Touché, Hank. Touché.

A winning streak, a sore thumb and a big southpaw
Innings math with Johnny Damon

While we focused on Hank’s call to stick Joba in the rotation, the Yanks’ co-chairman also managed to invoke the name of Mike Mussina as well earlier this week. Steinbrenner said that Mike Mussina needs to learn to pitch like Jamie Moyer. Well, as PeteAbe points out, Mussina already pitches like Jamie Moyer at least when it comes to Manny Ramirez.

A winning streak, a sore thumb and a big southpaw
Innings math with Johnny Damon
  • Count Zero

    A good point by Pete, although unsurprising — Manny is the best breaking ball / off speed hitter in the game. His weakness is hard stuff in, so if you don’t have any hard stuff…don’t pitch to him with runners on and first base open. :-)

  • Sean McNally

    It should also be pointed out that despite his on-the-field flaws, Mussina remains one of the best quotes in the game.

    Also per Pete Abe:
    Mike Mussina didn’t know that Hank Steinbrenner wants him to throw like Jamie Moyer until reporters told him about it today. “I don’t have a lefty glove,” he said.


  • Jamal G.

    Why is everyone being so anal about Hank’s quote that Moose should be more like Moyer? I took it as Hank wanting Moose to be more of a junk thrower, mixing speeds, moving the ball to both sides of the plate and up/down. I’ve heard everyone from Mike and the Mad Dog to now Mussina saying the same thing.

    I thought it Hank meant he wanted Moose to adapt to his style of pitching to Moyer’s, but everyone else seems to be calling Hank an idiot because Moyer is a southpaw. Am I an idiot for saying Johan Santana is the Mets version of Boston’s Josh Beckett?

    • Travis G.

      i agree with Hank. he was saying Moyer bc of his style obviously, nothing to do with his handedness.

    • Setty

      If you’re just talking about how Johan is the ace of the Mets like Beckett is the ace of the Sawx, then no, you’re not an idiot. However, if you’re saying they’re similar pitchers, then yes, you are an idiot. Beckett is a true power pitcher – he has a mid 90’s fastball, a nasty splitter, and a 12-6 hook as his third pitch. Johan, while he lives at 92-93, is nothing like Beckett in terms of style of pitcher. He relies on his off-speed stuff much more than his power, obviously since his slider and change are his out pitches, with the change being arguably the best pitch in baseball.

      • Jorge

        The best pitch in baseball is Mariano’s cutter since you know it’s coming 100% of the time and you still can’t do much with it.

        Santana was clocked about 89-91 the other day on his fastball. It seems like he will settle in to 90-91 topping out at 92-93 for the next couple of years. Far cry from the 94-96 of his Twins days. Everyone knows he is still great, but will those extra ticks off the fastball keep him from being the lights out guy he used to be? Part of the increase in homers to due to him not being able to reach back and unleash a 95 mph heater like in his glory days of the Twins.

  • Mike A.

    I think that Hank was referring to Moyer when he was pitching for the Mariners. Or at least I hope he was.

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