• Stylez

    Since I don’t think the yankees will rush Kennedy back up just yet, could this mean that Steven White gets the tap for a couple of starts??

    • chris

      any off days coming up? can they skip him otherwise i agree, bring up someone else on the 40 man – peferably someone who has already been upn (i dont know much about options), but i wouldnt want to wast a player’s option for 2 or 3 starts.

      if they want to contend – the may want to think about trading for a 4th starter type that wont cost them much what’s going to happen when mussina comes back to earth and if the kids cant do it this year. REaly comes down to the number 1 priority – winning this year o developing players. you can try both but one has to be a priority over the other.

      BTW – there are rumors that Milwaukee is dangling Matt LaPorta and some of their good young hitters. Could IPK get LaPorta? Would anyone here do that deal. The one thing the fam lacks is great bats – they have good ones, but none with “great” potential.

      • http://everythingbaseball.wordpress.com Aaron

        Where’d you see these rumors about Milwaukee shopping LaPorta?

        • George

          Chris, where did you see or hear that LaPorta was being shopped around?

  • chris

    he will – it will take more than what we have seen to get rid of him.

    who would have ever thought that Tampa would be a better team than the yankees – better pitching with great young talent (Upton, Pena, Crawford and longoia who will be a pereninnial all-star) — that’s just to name a few and to think that they are loaded more than anyone else in in the minors after getting what 10 consecutive 1st ound picks.

    the thing that is aweful is that people aren’t even getting excited. they are a fun team. dont get me wong i am a yankee fan just moved down here las season, but part f me roots fo the rays. love to see them and the yanks both make the playoffsw

    • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

      it’s a shame they’ll be perennial all-stars on other teams…

  • http://memotosteinbrenner.blogspot.com/ Mr.MemoToGeorgeMSteinbrenner.com

    They dont want to give up on Igwawa because theirs to much $$$ invested in him! He just isn’t a major league pitcher! And he NEVER will be! We only pursued him because Boston got DiceK!

    Why they’re not bringing up guys like Chase Wright thats pitching lights out in AA or others is beyond me! You lose $$$ when you lose games too!
    Just take Igawa as a loss!

    • chris

      stubborness to a fault – they could have at lest gotten something useful from SD last year

  • chris

    just watched this footage n Darvish from the Japanese leauge. Looks like he has nasty stuff 210 stikeouts in 201 innings in 2007 and he is still young. looks like he will be posted next season. He sould be the yanks answer to Dice-K.

    Also, looks as though he is a very popular celebrity type player. When the yanks lose Matsui, they will want to keep thei Japanse presence fo marketting. In addition to his on the field skills, he also is a good looking guy – even has his own website. This is the type of guy that the Hal would love for marketting purposes.

    might mean trading one or two of the big three especially if they sign sabathia as well, but I would part ways with some of our young guns if it meand getting great young bats

    • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

      Yeah, U Darvish is probably never going to post. He has been quoted as saying that he does not want to come over here for a long time. He still needs to play more than a couple seasons before he is eligible for free agency and there is no way his team is going to post him when he’s young and a big attraction.

    • George

      For the record, after last season and seeing last nights Kei Igawa outing, I really don’t want to hear about potential pitchers from Japan, playing for the Yankees

  • mustang

    If they sign Cashman they have to find someone to help him with signing free agent pitchers.
    He had to have wasted close to 100 million dollars or more. This just can’t keep going on.

    • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

      Zito signed $126 mil.
      Meche and Silva over $11 mil per.

      Free agent pitching period is crap. Not to be a Cashman apologist but seriously the Yankees aren’t the only team to pay people a lot of money and have them pitch like shit.

      • mustang

        Wright-21 mil
        Igawa-46 mil
        Farnsworth- 15 mil ( by the way the reason Joba is in the pen)
        Hawkins-3.75 mil
        Contreras- 36 mil or something like that
        This is off the top of my head I’m sure their is more. I can see one here and there, but damn.

        • mustang

          I’m sure there is one, but I can’t even remember his last good free agent pitcher signing.
          Anyone ?

          • mustang

            Pettitte that’s one.

          • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

            1. Everyone wanted Jose Contreras. You can not blame Brian Cashman for a pitcher that was highly touted and highly sought after who ended up not working out whilst with the Yankees. I do think they were a bit too hasty in trading him but I have to believe that was more George Steinbrenner making that decision because of Contreras’ inability to beat the Boston Red Sox.
            1A. Yes, that includes Carl Pavano. He was invited to six different cities by that city’s respective Major League ball club. I believe the teams were the Mariners, Tigers, Red Sox, Yankees and a couple others.
            2. It’s been reported quite often that the Kei Igawa signing was the decision of The Boss in reaction to Daisuke Matsuzaka going to the Red Sox.
            3. How about giving him credit for the Gary Sheffield and Randy Johnson trades? Everyone around the league knew he was going to deal those players and in Sheffield’s case, he basically had to. In Johnson’s case he only had one suitor. He got a potential front line starter or future closer in Humberto Sanchez and a set-up man in Ross Ohlendorf. A defensive wizard in the infield in Alberto Gonzalez and another high ceiling reliever in Kevin Whelan.
            4. Why don’t you name ANY good free agent pitcher signings in recent memory?

            • r.w.g.

              Can we stop bringing up the other interested teams when it comes to Carl Pavano?

              Cashman does not deserve to be pounded over Contrereas, who has pitched decently for the White Sox (and even had some good stretches for NYY), but Jaret Wright and Carl Pavano were utterly indefensible signings.

              Just because 6 other teams thought that doing some stupid like signing Pavano might be a good idea, doesn’t mean it was a good idea at the time. He had had one good season, had injury problems, and was a .500 pitcher with like 4.5 ERA. Jaret Wright was coming off his first good year since he broke into the bigs, not to mention he did it in Atlanta.

              That offseason Cashman got it into his head that the Yanks needed “power arms” and so he just signed guys. Neither one of those guys had proven a fucking thing in the majors, and Cashman counted on them to put us over the top.

              Cash has to deal with a lot of interference and BS that other GMs don’t, his job is tough and you can’t kill him for every decision without looking at context. But on Pavano and Wright he was wrong, wrong, WRONG. Wrong at the time and obviously even more wrong with hindsight.

              • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

                wright’s 3 post season victories were a pretty good resume builder. did he “prove” something then? i don’t know–it’s hard to argue what constitutes “proving” something. wright is the type of guy teams like to take a flyer on–remember when we wanted to take a chance on mark prior in the off season? $21/3 years wasn’t ideal but it’s not outrageous. guys who were dominant early but have injury concerns are always attractive for teams with abundant resources. it was a risk and we didn’t land heads–i have no problem with the yankees at least tossing the coin.

                in your last paragraph you even admit to having hindsight bias! no shit if we have a crystal ball we would draft and sign all-stars. the problem is when you make a decision, the outcome is unknown. so when you evaluate a decision, you should judge based on what you know now, not later. teams would kill to have a circa ’97 jaret wright and would pay a premium for him. he was the chamberlain/hughes/felix/lincecum of the time. a team would pay dearly in talent and money for guys like that.

                here’s a scenario: would you rather pay $20 for a 80% chance of winning $100 or would you rather pay $5 for 30% chance of winning $100? the point is, you have to pay a premium for high probability talent (a-rod, santana, etc). if you have the resources, it’s worth it financially to take the low probability bet over and over again. we evidence of this in the yankees’ recent draft decisions. chamberlain was risky. brackman was risky. if they didn’t have injury concerns we wouldn’t even have access to them since they would’ve been picked higher! the yankees can afford to make bets. if you make enough of them, you will hit the jackpot.

                conclusion: wright signing wasn’t that bad. i think the yankees paid too much for the gamble but it was still a good gamble, at the time.

                • r.w.g.

                  I don’t know.. Jaret Wright really, really had a lot of injury problems when Cashman signed him.

                  I really don’t know how Brackman and Joba compare.. they got bonuses of a few million, and then they make the same thing as other minor leaguers.

                  You’re talking about 1997.. Wright was signed in the 2003-2004 offseason. I don’t know.. I really, really, really didn’t like either signing at the time and did not think they would pan out. It takes a lot of guts for me to say something like that NOW, but I just don’t see how 21 million US dollars is taking a flyer. It’s not my money so I guess I shouldn’t care, but I just didn’t see at the time how those two pitchers were going to make us better than the teams that were beating us.

                • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

                  jaret wright had an injury history when cashman signed him. he was clean when he signed but got hurt very quickly.

                  joba and brackman compare because they are both risky assets with a much lower probability of success than a longoria or an upton. wright was also a risky asset but he happened to tank. no one really expected wright to have a healthy 3 years but there was some chance that he could, given that he performed well with the braves in end of the previous season.

                  unfortunately, the 3 years at $7 mil a pop seemed to be the going rate for the type of pitcher wright was. i think the years were the premium that the yankees had to pay because if they only offered 1 year, i think another team would go to 3. the thing about risky assets is that they are attractive to many people and thus their prices are driven up by demand (based on speculation). that is, 21/3 was the market value–it just happened to be above the efficient/actual value.

        • Steve S

          Name the last good free agent pitcher that signed with someone? Find the guy that he should have signed over the last five years

          Without looking

          1) Matt Clement
          2) AJ Burnett
          3) Gil Meche
          4) Barry Zito
          5) Carlos Silva
          6) Jarrod Washburn
          7) Scott Linebrink
          8) Okajima
          9) Ted Lilly
          10)Bobby Howry
          11) Jason Marquis
          11) Jeremy Affeldt
          12)Kevin Milwood
          13) Troy Percival
          14) Matt Morris
          15) Tom Gordon
          16) Jon Lieber

          There are some okay names on there but no ones has been really been lights out. Its not really fair to knock Cashman for that. Lets be honest (and Im one of those people who is on the fence whether Cashman should come back) its the Yankees are having issues with their number 4 and 5 starters, which isnt really an exclusive problem to the Yankees. And I understand that he has spent $200M but its been obvious that pitching is a commodity that you have to develop or trade for, it cant be bought. And I have to say, he has done a great job this year with this bullpen. Its versatile and its extraordinarily deep.

      • RustyJohn

        If the Yanks had Silva right now he’d be 5-1…other than the game against the Yanks he’s been a steady innings eater. Of course it helps to pitch in Safeco field.

  • nick

    Has there been any good high dollar free agent signings recently?

    The only good ones that pop into mind are from way back in the ’90s (Maddux, Key, Wells, Clemens) Mussina in ’01 was a good signing, and Lowe with the Dodgers has worked out well, but the good ones are few and far between.

  • A-Point

    While Igawa stunk last night, even worse was the defense provided by that golden glove of Betemit. Had Girardi provided better defense, such as Ensberg, the run total of the Tigers would have been less. Had Girardi not sent the AG down and had him in that game the run total would have been less.

    The pitching is problematic, but Girardi has almost gone out of his way to provide worse defense when Kennedy had his last start and when Igawa had his this year.

    Think about it. When Kennedy was sent out there they had Damon in Center – which cost runs, and Matsui in Left, which cost runs.

    This go around they had Matsui in Left when it is a huge field and Matsui doesn’t run well, along with Betty at 3rd. Betemit doesn’t play great defense. And they had him going against a Lefty pitcher when everyone knows except for Betty and apparently Girardi that Betty can’t hit righty.

    Why does Girardi keep getting a pass on his “creative” lineups and defense? Why isn’t NoMass doing their count of how many games are lost due to Girardi doing a poor job?

    While Igawa has no excuse for his poor pitching, even worse for this team is Girardi. I am sorry but he is not a good manager.

    Let’s sit Matsui today. And Cano. And Jeter. And Melky. Have Giambi as 1st, Betemit as Short and Ensberg as 2nd. Put Duncan in left and Damon in Center. After all, we have Rasner on the mound. Lets give these guys a rest because the other have to pick it up.

    Please. This way you ensure that the defense will be top notch right? It sure seems Girardi thinks that way.

    Cashman got his wish. He got rid of Torre. He got Igawa and Pavano and now the great general Girardi.

    Cash doesn’t do well with picking pitching. It seems he doesn’t do well with picking managers either.

    But at least Girardi has all these extra things with the media to keep things going well. At least Girardi does his homework and puts out the best team he can. Right.

    Girardi isn’t the right man for the job. He never was.

    • http://myspace.com/lincolnsworld Link

      Well it’s good to put things in perspective, because we all know that Cashman alone wanted Girardi and Girardi is only a bum that won Manager of the Year in is only year managing….

    • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

      igawa was giving up rockets.

      of course we want a gold glove infield all around but we can’t. ensberg hasn’t been hitting. maybe the think was to get the best bats out there so we can overcome the shitty igawa outing by scoring more runs.

    • http://www.myspace.com/j_panama Jamal G.

      Morgan Ensberg has a .143 BAA Kenny Rogers. Wilson Betemit never faced him. Why don’t you take a look at the entire situation before you place blame.

  • nick blasioli

    giradi isnt the problem….cashman is the worst gm in the game..i hope he does go to the phillies….all last winter, i kept blogging on how stupid the deals he was doing…i cant even remember anything good that he has done for the team…i was truly hurt when he just sat on his hands and watched all the good free agents get sucked up….and also,,,betemit is ony a dh person…he showed that he cant field, i said long ago that inge was available and could have been had…he would have solved alot of problems..

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

      It’s easy not to remember him doing anything good if you don’t want to remember him doing anything good. And what good free agents? Which free agents, exactly, have the Yanks “missed out on” over the past two off-seasons?

    • http://madein1903.com felix the cat

      what good free agents are you refering to because i sure as fuck don’t remember any.

  • http://everythingbaseball.wordpress.com Aaron

    While I am in complete agreement regarding Igawa, I’m afraid things just aren’t that simple. With all of the money due to Igawa, he won’t be going anywhere. The Yankees won’t simply release him and what team would trade for him at this point? My only hope is that the Yanks don’t make a stupid move to try to fix this problem (such as signing Wells).

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Ben K.

      All the money due to Igawa is $16 million over a period of time from 2008-2011. That’s really not that much money when you consider how much pitching costs these days. They could easily eat it and get rid of him somehow. It’s $4 million a season.

      • http://everythingbaseball.wordpress.com Aaron

        I think somewhere along the way I was figuring this out with a larger amount remaining on his contract in mind. You’re right, approximating things out at $4 million a season isn’t quite the burden to swallow. I mean, the Yankee brass has certainly taken in much more than that to pay Carl Pavano to hurt himself over and over again.

  • RichYF

    I was watching the game at my buddy’s place last night (on a 58″ plasma fyi) and I was almost in tears watching Betemit at third. Girardi should have pulled him with Igawa. Granted Ensberg probably isn’t much better over there, but I was pining for the Attorney General. He’s not going to hit much, but hell, Ensberg/RH-Betemit aren’t hitting either. AG had some spunk. Maybe it was the booze talking, but I still think Girardi should have yanked him for being so terribad.

    • http://www.riveraveblues.com Mike A.

      Heh, you said spunk.

      • http://www.ilikemygirls.com Seven Costanza

        ag was in pennsylvania.

  • David

    Last season’s trade deadline, The Yanks placed Igawa on waivers and the Padres claimed him. At that point the Yankees could have just given him to SD and washed their hands of Kei and his salary, but instead demanded, reportedly, Heath Bell for him. That was obviously never going to happen. The Padres offered some lesser bullpen arms, but the Yanks said no and pulled Igawa back. The Yankees could have avoided this mess if they’d just settled for something less – anything, really.

    Scouts seem to think Igawa is tailor made for Petco park, but with the Padres floundering and not likely to contend anytime soon I’m not sure they still want Igawa.

    The Yankees had their chance to get rid of him, and get something in the process, and blew it.

  • http://RiverAve.Blues Joseph M

    Let’s start with a fact and build out from there, Igawa is not a major league pitcher. Cashman should call Igawa’s agent and try to settle up with him. If he insists on the full contract value drop Igawa to Scranton and let him spend the next year and half in the minors. The organization’s time and energy should be spent developing talent that has major league potential, treat Igawa as someone just filling out a minor league roster and be done with him.

    The bigger issue is Cashman. At the end of this season, Cashman has to be evaluated in the cold light of day, I for one think the Yankees should start developing a list of potential replacements.

    • mustang

      I’m really impressed and could not agree with you more.
      It still early and Cashman is a very smart man I hope he can figure out away to make this work.
      Because no matter what he been promised his job rides on this team making the playoff.
      I for one believe it should.

      • http://www.riveraveblues.com Joseph P.

        To me, that’s absurd. We’ve made the playoffs every year since 1996. God forbid we miss it one fucking year.

        • mustang

          It might be absurd and under a different situation you probably would be right. Still if they did it to Torre they can do it to him.
          They probably wouldn’t let him go out right, but pull something similar to what they did with Torre.
          Restrict his power or mess with his salary that kind of thing causing him to leave.
          We are getting a little a head of ourselves there still a long way to go.

          • mustang

            Remember he took a larger gamble with the kid starters and regardless of what they said there going to hold him accountable.
            You really seen the patience of this reign after just a month.
            Maybe I’m wrong, but we will see it still early.