25, Danks 23.

  • Realist

    Let’s not lose sight of the fact that 140 + more games remain….at this time last year it was a little worse and we see how that ended up.

    That is not a justification it is merely a fact and one that can’t be disputed. It also lends credence to those who aren’t panicking yet and staying positive , ONLY 20 games into the season. ;-)

  • Jamal G.

    One of the best sites on the net just posted their first Mock Draft (only picks 1-11, so no Yanks as of yet).

    • Mike A.

      I saw that this morning. If San Fran takes Gordon Beckham, the city might sink into the ocean.

  • Micky#7

    A bit of history people; Very FEW 22/23 year old 1st timers…do not count last year…come into the bigs firing on all cylinders. Even the great Joba will have trouble as a starter. Give the guys a little time, we all knew what we were getting. Although some were projecting them to be 15/18 game winners, one or more of them may yet. Look at CMW, he has won 19×2, but he was 26 when he came up. These guys should still be pitching in the Mil, but talent is what it is. I am trying very hard not to give excuses for these guys, they will be sent down if they can’t get their s@#%t together soon, even with all the talent they have. Ras is a good replacement and there are others coming along nicely also(NOT OHLY, he is BP for ever). OK, let it rip! 27/08.

  • mustang

    Micky#7 you’re probably right, but I think a lot of people including ownership think 15/18 game winners. Why else would the GM and Hal be having “talks” with Hank after 20 games? They may talk about patience and development, but inside they’re like damn why aren’t these guys winning.
    It’s still early we will see.

    • Micky#7

      I for one, hope to see them win 22 or more games, between them(IPK/Phil). I think that is realistic, they have the stuff but not the experience. If we were very lucky maybe more than 22 games. My realistic view is; keep us in the game, even if they don’t get the win…I can live with that. So can we all. Hank is a chip off the old block, “I want it now…no matter the cost.” I had two kids like that. 27/08.

  • mustang

    Tell me about it I have one 4 years old and one coming.
    Hank is scary he even looks like George. I didn’t realize how much until I saw his picture in the paper today.

  • mustang

    But I wouldn’t trade my kid and soon to be kids for the world.
    The little one loves the Yanks. Watches the games with dad, but she only last about 3 innings and 6 if we go to the game.