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A friend of mine — one of those midwest transplants who move to New York — finally made the trip to Yankee Stadium after a few years spent living in the city. As I was reading his account of the trip, I came across the typical beer rant. Beer is too much at Yankee Stadium, he opines.

But the accompanying picture got me thinking: Is beer really that expensive in the Bronx?

That’s the sign from the Stadium. A 24-ounce Heineken costs $12.50. That’s expensive, right? Who wants to pay $12.50 for a beer? Well, in reality, you’re paying $12.50 for two beers. A bottle of Heineken contains 12 ounces of beer. So one giant Yankee Stadium beer contains two bottles of beer.

I know I’ve been to bars in New York City where bottles of Heikenen can run $5 or $6. Sure, that’s expensive, but that means Yankee Stadium’s $6.25 bottles of beer aren’t that outrageously priced.

Walking around the streets of New York, you’d be hard-pressed to find $4.50 hot dogs. You can’t buy Cracker Jacks at Yankee Stadium prices anywhere else, and the peanuts you can find in the city are better and cheaper than the ones they sell at the Stadium. But the beer, well, that’s not that much more expensive than other places that sell Heikenen at marked-up prices.

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  1. samiamsports says:

    AT the stadium with my dad and he asked for a beer. my dad is no spring chicken.(his hair isnt exactly black anymore….The guy asked him for ID . (and he wasnt kidding) seriously…..wtf

  2. BobK(RGK) says:

    For all readers interested in watching the kids at AAA play, check out MiLB.TV. For $6.95 a month or $29.95 a season you can get over 800 minor league games including 97 SWB Yankee games and a few Trenton Thunder (AA) games on your computer.


  3. Bryan says:

    A 12oz beer at the Marlins is $7.00 in a plastic bottle !

  4. Sciorsci says:

    The only difference really worth noting is the cost to the Yankees for draft beer (vs. bottled beer) is very low. So their profit margin for draft Heineken is MUCH higher than a typical bar selling bottled Heineken.

    But as far as the price per sip of yummy Heineken goodness, you’re right – it’s not a significant difference for the consumer. What’s odd to me is the 24oz cup – in most venues that I’ve seen, imported/premium beers are often sold in smaller cups at the same price as the larger cup of the domestic equivalent (for example, the price will often be the same for an 18oz Budweiser as it would be for a 12oz Heineken draft).

  5. steve (different one) says:

    i like to think of it like one beer does cost $12.50, but every night is buy one get one free night. that’s just how i roll.

  6. NC Saint says:

    If you’re going to roll with the bar analogy, sure, the drinks aren’t that expensive. But the cover is a bitch.

    • steve (different one) says:


      but the TV they are showing the game on is 1,000,000 X’s bigger and more lifelike.

      oh yeah, and there’s no Michael Kay.

  7. Rob_in_CT says:

    For me, the problem would be that Heineken sucks. I doubt the Stadium sells any beer I like. Which is for the best, because I don’t even like paying restaurant/bar prices up here ($4-5/pint) for beer.

  8. Bruno says:

    “oh yeah, and there’s no Michael Kay.”

    That alone is worth the cover.

  9. steve says:

    living in hollywood i have to pay 6.25 for a bud light so 12.50 for two heinekens is pretty decently priced.

  10. Will says:

    Quite frankly, I’d like to see the beer prices go even higher. I look at is a preemptive fine for all of the disorderly conduct that is likely to follow. If I have to endure the antics of people who ostensibly come to the Stadium to get drunk (instead of actually enjoy a baseball game), at least they are pouring millions of dollars into the Yankee coffers.

  11. petey says:

    How many of you are aware that booths like this Heinekin one are usually manned by charities – volunteer workers who are raising money for a non profit group. The Yankees – to their credit – donate a precentage of the sales to that charity. Ask ‘em next time you see ‘em.

  12. petey says:

    By the way, Michael Kay is there (usually) – you just can’t hear him because the place is so big. John Sterling, on the other hand…

  13. Frank Booth says:

    Heineken!!!!!!!!!!!!! FTS..PAbst Blue Ribbon!!!!!!!!!

  14. Greg says:

    12.50 isn’t too bad for 24oz. IMHO, what is overly priced are the bottles of beer sold by the vendors walking the seats for $8.50. Those beers are 12oz. and cost way more than any bar I’ve been to, $8.50 is close to a 50% markup.

    In reply to Will about beer prices increasing in order to stop belligerent drunks going to the Yanks games: Raising the prices wouldn’t fix this problem, those people will pay whatever the Yanks charge for beer and if they don’t, they’ll just get drunk before entering the Stadium. Just be happy you aren’t a Red Sox fan, seeing a game (whether it’s a Yanks Sox game or a Sox Anyone game) at Fenway park is GOD AWFUL. 90% of the “FANS” around my seats the 3 or 4 time’s I’ve been were drunkards and ANNOYING AS HELL!

  15. mark says:

    Greg…50% mark-up? Allow me to enlighten you. The price per bottle paid by the business world is about $1 per, maybe even lower if you buy in massive bulk which is what the Yankees do. So that $1 bottle of beer is being sold at 700-800% mark-up and selling draft beer is like printing money. Don’t even get me started on the $5 hot dogs. – Mark.

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