Yanks sign another reliever out of indy ball

Blue Jays columnist takes Opening Day loss in stride
A Stadium grows in the Bronx

I somehow missed this one the other week, but the Yanks signed RHP Chase Vacek out of the independent United League. He had a good year serving as the San Angelo Colts’ closer (he spent some time in the Royals’ system previously), going 48 IP, 46 H, 23 R, 12 ER, 10 BB, 48 K with 9 saves and 20 games finished. Judging by the number of unearned runs, it’s safe to say he had a less than stellar defense behind him, so those stats are probably a little skewed. The big thing is the K/BB ratio. The Yanks have been stockpiling relievers with very good K/BB recently (Chris Britton, Dan Giese, Jon Albaladejo), and I can’t say I see a problem with that. No risk, mediocre reward move.

Blue Jays columnist takes Opening Day loss in stride
A Stadium grows in the Bronx
  • Adam

    i cashman’s goal is to give scranton as good a bullpen as possible, because obviously none of these guys are ever going to get a real shot with the big club.

    • steve (different one)

      why? because Patterson got sent down?

      • Adam

        clearly not what i meant, but my point was that we trade for britton and albaladejo, and pick up edwar and patterson, but these guys come up for a week, struggle, and are sent back to AAA never to be heard from again. maybe this will change under the new regime. i hope.

  • CB

    You can add LaTroy Hawkins to the list of guys signed recently with good control.

    K:BB rate was what got Stephen Artz signed last year and Patterson before that.

    What’s best about these independent ball igning is that it says a lot about the organizational philosophy – both about finding talent through any avenue possible and also about finding pitchers who throw strikes.

    It speaks to the more decentralized approach Cashman is taking to acquiring talent. Instead of focusing on a big money free agent they have diversified how they are acquiring talent through every possible outlet.

  • http://bleacherreport.com/users/11036-Ryan_Barry barry

    Sounds like a solid safe move. No complaints here.

  • http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=56352514 Jamal G.

    Yay! Control!

  • Count Zero

    23R, 12ER — I guess they don’t pay guys to play defense in indy ball. :-D

    Can’t argue with these kinds of low risk moves.

  • Tripp

    I think I saw his name on the Charleston roster.

  • http://canyonofheroes.blogspot.com Mike Plugh

    Hey RAB people and fans.

    This is a bit of a low profile place to post this, but I wanted to let anyone out there interested that Canyon of Heroes is gearing up for the season and I will be featuring near daily writing from here on out. I’ve been on offseason hiatus, but that’s all over. Read, spread the word, and come back often. My good friends here at RAB are the pinnacle of Yankees baseball blogging in my opinion (truly best in the game) and I hope to ride the coattails a bit in my effort to live up to their excellent standard.

    Click my name to go to COH, and bookmark me for future reference. See you around.

    • h2munro

      “This is a bit of a low profile place to post this” Nice Mike, very thoughtful.

      • http://canyonofheroes.blogspot.com Mike Plugh

        By that, I meant that this thread…not RAB. RAB is super high profile, which is why I came here. ;)

  • E-ROC

    Does anyone know what Chase Vacek possesses in his arsenal?

    I wonder if the Yanks are stockpiling all of these relievers for an in-season trade.

    • http://canyonofheroes.blogspot.com Mike Plugh

      The Yanks are wisely using a new reliever strategy that forgoes the Kyle Farnsworth route, which costs a lot of money. You can get Farnsworth results from guys like Albaladejo, Edwar, Vacek, Bruney, and the like at a fraction of the cost. The organization has a good number of minor league prospects that will be the main guys going forward (at minor league prices) and they can fill in the middle role and the specialist role with quality FA arms on the waiver wire, or in the independent leagues. I can’t wait to see Ohlendorf, Patterson, Sanchez, and Cox in the pen….

      • E-ROC

        Welcome back to the land of the living, Mike.

  • question mark

    sounds like a good deal to me. you can never have enough promising pitchers.

    Mike….thanks for the heads up on COH.

  • http://yankeesmtom.blogspot.com Steven S

    Vacek signed 6 months ago.
    (10th question down)

  • J.R.

    His ERA is at 2.25 and thats with a shitty defense behind him. Add in some guys with good D and this could be a great pickup. And with a 4.8/1 ratio, diamond in the rough.

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